DA: Randy Christ Cleared in Brentwood Dog Killing, Son To Be Charged



The Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office will not be filing any criminal charges against Randy Christ for the killing of the dogs that occurred on September 28 in Brentwood.

The District Attorney will  file criminal charges against Randy Christ’s son, Jonathan Christ, for material lies and omission which delayed and obstructed a police officer in the discharge of their official duties, in violation of section 148(a) of the Penal Code, a misdemeanor.

The following Press Release was put out today by Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office:

The Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office has completed a review of the killing of two dogs in the city of Brentwood on September 28, 2013. The Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office will not be filing any criminal charges against Randy Christ for the killing of the dogs because the killing of the dogs was not unlawful.  However, this office will file criminal charges against Randy Christ’s son, Jonathan Christ, for material lies and omission which delayed and obstructed a police officer in the discharge of their official duties, in violation of section 148(a) of the Penal Code, a misdemeanor.  The facts of this investigation are reported below.

On the morning of September 28, 2013, a neighbor and a passing cyclist saw two dogs (later identified as “Luke” and “Jager”) inside a chicken coop on the property located at 550 Creek Road, Brentwood, California, killing and chasing chickens.  The two dogs, owned by Ellen Barkley of Brentwood, had escaped from the back yard of the family residence earlier in the morning and were at large.  The neighbor called Jonathan Christ, the owner of the chicken coop, and notified him of the observations.  Jonathan Christ then called his father, Randy Christ, who was at the residence at 550 Creek Road.  Jonathan Christ told Randy Christ about the dogs killing chickens in the chicken coop.  Randy Christ went out to the chicken coop and found two dogs, an adult German Shepard and adult Rottweiler, in the act of killing and chasing numerous chickens in the chicken coop.  Some 20 chickens had already been killed by the dogs, and the dogs were actively pursuing other poultry.  At that time, Randy Christ shot and killed both dogs.

Later that same morning, Jonathan Christ arrived at 550 Creek Road and took three photographs, one showing the deceased dogs in the chicken coop, and two of the dead chickens.  Jonathan Christ then loaded the dogs and chickens onto his truck and transported the carcasses to 1300 Camino Diablo Road in Byron California, the address of G3 Enterprises.  Mr. Jonathan Christ was employed by G3 Enterprises at the time.  Jonathan Christ drove onto the property and dumped all the carcasses over an embankment into a ravine.  Neither Randy Christ nor Jonathan Christ reported the killing of the dogs to Brentwood Police Department or Contra Costa Animal Control Services.

On September 29, 2013 Brentwood Police Department was called to 550 Creek Road to investigate a disturbing the peace call.  Upon arrival, officers found Kathleen Barkley, the daughter of Ellen Barkley, at the residence attempting to obtain information from members of the Christ family about what happened to the dogs “Luke” and “Jager”. Contra Costa County Animal Control was called to the scene.  At that time, Jonathan Christ falsely reported to Animal Control that he had found the dogs in the chicken coop the day before and had confronted and killed them by beating them to death with a shovel.  He then stated that he took the carcasses of all the dead animals to a remote area of the county and burned and buried them.

In the early morning hours of October 1, 2013, Jonathan Christ took some ashes of unknown origin and planted them in an area on the G3 property.  Later that morning, Jonathan Christ took Animal Control Officer Miller to the area where he had planted the ashes.  He told Officer Miller that was the area he had buried the carcasses.  Officer Miller examined the site and took soil samples to be tested.

On October 3, 2013 an employee of G3 Enterprises located the carcasses that had been dumped in the ravine by Jonathan Christ.  Animal Control officers arrived on scene and collected the carcasses of the two dogs “Luke” and “Jager”.  Both dogs had been shot.  Animal control also collected two garbage bags filled with dead chickens and a dead white turkey.  Later that day Animal control officers contacted Jonathan Christ who confessed to lying about killing the dogs himself.  Christ explained that he made up the story about killing the dogs with a shovel, and about burning the remains, to protect his father from possible arrest for discharging a firearm.

The totality of the evidence clearly demonstrates that Mr. Randy Christ killed the two dogs while the dogs were found in the act of killing, wounding, or persistently pursuing or worrying poultry.  California Food and Agricultural Code section 31102 allows any person to kill a dog found in the act of killing, wounding, or pursuing or worrying poultry.  Therefore, Randy Christ will not be charged with the killing of the dogs or animal abuse in violation of section 597 of the California Penal Code.  Discharging a firearm in that area of the county was also not unlawful so no charges will be filed in that regard either.  However, Mr. Jonathan Christ’s lies and fabrications obstructed an official law enforcement investigation for several days, and created significant and completely unnecessary emotional harm to the owners of the dogs, and the community at large.  He will be charged.


  1. This DA is a chicken “poop”. Do the right thing and file the appropriate charges, not a slap on the wrist.

    • Remember this story and the lack of law enforcement when re-election time comes around.

      • Out of curiosity Robin Hayes in San Jose of moderate middle class means and struggling to maintain your non-yuppie lifestyle while working in a low-paying high tech job sans handouts or inheritances, why do you care so much what happens way out here in our neck of the (Brent)woods? What is your angle?
        Are you just a complete zealot crazed internet-carpet bagging animal lover trolling from one viral internet dog issue to the next in your Quixotic quest of jousting at windmills and people calling for the constraint and responsibility of dog owners who choose to keep dogs of questionable character?
        Just curious is all. After reading through most if this, the white frothy sputum coming forth from your mouth would indicate that maybe you have contracted rabies from one of your animals perhaps?
        You should get that checked.
        Wouldn’t want your health jeopardized.
        Rabies are dangerous.

        • Judging by her words, inside knowledge, and emotional level, my guess is that she knows the neglectful dog owners personally. Judging by the neglectful dog owners attitudes of entitlement, they probably moved to the “country” fromthe city (san jose?) recently.

          This is happening in my area also, albeit it to a lesser degree. City yuppies move to the country to escape the hell of their creation and start bringing the hell with them. It’s bad enough that they bring their crime and Walmart. But then they move next door to me and tell me my barn is ugly, or my chicken coop is ugly, or my animals smell like manure. They want me to bend to their view of a community. No thought of assimilation into the community that they invaded.

          Look at what Brentwood has become, a wasteland of stucco. I used to love that area. Had dreams of being a delta farmer. Screw that! You couldn’t get me out that way now if you held a gun to my head. Even disco bay used to be cool for suburbia. Have you seen it lately? I’d feel safer walking down the streets of Stockton.

          I even have my oldest granchild buried in the Brentwood cemetery just a few yards from the first soldier that died under my command.

          The fact that they managed to get a misdemeanor ancillary charge filed against a Christ family member doesn’t surprise me. This is Brentwood. We’re talking about one of the most corrupt police departments in THE most corrupt counties in California. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that a couple of BPD cops got sweet deals on tires for their trucks that have never seen a bale of hay or a bag of feed and never towed anything heavier than a ski boat.

