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Delta Fishing Report: Sunshine Prevails, Solid Opportunities for Anglers

by ECT

With sunshine returning, here is the Delta Fishing Report by Dan’s Delta Outdoors for January 28 through February 3.

East County Bass Tournament scene gets started Saturday the 28th, with ABA out of Russo’s Marina. Fred and his staff work hard to bring quality events to the Area Look forward to seeing what this solid group of anglers can put up in these muddy conditions.

Flash fishing 11th Annual  Diamondback Classic Starts the Sturgeon Derby run this week. Entry fee is $25.  100% of the entry fees are paid in cash prizes (1st place through 7th place0 Out of Martinez Marina). Also there will be a Kids derby on the Martinez Pier. Check, With Martinez Marina for info.

Water temps raised a bit this week and a few stripers in the Cache Slough area responded. Spoons and hair Jigs have become favorite tools of lure tossers in the area. Sturgeon remains the focus here. Diamondback anglers are heading to 41, Liberty and Cache Slough areas with roe and eel reporting success.

Rio Vista
The best place to score a striped bass or sturgeon remains below Decker Island in the area of the Power Lines at Light 14 and the Red Barn, where boaters anchor and use threadfin shad or sardine filets. Small stripes and occasionally, a 10-pounder is caught. Eel continues to lead the way for sturgeon anglers in front of Collinsville. Rio Vista Pier also is scoring both species.

Walnut Grove
Most are sturgeon fishing  now with eel and roe. Slow for the minnow drifting anglers, but stripers cracking the 15 pound plus keeps anglers hopes up.   Bank anglers tossing shad and eel prevail for an occasional Sturgeon or Striper those looking for bigger bites.

Discovery Bay
As water temps warm into the fifties the bite is getting started! Most Blackie anglers are sticking with jigs and slow rolling blades searching ledges near flats. Others looking to beat the clear conditions are drop shotting 6 and 7 inch worms. Nice sized stripes are grabbing Bad Bubba Shad.

Frank’s Tract
Reports of Two Double digit Black bass  as water temps raise with the warming rain rolling through. It’s no secret what a little warmer water can do. 6th Sense Ripbaits are great options while Bobby D’s spinnerbaits and swim jigs get the mention as well. We found a few Stripers and Black Bass with  Jigs, vibrating jigs and Red Eye Shad.

West Delta
Sturgeon leads the way. Eel is the best bait over all, but roe and shad also scoring diamondbacks Broad slough and surrounding cuts.  There were many shaker sturgeon reports and double hook ups. Bouy 18 at Collinsville West to Honker Bay has been best. There were few shaker sturgeon and keepers in the Antioch area around The Bridge, Broad Slough and New York Slough.  Most of the nice stripers coming soaking Shad, anchovies and sardines in many areas, bank anglers, Antioch Pier and along Sherman Island rd.

Contra Loma
Trout fishing is still good at the east side, north side of lake or from a boat with nightcrawlers, Power Eggs, or mice tails. Catfish biting is slow. Try fishing at Channel Point, Loma Island or from a boat with nightcrawlers or chicken liver. Black bass have been biting on artificial baits/lures and nightcrawlers around the lake. Try fishing for Crappie or Bluegill with jigs or worms at the boat ramp area, Loma Island or Channel Point area.

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