DeSaulnier and De Leon Campaigning for State Senate Leader Position


A story out of the Los Angeles Times this morning highlights that California Democratic Senators Mark DeSauliner (Concord) and Kevin de Leon (Los Angeles)  are each campaigning for votes to become the next pro tem of the California State Senate.

When asked Tuesday about the race, DeSaulnier downplayed the issue.

“Any talks of selecting the next pro tem would be premature,” DeSaulnier said in a statement. “I am sure that the caucus will have a thoughtful discussion on selecting our next leader at the appropriate time.”

Of course Darrell Steinberg, the current president pro tem of the California state Senate tried to down play the campaigning of who might replace him after term limits end in 2014.


  1. Has anyone seen Desaulnier’s latest hit on homebuyers and sellers? He is proposing that the county recorder up their fees for recording documents by over 1000 percent. It is kind of like a new tax that we all can’t vote for.Just another career politician that’s needs to be thrown out of office. What a nice two faced guy.

    • ECVBro: More taxes for you. There is a cost to live here…Get over it dummy. Better yet MOVE.

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