          In fact, I wonder who has the contract with the city of Brentwood to maintain and replace the tires on the city vehicles. That definately merits a second look. This is stuff that jury nullifications were made for. This Robin Hayes chick has been a huge help. Thanks Robin! If you’re still out there.

        • Also notice the lack of continuity in their story. Robin Hayes has said that the Christ’s cruelly kept their birds crammed in an undersized and “ugly” chicken coop (ever seen a pretty chicken coop)? Then in the next post she claims that the Christ’s birds are running free and chasing people, like White Domestic breeds are aggressive. She changes her story to fit the agenda of the moment which always leads back to apologetically standing by her neglectful dog owner friends.

          • Robert C –

            I did not use the term “ugly” to describe the chicken coop. Based on my view it was not a healthy environment for the chickens. Still can’t believe they had as many in there as stated – otherwise just cruel.

            Neighbors have told us they have Turkey’s running loose on the property and have actually been chased by them.

            They are complaining about animals attacking their “livestock” but have NO fencing whatsoever on their property which abuts to a road. The chicken coop was not even in ordinance as it was only 6ft from the road. Now… if they were conscientious “farmers” (which they obviously are not) they would have built the chicken coop within ordinance, not up against the road that people and animals traverse daily, and hey, what a concept… maybe fenced the coop.

            If they felt they were in the right why did they promptly tear down the chicken coop when shit hit the fan??? Let’s see… perhaps because it was not in ordinance and once again they were trying to hide evidence???

          • Typical yuppie attitude of entitlement. You can’t keep your “babies” secure, so everyone else has to dog proof their yards. This reinforces my earlier statement that I’ve dealt with people like you and Osborn/Barkley before. You NEVER pay up and your dogs ALWAYS come back to where the “fun” is.

            Even now, has Osborn “manned-up” and paid for the damages caused by his negligence? Because all that I have seen is every excuse in the book for not paying for his damages. They’re “white trash”. They’re mormons. They voted for Romney. They should have dog proofed their coop. Guess what, Hotpants. Even Aholes have a right to compensation.

            I have large, very large livestock. Should I expect all my neighbors to put hotwire around their property and pay for same? Or is it my responsibility to keep my own animals secure?

            You think that I haven’t had issues with my animals escaping? That’s why I check my fenceline everyday, and I have a LOT of fenceline. You think dogs are escape artists? Try dealing with goats. They dig like dogs and have natures crowbar attached to their heads. They can also fit through a hole that you’d swear a hamster couldn’t fit through. But that is my cross to bear, not my neighbors.

            I had a young buck escape once and get into my neighbors compost heap, spreading it all over creation. I arrived in time to find that property owner wearing his as- out with a 3 foot hickory axe handle. Did I become righteously indignant at his treatment of my animal? No, I manned up and accepted responsibility for MY negligence. I collected my animal, apologized profusely and spent the better part of the rest of the day repairing the damage that my animal caused.

          • Ellen Barkley and Rocky Osborn weren’t given the opportunity to man up and pay for damages. They have paid dearly in costs attached by Animal Control for bogus remains and a private necropsy.

            They didn’t get the chance to make amends to the Christ family.

            You tout owning A LOT OF LAND – up in Paradise no less where you were born and raised. God bless you and please stay there because there is no way you could afford A LOT OF LAND in the bay area.

            Not sure why everyone who lives in the bay area is automatically a “yuppie” in your book. I sure as hell can’t afford to buy the house I rent.

            Based on your pics on FB – you are one creepy dude and glad you’re not my neighbor.

            Again, this is NOT about protecting property, livestock, family, etc. It is about the absolute brutality, cruelty, lies, obstruction of justice, and hiding evidence. If they did nothing wrong (like using the dogs for target practice) then there would be no reason to lie. Everyone would have accepted what happened.

            For Jonathon and Randy to lie to all – even on camera, and then brag about what they had done shows extreme lack of character. If it had not been for co-workers who found the dogs bodies Ellen and Rocky would still believe that the bread bag sized baggies pointed out by Jonathon and delivered by Animal Control of absolute crap contained the remains of the dogs.

            This is about CHARACTER and INTEGRITY. Based on your FB page, it appears you were in the military. Were you not taught the importance of character and integrity??? I most certainly was and received a TOP SECRET CLEARANCE FROM DOD IN 2001. Yes, TOP SECRET, not just SECRET!

            No one wishes the Christ’s physical harm, all are hoping Karma will bite them in the ass. Since you raise livestock, would you not want the opportunity to right a wrong if one of your goats got out? I’m guessing you’d probably want a good neighbor to give you a chance to fix the wrong.

            Yes, I make comments about the Mormons – I have first hand knowledge of their religion and their practices are very disturbing to me.

          • Robin..Robin…Robin.
            I’ve already explained where I live through my story and subsequent news links to what happened to my neighbor. Please try and keep up.

            I wear it as a badge of honor that you don’t care for my style. There are only two women whose opinion I care about and you ain’t one of them. But if I do start caring about your opinion of my appearance, I’ll be sure to coordinate with you where I can get an electric razor that leaves a 5 o’clock shadow, where to get my pubes waxed and wear to buy skinny jeans.

            You claim that osborn/barkley “paid” for their negligence by paying their expenses, no thought of restitution to the victims of their negligence. Tell me, if rearend your beamer with my truck, would you take the excuse that I’ve paid enough already because I had to pay for the damages to my vehicle and loaner vehicle while it was in the shop? This in incident happened in September. Has the check not gotten there yet? What’s more is osborne/Barkley are soliciting for MORE money online. Evidently they feel their entitled to profit from their negligence.

            Wow. You have a TS. Am I supposed to be impressed. Try going to the airport and impressing little old ladies or privates fresh out of boot camp.

            I think it mentioned earlier about my animals escaping. I promptly paid for the damage they caused. If one of my turkeys escapes and starts chasing you, you’re entitled to a free turkey dinner in addition to restitution for whatever damages my animal caused. I view that as incentive to maintain my fence and supervise my animals.

            You have “first hand knowledge” Mormons? Awsome for you! I have first hand knowledge of Muslims, but in wouldn’t let that get in the way of my moral obligation to provide restitution to someone that I’ve wronged. I also do not view myself as morally superior nor more entitled.

          • I fully intend to stay out here. I chose to be here. You think I didn’t do the whole bay area lifestyle and commute? You can have it.

            The problem is you yuppies that come out here to escape the hell of your own creation and bring your hell with you. I think that you saw my opinion of what Brentwood has become. That used to be a beautiful community.

            Take a look around you, Hotpants. It’s not people like me moving to your city. It’s people like you and the Osborn/Barkley’s moving out here and complaining that our barns and chicken coops are “blights”. What’s more, you believe that even your pets outrank our autonomy and rights to livelihoods.

          • Robert C –

            I agree… Brentwood was a very nice community many years ago and mostly rural. I remember driving along country roads filled with ranches and orchards. Unfortunately, as with most places in the bay area, the developers got to it.

