Dave Miller Announces Run for State Assembly Against Jim Frazier For Second Time


Republican Candidate Dave Miller announced Friday that he intends to run against Assemblyman Jim Frazier for a second time.

Miller, who in 2016, received only 35.80% of the vote, believes he has a better shot against Frazier touting he is the blame for the gas tax increase while supported Cap and Trade.

The 11th Assembly District includes the communities of Antioch, Bethel Island, Birds Landing, Brentwood, Byron, Collinsville, Discovery Bay, Fairfield, Isleton, Knightsen, Locke, Oakley, Pittsburg (partial), Rio Vista, Suisun City, Travis AFB, Vacaville and Walnut Grove.

Miller sent out the following email:

Assemblyman Jim Frazier has done enough damage in his 6+ years in Sacramento, don’t ya think?

Dear CAGOP Friend,

Unlike many of you, who quietly believe this State is considered ‘”a lost cause'” I believe the California Republican Party has at least one more targeted race where we can send a message that taxing us into extinction, won’t be tolerated.  That Assembly District is AD-11; the home of Fuel & DMV Tax Architect Jim Frazier, who frankly should have also been recalled by the State Party, in addition to Senator Newman, and the other “Cap and Traitors”  who will soon see their demise at the hands of the voters as well.

When I ran against Frazier in 2016, I garnered 63,000+ votes, the most any Republican has gotten in this district since the 2010 re-districting.  Now its 2018, and a “meaningless to local Democrats” midterm election is approaching fast.   In 2014, (the last mid term election) Jim only received 54,000+ votes in the November General election.   So as you can see, Democrat complacency in the Bay area, could be an important ally in my race to unseat him in Assembly District 11.

What I am counting on for 2018 is an aggressive Assembly campaign, whereby my opponent will once again duck & dodge every public appearance opportunity he has with me, because he knows I will chew him up and spit him out, on the Issues of his Gas Tax Plan, His role as Floor Manager of the Cap and Trade Vote, which drove small,  medium and large businesses to the safe harbor of other states, seeking relief from burdensome state regulations, which hamper their ability to conduct commerce.

His vote on the Gas Tax and the Cap and Trade measure only hurt the very base of his own party, those who struggle to make ends meet, and who are also only one major catastrophe from individual or family bankruptcy.  The crippling regulations and taxes are hurting the voters in the district so much so, that his base of voting support in cities like Antioch and Fairfield, will be where I spend most of my time.

Therefore, I am a candidate for State Assembly again in 2018!!  I want to thank all who supported me in 2016, and look forward to that support again, this time, in a victorious effort! 

Aside from my positive action platform from 2016, which was received well, by all who read it-(63,000+ voters to be exact) A new addition to the 2018 Platform will be a stance on California Family Court Judicial reform, as too many Family Court Judges in California are awarding custody to parents with questionable criminal  backgrounds, all because of archaic Judicial practices.   The time for these practices has gone, and its time to listen to the children’s wants and desires.

I also plan to push for a Forensic Audit from the start of my campaign, this time around,  instead of making it a knee-jerk reaction to Frazier’s Gas Tax Proposal, like I did last year.   Surely the money for Road Infrastructure and other projects for funding around the state, can be found during a comprehensive audit of California’s bookkeeping.   For Instance, The Former Chancellor at UC Berkeley and the former disgraced Chancellor at UC Davis both now teach a class at their respective former institutions for 400k, and 300k respectively.  I’ll say it again…they both teach only class…Do you think thats excessive, because I know, I do!

Enough of the Issues;  I could go on and on about whats wrong with California, and what the Democrats have done with their “Drunk with Power” Super Majority to destroy this lovely state.  But the fact is, to beat a guy like Jim Frazier, I will need the funding from all over to accomplish it.   This weekend when you are sitting down do pay your bills, make sure you take a second and bang out a check to Dave Miller for State Assembly 2018,  and mail it to the address at the bottom of this email.   You’ll be glad you did.   My motto for 2018 has been a logical one right from the start…“Replace and Repeal”  which is what I plan to do with Jim Frazier in 2018, but only with your help!

See you at Convention in October…



  1. This guy has no shot at winning and his facebook posts are tasteless and annoying. I am no Jim Frazier fan so it appears I will be voting for Donald Duck at this time. Maybe even Mickey Mouse. One can only hope that better candidates emerge as election day gets closer.

  2. I have never voted for Frazier and do not intend to but we need an opposition candidate with much more to offer than Dave Miller.

  3. I hope Mr. Miller prevails in this race because I can’t stand what Frazier and his gang have done to your state.

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