            I’ve mentioned that people in my neighborhood have chickens too. Not all chicken coops make the property look blighted. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I live just outside of the Rose Garden – homes start at $1mil – google it for yourself. A lady who lives there raises chickens and an article was featured on her in the local paper. No one in the area has a problem with this. Another family two streets over also raise chickens – no one has a problem as they take care of their property and it doesn’t look like a waste yard.

            The Christ property as abandoned vehicles, the chicken coop was not within ordinance, overgrown vegetation, holes, etc. It does not look like a true ranching/farming property. I’ve lived in farming communities before and all took great care and pride in their properties. The Christ’s have been sited by the city for the blight on their property – so it’s not just me saying…

            I’ve also never stated that my pets outrank your autonomy or right to your livelihood so please stop with the miss-quotes (you’ve made a few already).

          • Exactly Brentwood used to be a nice area. You blame the developers? I blame those that paid their salary, the yuppies that wanted to move out of the hell they created. They moved to the country, now expect those who lived and suztained their all along to bend to their will.

            Let me guess, Osborn/Barkley live in a nice newer home and Christ lives in a home that’s been there for decades. But now Christ has to “rise” to their standards and Osborn/Barkley get to let their dogs run loose free from consequences.

            You tried to lecture me on integrity a bit ago. Let’s do a little math here, ok? Per California food & ag Code 31501, a dog owner is responsible for DOUBLE the retail value of livestock that they destroy.

            Do a little Google and you will see that an established laying hen goes for about $30. $30 x 20 x 2 = $1, 200 that your friends owe the victims of their negligence. In fact, it could be successfully argued that since it involved two dogs owned by two parties (you insisted on pointing that out) that per cal food & ag code 31502, that EACH party owes Christ $1,200.

            Has Christ seen a dime of that?

            Remember that in killing those nuisance dogs, Christ was not only well within his rights to kill those dogs, it was also his legal OBLIGATION, to prevent another owners livestock from being killed.

            What your friend’s owe is incontrovertible. It’s simple written law and math.

            Be thankful the Christ son disposed of the carcasses irresponsibly. Because Osborn/Barkley are also responsible for carcass disposal at double the rate. That is about $15 to $20 per bird. Agajn double the amount at minimum or quadruple for the multiple dog clause (31502).

            But again, the victims of your friends will have to go to court to see that money, if they ever do. Sounds like you need to talk to Osborn/Barkley about integrity.

        • Righteous in the ‘Wood –

          You know damn well why I’m involved in this – as I’m sure you’ve followed the posts. I knew these dogs. I received my beloved dog from Ellen Barkley’s rescue efforts. I drove up there to look for them, was with Ellen on the property when we got the news, and handed Jager’s bloodied collar/tags by Animal Control. Jonathon Christ has refused to turn over Luke’s collars – can you spell S.I.C.K.- O. or is it P.S.Y.C.H.O. – ???

          The Christ’s are NOT nice people – have heard from several folks in the ‘Hood who’ve had less than desirable interactions with them. They behave as though they are better than others and above the law. They deserve to be shunned by the community.

          While you’re spewing out your usual garbage… I still remember the quote from the Exorcist… might want to schedule your own “Exorcism” Reagan McNeil, because you’re obviously out there and need some help.

          • Robin I wouldn’t waste your time. This guy is obviously inbred and his mother/sister never instilled compassion in him. A normal person can see why you are so passionate. I get the whole protecting your property and woukd do the same less the cruelty to the animals.

          • Good words ECV Bro. Just try to appreciate our target audience. These are people that have no more of a comprehension of what food is before it arrives at Costco or McDonald’s than can appreciate why someone would have to take off a pair of workboots before getting in their truck after a day of work.

        • Righteous?? What species are you? Something which should have been snuffed out long ago…the last I heard, people could move to any region they wished and what is wrong with being an animal lover? How could you be so disgustingly cruel and attack someone who has lost their pets to some hillbilly maniacs (like yourself, no doubt)…I had not realized that California had so much trash in the southern regions but it sounds like every filthy piece of white trash is nesting there…here’s wishing you a slow, painful demise in the cesspool of your choice. If the hillbilly chicken owner (and i love chickens, just not stinking chicken farmers) had cared about his animals, he would have built a secure coop for them and made sure they were taken care of properly. Sounds like he needs to rot somewhere, too. Wishing him the slit throat, he deserves…

          • Learn your geography, Captain Obvious. This occurred in the bay area, not So Cal.

            So basically what you are saying is that property and livestock owners should dig proof our yards so that irresponsible pet owners can let their dogs roam free. Narcissistic much?

            You think those unsupervised, neglected dogs suffered a cruel death? How do you think their victims enjoyed their deaths? Remember, the birds were where they belonged.

          • Hey, Captain Obvious (Robert C) – there are 2 Brentwood’s in Cali and one is in S. Cal. Many people get this confused. As far as your ranching plight, it appears by your FB page you just might be raising (growing) more than livestock. I contacted numerous agencies for statistics on the attacks you swear happen regularly – couldn’t get any because apparently they are not tracked.

            Again… the dogs were supervised but got out due to a neighboring dog breaking into their yard. Again… Ellen Barkley would have paid the Christ family dearly for any damages done by the dogs including a new chicken coop that was actually in ordinance, fenced, and away from the road.

            We do not know how many chickens were harmed or killed due to all of the Christ family lies. For all we know, they killed however many chickens themselves and dumped with the dogs bodies to provide an alibi. Had they just contacted Animal Control or PD immediately, this would not have blown up. Show the proof of what occurred is all anyone would have asked for.

            While I am an animal lover, I am not a fool. A neighbor has an out of control Pit Bull (we have the same landlord) she brought to my house to harass me a few weeks back. She likes to intimidate others – doesn’t work with me. She’s not dealing with a full deck, has severe arthritis (crippled hands / hunched back) and has no business owning a powerhouse dog that she can barely hang onto… Other neighbors are also afraid of this dog. I contacted the landlords and told them if she comes to my property again and I feel threatened I will shoot and kill the dog. It’s now on record and everyone has been warned.

            I am not against anyone protecting their property, families or themselves. But if what you have done is within the law there is no need to lie, obstruct justice, or hide evidence. This is the issue regarding this entire situation.

            I am sorry for your grand-daughter’s death – I’m not particularly a fan of police these days myself.

          • Robin,

            There is only one actual Brentwood in California. The area, you are describing down south is nothing more than a district.

          • I am aware of this (Brentwood). The person who posted was not. Being a native Cali I am practically a walking map of the state.

          • Well Honey-Hams, as was pointed, there is only one town/city of Brentwood in California. Many people may make that mistake, but I usually think it best to get my own proverbial ducks in a row before I ridicule another man’s knowledge and mental compentancy.

            As usual you are convaluting the isdue with baseless accusations, just like your friends who went on vacation and left their dogs unattended to kill other animals, typical entitled yuppies. So tell me, how do I get away with growing something that I shouldn’t be if I’m running a very piblic business? People come to where their food is raised and grown to purchase it. It is my niche. More importantly, over half of my clientel are Muslim, how long would I stay in business were I to be keeping intoxicating (Haram) items colocated with halaal food? Again, like your friends, you convalute the issue to avoid any responsibility. People simply owe you.

            It doesn’t sound like you’ve contacted many agencies. I’ve certainly provided you links to other sources that show the dog attacks on my neighbor (200 yards from my grandaughter’s school mind you). You’ve all but ignored that. In fact just since our last interaction, I had another dog attack that tore up the face of one of my goat kids. My wife put a couple dozen stitches into that animal, but it died the next morning. The dog responsible is now resting comfortably in my compost heap and will help fertilize next year’s tomatoes. I do guarantee that dog endured a MUCH more painless death in comparison to my animal. The dog’s of your negligent friends as well suffered much less than their victims and my animals.

            All I seem to hear is how its not your friend’s fault. Yes it is. If I’m driving and get distracted by someone else and subsequently rear end your Beamer, causing damage to your property and injury to yourself, should I make it your problem that it is someone else’s fault?

            Your friends were negligent. Their conduct since their killer dogs caused injury speaks volumes of their character and integrity, nonexistent. But again, such is the nature of you entitled yuppies that move to the country to escape the hell that you created. You think your pets take priority over our food and livelihoods.

            Did you ever stop to consider how the animals suffered as they were torn apart by the pets of your entitled friends, pets that were left alone while they were on vacation? Your natcisstic e cuses seem to indicate that the victims of your friends negligence must have dragged those dogs four miles to his property and sprinkled dead birds around them. For what? To make zero money and lose an investment?

            Your entitled friends have made $5K off of their own negligence through their pity party website.

            The sense of entitlement of your kind just seems to get more entertaining at every interaction that we have

          • You are obviously not of sound mind. You continue to assume and accuse those of use that do not live in the country and raise livestock as feeling we are “entitled.” Your rants are so rambled and so rapid fire that I frankly feel you are partaking of some substance.

            No one has made any money from this situation.

            Don’t assume that those of us not living in the “country” drive Beamer’s.

            Again… all the Christ’s had to do was be honest. You continually miss this point in your rants.

            I’m glad I’m not your neighbor and feel sorry for anyone who lives by you. Did you even tell your neighbor you killed their dog to use as compost? Pretty sick. I wouldn’t want to eat your tomatoes. I cannot imagine THAT many dogs are attacking your livestock on a regular basis and if remotely true, why aren’t you ensuring the safety of your property and animals? Maybe you’re like the Christ’s… a sadistic freak using dogs as target practice.

            You should be ashamed of yourself. Hopefully, Karma will pay you back.

          • I’d also like to add for the record, that I have no doubt that you and your friends feel a sense of entitlement to protect yourselves and property from nuisance animals. You just don’t feel that anyone else does if it inconveniences you. Nor do you have any sense of responsibility when your nuisance animals cause damages to others.

          • And I’d like to reinforce that your friends’ dogs were nuisance animals. The community is better off, not to mention SAFER with them dead and buried.

            The conduct of your friends during this entire ordeal shows that your friends feel entitled to get new animals without reflecting on personal responsibility. If those dogs do not also prove to be a danger and nuisance to the community, it will only be an accident of chance and not the result of personal growth from reflecting on their shortfalls.

          • Pretty cold words there BE. I can only think that the world revolves around you and personal problems with that response. If any dog, cat, or other animals like ferrets that attacks one’s livestock on the livestock property they should be killed as soon as possible to protect the innocent livestock residents. Be responsible for your animals and these things would not happen. If the role was reversed and a pack of pit bulls were caught in the act of mauling my dog on my property I would shoot the pit bulls. Even if the owner of the pit bulls were the sweetest people around.

          • BE,

            Meet your “hillbilly” (ECVsbrother), he is a real charmer and reigns from a little podunk wannabe town east of Brentwood.

            ECVsbrother, Meet BE. He described you perfectly don’t you think-have you two met?


          • You seem to convalute the debatewith baseless aaccusations that have nothing to do with your friends’ negligence and subsequent sense of entitlement that someone else pay for said negligence. I’m not mentally sound, I abuse drugs, the Christ’s are “white trash” or republicans or mormon or they didn’t have a permit from the government for a chicken coop.

            You think I go out and work with livestock, including half ton steerswhile chemically iimpaired or deal with mostly Muslim customers while intoxicated. You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

            I don’t think ALL city dwellers share the sense of entitlement that you and your friends possess. Most of my clients live in the bay area. But they do show an interest in where their food comes from. They also don’t appreciate having to make up the losses of irresponsible pet owners like you and your friends through the price of their food. I won’t operate at a loss.

            I’ve already addressed my hypothesis as to why Christ lied to your friends business contacts in Brentwood and Contra Costa politics. He probably just didn’t know his rights. I do. Christ should have simply handed a bill to the family when they showed up looking for the killer dogs. It’s what I do.

            Did I notify the owners of the dogs that I defended my animals from? I would have if they had tags. They would have been notified through a bill. I’d certainly rather be compensated for my losses than not. Take a look at retail prices for organic lamb and goat by the pound then multiply by 100 pounds for a taste of what the bill is. Most of y’all will disavow ownership of your beloved family member when it comes to that bill.

            I’ve linked you several news stories of what dogs have in my community. I guess you conveniently forgot about that.

            Your revulsion to composting again shows your ignorance to how nature works and the cycle of life. It shows you have no clue where your food comes from.

            Now this mythical entity named Karma may or may not get me tomorrow. What I do know is that me, my family and my customers will eat today.

    • The dogs were killing chickens. Chickens may not be significant animals to own but, they too, are pets. So the owners of the dogs would(should) be charged as well. And come on man, “much more than shoot them”? Hello he thought his dad was going to go to jail! He was scared!

      • chickens as pets??? r u kidding,do they sit on command,and john was scared his dad would go to what prison? u mean jail for a couple hrs n possibly be fined? and slapped on the hand, and a big dood like that scared? Bri, i couldnt tell u how i would have acted either if i seen the 2 dogs attacking my animals but my dogs have been charged by other dogs about 4 times on my street when mine were leashed n the others werent,and i have a couple different means of handling the situation and one of them is lethal to the other animal if it came down to it,pepper gel is my 1st defense and my tazer is my second,i cant divulge the 3rd,but perhaps rural land/animal owners should have less lethal methods of handling a dog vs chicken situation, yes the dogs were mischevious and are more close to humans than chickens so i think the dad should have took different actions like my scenario above, so basically everyone loses here im sure it is taxing for both sides of this. bad deal all the way around. i hope all involved learn something here and move on.

        • My grandaughter has hatched and raised her own chickens. Those chickens now provide food for our family. This is something that she is very proud of. Who are you to say otherwise.

          We are responsible animal owners and our animals stay on our property. Nothing is more aggravating than having your animals killed by the pets of some entitled yuppy that is “above” picking up poop in his own yard.

          I live barely 25 miles from this clown andmy neighbor has had about 250 (ppronounced two hundred fifty) goats and sheep killed during the past year from the pets of guys like this former dog owner. I wonder if any of the money that this guy is begging for will go towards that fund. At approximately $200 an animal, you do the math. Are you going to chip in to match your righteous indignation?

      • Have you heard how these dogs were torchered? I too would shoot a dogs if necessary. But it only takes 1 bullet. Not a bullet and malicious beating.

      • Jonathon Christ is an adult and should be able to think for himself and MAN UP. I sure as hell wouldn’t take the fall for a family member committing such an act. The Christ’s bought, fattened up and sold these chickens – they were NOT pets.

        • Hmmm… could Brianna be bubba Jonathon’s wife?? Well, he doesn’t have a very high I.Q. so what would you expect from her? And they’re breeding!

      • They were beaten until their body’s were literally broken. Im pretty sure after being shot they were no longer a danger

  2. Oh please – he’ll get a slap on the wrist, MAYBE have to pay a fine, and won’t serve any time in jail. Some kind of justice….ugh.

    • Take that b——t to a jury, beat it, elect a new DA. Then sue the dog owners for property lost.

      • Ellen Barkley would have gladly paid for any damages. Problem is… the Christ’s have lied so much we don’t know if they actually killed the chickens to cover their brutality on the dogs. Most “true” chicken farmers I’ve spoken to said the dogs would not kill that many and as soon as the coop was breached, the chickens would have “flown the coop.” I agree that a new DA needs to be elected. The Christ’s chicken coop falls under “attractive nuisance” as it was (since torn down to hide evidence) not in ordinance and within feet of a public road. Doesn’t sound like they loved their chickens too much to me. Yes, we have pictures.

        • I don’t know what “chicken farmers you’re talking to, but dogs view chicken killing as a blood sport. A massacre of 20 animals is minor. I’ve personally had over 50 killed in one evening.

          Google french camp dog attack to see how the dogs of irresponsible pet owners have killed 250 goats and sheep in the past year on my neighbor’s property

  3. Well at least this wasn’t just swept under the rug…Jon lost his job, and finding a job here is very hard to do. I am dismayed that the results of the necropsy weren’t disclosed. If so I believe animal cruelty charges would have been filed. There was NO reason to shoot dogs who were locked in a poultry pen. This whole story makes me sick. To see my friends go through the grief that they are and to know that there are some really terrible people out there just sickens me. Let’s all hope that there is a higher power that will weigh heavily on the Christ’s heart and mind for a long time.

    • The DA does in fact have a copy of the necropsy report showing what was done to both Luke and Jager. And how exactly did they get “locked” inside the chicken coop that was outside of the ordinance for it’s location on the property?

  4. My opinion of the Christ father and son is pretty low. I understand protecting your property and such but if they didn’t think they should have discharged the gun then they shouldn’t have in the first place. To cover it up is just reflective of their disregard for the law. Truly it is just luck that the what the father did was within the law. The father allowing his son to lie to the police to protect him is creepy as well.

    If in fact shooting them was the only way to stop them then they should have called the police right after they did so. At that point they could have gone after the dog’s owners for damages (I would have).

    I am not sure what the consequences will be for these folks but forever in this community they will be known for conducting themselves this way. I for one will keep that in mind should they ever cross my path.

    • I’m beginning to think I should move to Brentwood so I can blow off my guns within city limits – maybe some target shooting in the yard. Hell, Brentwood PD and the Contra Costa DA’s office don’t seem to care about enforcing the law. The Christ’s live in “city limits” – they are not out in the boondocks listed as “county.”

        • B-Wood –

          The comment was made out of sarcasm, I am a responsible gun owner. Frankly, I personally wouldn’t want to live in Brentwood particularly after seeing how this incident was handled by law enforcement, et al.

          • Thanks goodness. Mine wasn’t.

            I don’t know you but you need some kind of help. To say you are obsessed with this is an understatement. Sorry.

  5. Where is the Brentwood City Council on this? They should be working to ensure laws are strengthened and it never happens again. Fire them all next election! These elected officials and DA are pathetic.

    • Yes, they are pathetic. Willing to bet if something like this happened to THEIR animals – something would have been done. I’m really hoping Karma pays that whole family back in a big way.

      • Something DID happen to their animals. Their livestock was killed by animals on their property by the dogs of an irresponsible pet owner.

        • The owners are NOT irresponsible. It was a neighbors dog who breached the fence allowing the dogs out. ONCE AGAIN for those of you who are not true farmers or chicken ranchers… Every farmer or chicken rancher I’ve spoken to says the dogs would NOT have killed as many chickens as the Christ’s claim. Once the coop was breached, the chickens would have scattered. Told even Coyotes/Wolves only kill what they intend to eat. Not saying there would be NO casualties, just not the amount they are claiming.

          Had they done the right thing and contacted Animal Control or PD immediately, then everyone would know the exact damages as the bodies would still be on the property. But noooooo, Jonathon removed the chickens and dogs thereby leading many of us to suspect the dogs didn’t kill any or all of them – (that maybe the Christ’s killed them to cover their brutality for murdering the dogs) as just a ruse protect the family.

          If they had nothing to hide they would not have lied, obstructed justice, destroyed evidence and tried to hide the bodies. Think about it… If you killed something/someone and HID the body, how exactly do you think the public and law enforcement would view you??? I think they’d view you as a killer!

          • Let me explain something to you Brainiac.

            When you buy or adopt an animal, any animal, not only are you responsible for feeding and caring for that animal, you are also responsible for securing that animal to ensure that it does not become a nuisance to your neighbors. The dog owner was responsible for securing his animals. Maintaining his fence was his responsibility.

            You sound ignorant when you saythat a dog wwon’t kill 20 chickens. What “chicken farmer” have you been talking to? 20 is a relatively minor massacre.

            Google French camp dog attack and see what happened to my neighbor twice this year.

            I have a 250 pound ram that I would happily bring to your yuppy pile of stucco and let roam. See how tolerant you are when your yapper lap dog is smashed into a wall.

          • I don’t have yapper dogs idiot. I have 2 Shepherds coming in at about 200 lbs behind my walls. If you’d like to bring your ram down to San Jose, please do, and I will do to it what the Christ’s did to these dogs. I also believe in keeping loaded weapons.

          • Oh I see. You have the right to defend your home, family, animals, but a “white trash” (your label, not mine), has to just deal with irreaponsible pet owner animals when they feel like roaming and killing. Aren’t you quite the bigoted twunt.

            Don’t think that your failure to address my earlier citation of your challenge that 250 head of livestock belonging to my neighbor was killed. Typical entitled yuppie.

          • Wish I was a yuppy. I’ve worked my butt off my whole life to sustain a middle class living in Silicon Valley. No inheritances, no hand outs.

          • “I’m not a yuppy. I work my butt off in silicon valley”. Am I the only one who sees the humor in that statement?

            Let me put this in terms you might understand, sweetpea. Imagine if I came to your home and smashed your harddrive containing all the “work” that you’ve been doing in Farmville for the last 4 to 6 months. Wouldn’t you feel that you have a right to defense and compensation? How would you feel if I started a website soliciting sympathy and money for me because of YOUR loss?

          • You are definitely out to lunch. I’ve never played “Farmville” but I do work in hi-tech.

  6. Randy Christ trapped/locked dogs in chicken coop and killed them. Jonathon too stupid to stand up and NOT take the fall for daddy. DA didn’t do squat. He’ll get a slap on the wrist for lieing and obstruction. Big flippin deal.

    • There is a special place in hell for the Christ Hillbillies. Chickens aren’t pets, they are slaughtered in mass everyday for consumption. Dogs are our pets, and for any dog or animal owner, a special part of our family. Should these men have been normal, reasonable people….they would’ve called upon animal services and allowed the law to make the decision on weither these dogs needed to be euthanized, humanly. I truly believe these men saw an opportunity to grab their guns and play ccowboys and chickens for sheer entertainment. They obviously knew they had done something wrong or they wouldn’t have lied about anything that transpired. Im tickled to bits that jerk lost his job, I home his entire world crumbles beneath him. The chickens could have been replaced easily. No harm no foul. (no pun) These dogs will never be replaced. I hope these men are shamed, harrassed, mocked and beraded everywhere they turn. We don’t want a bunch of inbred, hillbilly, rifle happy, scum bag mouth breathers in our area and I hope these Shmucks are run out of town for good. Karma is one big ugly bitch, and shes comin to collect, dear Sirs. I hope someone hits them both over the head with a shovel and rolls them up in flour and chicken fried steaks their asses to a golden crisp. I wouldn’t waste saliva spitting on their worthless graves. The judicial system has failed us, but I have faith that the man upstairs will bring the Christ family to their knees and they will forever have a dark cloud above their sorry little heads. They all belong in a cell right next to Phillip Guerrido himself. Shame on you, shame on your entire home.

  7. If it was not for the public outcry, the son probably would not have been charged. The entire situation has a high price tag just to try and pacify the public. This is the best pacification you all are going to get so get over it. Take responsibility for your animals, period. I got the period part from Obama.

    • Well, that says a lot considering Randy Christ likes to donate to Republican causes, i.e. Mitt Romney. Didn’t get him very far. They both deserve to be charged as their behavior is demented and just plain anti-social.

      • Robin,

        I could easily argue that YOUR behavior and obsession demonstrated here is demented.

        You have only succeeded in making yourself out to be a crazed fanatic.

        We get it. You are a freaky cat/dog person, who puts animals above humans. Time for you to relax and mind your own business.

        Shut up already. Thanks.

        • Missing city moron –

          You are right, I am obsessed by the Christ’s deplorable behavior. As for minding my own business… unfortunately I knew these dogs, helped look for them, and was with Ellen at the property when given the news. After watching Jonathon engage w/Animal Control and PD he went into the house and hid. Daddy-O, if he was home, never came out – perhaps he was chicken?

          I have never been so horrified as witnessing this situation and watching the trauma my friend went through that day. So, I’d say it is my business to refute comments made by people like you.

          To hear that Jonathon went to his place of business and bragged about what he and his father did was unfathomable.

          I do not place animals above humans, but then I don’t feel the Christ’s are human.

          If you don’t like what I have to say, don’t read it.

          • Missing city moron –

            I forgot to mention… Animal Control handed ME the bloodied collar and tags of Jager to then give to my friend. Jonathon has refused to turn over Luke’s collar and tags. Kind of reminds me of those serial killers who like to keep memento’s of their victims so they can re-live the crime.

        • I would definitely say the same for you. No one is getting over this and no one is shutting up. And if you’re such a hot shot why don’t you use your real name – are you afraid of people knowing what kind of person you are and how you come across?

          Your login really says it all.

          • Like that better?

            You see Robin, I like the current law. I like that a property owner has the right to defend his or her property. The California Constitution is aligned with my core beliefs. You, not so much.

            So you see, it is YOU that has a tough hill to climb. One that is called reality. I’ll keep my guns, my freedoms and my right to protect what is mine. It’s always that same people (like you) making excuses of why they should have “special privilege’s”. Funny that people like you always think it is ok to end up on someone else’s property and then cry foul. (Like the burglars that injure themselves during break-ins and then try to sue the property or business owner. Try that crap in Arizona or Texas and you would get shown the working end of a revolver.

            If your doggies came on my property and tried to eat my livestock or pets, they would get a free ride to doggie hell. I don’t know any one of the Christ’s but if I ever run into them, I will gladly buy them dinner.

            Sorry if you don’t like my opinion or if it offends you. Now get off my lawn.

          • You sound like a Christ family member to me and I’m sure others on this post.

            Still don’t have the courage to use your real name???

            No one is disputing the fact of being allowed to protect their property, animals or even children from someone or something that trespasses. It is the way this family handled the whole situation and all of the lies told.

            I have guns too and wouldn’t hesitate to use in a heartbeat if someone or an animal came onto my property and I felt threatened.

            This is about cruelty, brutality, lies, obstruction of justice and then just plain bragging about the sickness of their crime. That is the issue.

            If you like Arizona and Texas so much – please move there!

  8. There was no torture. They were humanely shot and killed for killing something else that was the livelihood of another persons. Completely justified one hundred percent. When putting animals down the gun has been used for hundreds of years. The police use the same tactic on animals all the time WHEN it is justified. If the tables were turned and it was your livestock you would have a different prospective of the situation. Because the kid lied about it is an entirely different subject. I will keep my rights too. Many people fought and died for them.

  9. The same way as when a body gets cremated. You don’t say they were burned to death. After your dead it doesn’t hurt anymore.Even my fool of a bro knows that.The article says that the dogs were shot at the time they were killing.That’s all that matters. The police and animal control are doing their job and I thank them.

    • For one, being shot doesn’t mean you are killed by the shot which they weren’t. Second I am not sure what makes him more sadistic beating a deathly injured dog to death, or if they had been dead already which according to the report they were not, beating an otherwise large study animal until they are no more than limp noodles. Either way the guy is a head case full of hatred.

      • Btw I’m sorry your brother happens to be a fool. ..I however am not. I am not a gun hater, I have many of my own, and if I had a dog attacking my own family or pets I’m sure I could shoot them and kill them with out needless suffering. That is what most people are saying here is that there was no need to cause the suffering to a live creature. Unless of course you have the devil running through ya. Now can you comprehend or does your brother need to sit you down with flashcards to explain?

        • Courtney,

          He doesn’t have a brother. He is simply an idiot who could not come up with a screen name of his own.

          If you want some background on him just search this website. He is a partially functioning human, lacking common sense. As a child he spent years licking windows on the short bus. I think it ran through the South Bay and up to Knightsen.

          He likes talking about his days playing with the fire twuck and how the bad people stole his water.

          Do yourself a favor, ignore him.

          Don’t feed the troll.

  10. Typical narcissistic suburbanite yuppy.
    He failed to keep his dogs secure and they ended up killing the animals of a responsible animal owner. The VICTIM was protecting his pets, property and food.
    The dog owner let his dogs roam free probably because he was “above” picking up poop in his own yard, or maybe he felt his dogs had a “right” to do as they please. Either way, those dogs became a nuisance and killers.

    Yet this entitled yuppy is soliciting for sympathy and money. The world is upside down. Did he every wonder how those chickens felt when his dog used them for a blood sport?

    • Robert C commented on DA: Randy Christ Cleared in Brentwood Dog Killing, Son To Be Charged.

      in response to jerry collins:

      chickens as pets??? r u kidding,do they sit on command,and john was scared his dad would go to what prison? u mean jail for a couple hrs n possibly be fined? and slapped on the hand, and a big dood like that scared? Bri, i couldnt tell u how i would have acted either if […]

      My grandaughter has hatched and raised her own chickens. Those chickens now provide food for our family. This is something that she is very proud of. Who are you to say otherwise.

      We are responsible animal owners and our animals stay on our property. Nothing is more aggravating than having your animals killed by the pets of some entitled yuppy that is “above” picking up poop in his own yard.

      I live barely 25 miles from this clown andmy neighbor has had about 250 (ppronounced two hundred fifty) goats and sheep killed during the past year from the pets of guys like this former dog owner. I wonder if any of the money that this guy is begging for will go towards that fund. At approximately $200 an animal, you do the math. Are you going to chip in to match your righteous indignation?


      No way in Hell am I or anyone else going to believe that 250 goats/sheep were killed by pets in the past year on one property alone – prove it. If this were true I’m sure Animal Control would be aware of it. Nice try.

      Google the Christ family property and you will see it is not actually a farm. It’s basically a white trash property with junked vehicles. The chicken coop was NOT in ordinance nor protected. It was 6 ft from the road with access to all driving or walking by. They promptly tore it down when shit hit the fan but hey, we have pictures prior to the tear down. Their chickens were NOT their source of income, nor where they “pets.” Due to all of their lies none of us know how many were in the chicken coop or running freely. One neighbor has told us that she’s been chased by their turkey’s that run freely. Nothing on this property is fenced.

      The owners of the dogs did NOT allow their dogs to run freely, and are most definitely not afraid to pick up poop. Ellen has been involved in animal rescue for many years and is extremely responsible. Nor is she a “yuppy” – she is a hard working middle class mom and animal lover who always goes above and beyond to help others less fortunate.

      As for donating to animal rescue and defense funds… Yes, many of us spend our own money helping to save and re-home animals. I have a foster Shepherd at the moment that I have personally spent almost $1,000 on food, med care, collars & leashes, and of course, training. This does not include the time spent with her every single day to ensure she is a great pet for the next family.

      Robert, you come across as ignorant and lack credibility. Read the story in it’s entirety and you might just have enough facts to form an accurate opinion. And for your edification, chickens don’t cost $200 per. More like a couple of bucks per at the feed store.

      • http://www.news10.net/news/article/242462/2/160-goats-dead-in-French-Camp-after-pit-bulls-attack


        Here are the links for you there Hotpants. The owner of that property is a close friend of mine and i witnessed both carnages firsthand.

        I sound ignorant? I’m not the one who is insinuating that certain lower classes have to put up with their animals being attacked on their property because they fit an entitled yuppy’s bigoted definition of “white trash”.

        The owner of the dogs was a “responsible pet owner”? Tell me why his dogs were found in another man’s coop with dead livestock around them?

        I may fit YOUR definition of ignorant, but at least I don’t believe that food originates at Costco or Safeway.

        • Oh, so you’re the neighbor down the street that also lied when the family was trying to find the dogs??? I think I know who you are.

          The Christ property looks like something out of deliverance and I’ve been told they’ve been sited for “blight” in the past. This is NOT about true farmers who need to protect their livestock for their living.

          Also, the Christ family does NOT live in the country. They live within city limits.

          ONCE AGAIN…. not sure how many times we’re going to have to say this… If they had nothing to hide, they would NOT have behaved the way they did. Most of us believe in the right to protect our property and unfortunately, if need be, put a dog down to protect our property. No need to lie about anything. The shear brutality, cruelty, lies, obstruction of justice, hiding evidence (and bragging about it) leads most of us to believe there is far more to the story than just protecting their property or livestock (chickens).

          Glad he’s your neighbor and not mine.

          • Think you could have figured out that I’m not his neighbor when I was telling you what happened to MY neighbor during this past year. But in case you have doubts, I’m on Facebook. Look me up Robert (L) C011in $ w0rth. I’m sure you can figure out the phonetics. Let me know if you have problems.

            Once again, you have used this family’s socio-economic status toexcuse the neglect of the dog owner. I guess you believe that us “white trash” are subservient to even the pets of you entitled yuppies.

            Where did you see me try to claim that the Christ’s were running a for profit factory farm. On the contrary, if the neglectful dog owner had been reaponsible for monetary losses to a corporate farm with deep pockets, there would have been zero prosecution.

            No. This family appears to be trying to do the right thing by unplugging from the food factory system and GMOs. But because they are “white trash”, your dogs are entitled to destroy their food source for fun. It’s so cute when they play, ain’t it. Well sweetie, it ain’t cute to the animals they kill or the humans that depend on them.

          • Really? Randy Christ has plenty of money and owns multiple homes. Really curious where he got the money… If you’d like to start a fund for him… go ahead, he’ll get the last laugh on your dime. Their socio-economic status is in a lot better shape than mine!!!

            These people are in better financial shape than many of us and didn’t depend on a few chickens in a cramped coop for their food. Give me a break. Would you like to see the pics? Check em out on the FB page of Justice for Luke and Jager. Seriously cramped quarters not fit for more than a couple of chickens.

            Neighbors say they’ve been chased by turkey’s running loose on property. If they really cared, they would have fenced the property.

          • I guess misunderstandings like this happen when you use bigoted terms like “white trash”. I thought you were referring to his economic status. What does “white trash” mean to you? He has to wash his hands after earning a paycheck? He wears dirty work boots, even in summer? He voted for the other guy last election?

            Regardless, even “white trash” humans have a right to eat and eat healthy.

            Ya. I went to the justice for the chicken killing dogs on Facebook. I saw the neglectful pet owner crying for sympathy and donations ($$). Evidently he feels he should profit off his irresponsibility. I lasted all of about 10 minutes. Evidently he doesn’t like to be told that he should repair his fence.

            You bet your sweet bippy that I’ll be taking up a collection from local ranchers and doing everything in my power to publicize the attitude of entitlement that you people have.

          • Yep, checked out your FB page and pics of you – pretty damn scary. Glad you don’t live in the bay area. Hell, you probably couldn’t make enough money to afford it.

            As for the owners of Luke and Jager – you keep stating “him” – whereas the dogs were owned by a couple, Ellen Barkley and Rocky Osborn. Their fence WAS NOT in disrepair. A neighbor dog broke into their yard causing the escape of their two dogs. You obviously haven’t read the entire story.

            As I mentioned before, Randy Christ probably has a lot more money than you so if you want to start a fund raising drive for him, go right ahead. And remember… he’s a bible thumping Mormon so 10% will go to their church for tithings!

          • As far as the condition of the chicken coop. I don’t know because i never saw it. But I’m willing to bet that the conditions were better than the hens that made your breakfast this morning.

            ignorance is sometimes bliss, but it sounds like you are still making up excuses for the failure of your brother yuppy and his entitlement to let his dogs run free over the rights to a lesser human being’s livelihood.

          • There are pics of the chicken coop on the website – you obviously didn’t check it out. As far as the eggs I eat… I only purchase CAGE FREE, HORMONE FREE. I pay dearly so I know I am purchasing quality and the animals have been treated humanely. Much better than the way the Christ’s treated their chickens.

            Go back to the website, look at the pics of the coop and tell me that 20 chickens and a supposed turkey had a nice life in the Christ’s care.

          • I wouldn’t mind checking out the website, but passive aggressive Rocky doesn’t seem to be able to handle being told that he needs to man up and take accountability for his neglect. I’m blocked.

            Regardless of the condition of the chicken coop, it does not negate neglectful dog owner’s responsibility to maintain a secure fence. If one of my animals (including a bull) were to escape, it is ME that is responsible for the damage caused by that animal, not the victim. I can’t get mad at another man protecting his property and livestock.

            Also regarding the cindition of the coop. My coop is relatively small but my chickens only sleep and lay eggs in it, otherwise they free range. You have bragged about having over 400 pounds of dogs and you live in the city. I don’t think that is right and its pretty wasteful. Does that excuse me when my neglect kills your animals?

        • Wow. Now Mormons. Is there no end to your bigotry? Do mormon animals fall below or above muslim animals on your social scale?

          I lived in the bay area for several years. A little too crowded for my taste. Can’t afford it? Honey, I ranch my own land that I own as a second career. I retired from my first career years ago.

          Typical yuppy. Always using money to measure wealth.

          • As I’ve said before, the dogs got out due to a neighbor dog breaking INTO their yard. We are not yuppies – just very hard working middle class folk. Randy Christ is quite well off but hey, if you want to raise money for him that’s your right. He owns multiple properties and if you’re that interested in his address… all you have to do is google him. And take a good look at the property – you’ll see why I’ve made the comments I have.

            NO ONE takes lightly any person’s animals being harassed, injured or killed. As I’ve stated before… Ellen, Rocky and all of their friends would have built them the Extreme Home Makeover of a chicken coop, complete with protective fencing on our dime and replaced any animals injured or killed.

            As for “Righteous in the Wood” – login name should say it all. You might want to read some previous posts from this person. Quotes right out of the Exorcist… Scary!

            Also, as I’ve said many times, it’s not what they did but how they did it and then the lies, obstruction of justice, hiding evidence, etc. If you are in the right you should not behave the way these people did. When interviewed by the media Randy Christ’s exact words were, “I have no remorse” while pointing the finger at his son. Yeppers, I believe the video is still posted on the site. POS father as far as I’m concerned. If I ever find myself in the position of killing an animal to protect my property, animals, neighbors, etc. I will be the first to call PD and Animal Control to report and show the evidence of what transpired. That’s all the Christ’s had to do and none of this would be occurring now.

          • Robert C –

            I never stated I have 400lbs of dog. I stated I have 200lbs of dog – 2 German Shepherds. OMG – maybe you should sign up for a remedial reading and comprehension course. I live on 1/3 of an acre so I have ample room for my animals. They are usually found in the house and go outside for exercise or potty. All of my neighbors know and love them.

            And yes, we have people in my neighborhood who raise chickens too. When I moved in I PAID TO HAVE THE CRAPPY FENCING REPLACED (and I’m only a renter). I would hope if my dogs got out and behaved badly they would be corralled or PD called. Heaven forbid, if something happened I would pay through the nose to reimburse.

      • This forum won’t allow me to post links so I guess you’ll have to exercise your own “google-fu”). Type” French Camp dog attack” and you will see two stories of dog attacks on the property of my neighbor and good friend during the past year. I personally witnessed the carnage that resulted from irresponsible pet ownership.

        I’m ignorant? I’m not the one insinuating that certain lower classes (the bigoted term “white trash” was used by you) have to tolerate the loss of livelihood and income because an entitled yuppy doesn’t feel like maintaining his fence or picking up dog poo.

        I may be ignorant by your standards, but I understand that food doesn’t originate at the supermarket.

        • Your links were posted and I did check them out. They were horrifying. I too would have killed those dogs.

          You keep referring to us as yuppies… neither of us owns our own home because we don’t make enough money to purchase one in the bay area. We are middle class hard working folks.

          I refer to the Christ’s as white trash based on how they maintain their property (hell, as a renter my property is pristine compared to theirs), and their behavior. They have not behaved as respectable neighbors or human beings. Various folks in Brentwood (who’ve interacted with them) have commented on their behavior and acting as though they are above the law as well.

          ONCE AGAIN… If the Christ’s had done the right thing in the first place… we wouldn’t be having this dialogue. Unfortunately, sometimes animals get loose. It sucks, frequently ends up with a bad ending and no one who owns animals wants to endure this. For God’s sake, just MAN UP and report the incident – then no one thinks you’re a sadistic freak using the neighbors dogs as target practice.

          ONCE AGAIN… I too own weapons, and would not hesitate to kill an animal that I felt endangered myself, my animals, or any of my neighbors. I would then call PD immediately. It’s really that simple.

      • No. Chickens don’t cost $200. I was referring to the sheep and goats that my neighbor lost due to irresponsible pet owners. But adult laying hens also aren’t a “couple of bucks” baby chicks are around $5, but are you putting feed and care for the 4 to 6 months it takes them to reach laying age?
        Who is ignorant now?

  11. I’m starting a defense fund for the Christ Family in my area. I’ll be putting up fliers at my local livestock auctions (French Camp has had 250 sheep and goats killed by the dogs of irresponsible pet owners during the past year) and feed stores. Would anyone sympathetic to the victims and know their contact info please post so I can arrange the legal aid.

    Yuppies who move to the country need to understand that wandering dogs are a danger to not only livestock and livlihoods, they are also a danger to public health and safety. Keep your dogs secure. You wouldn’t think it funny if I let my rams or bull wander onto your property.

    I’ve seen too many people in this forum defend the dogs and irresponsible pet owner by claiming the victims are “white trash”. This is bigoted and ignorant. Food does not originate at Safeway or Costco.

    • I’ll donate. But only because I’m white trash poor because all of my spare change goes towards keeping our pets confined to our own yard. The Jonathon Christ and his family are nice folks. Maybe in the fear of the moment, he made some really bad choices, but, so what. With all the other perfect people who comment on this site, I’m sure they’ll all be donating too. As for Rocky Osborn? I’m with you. I’ll never buy a vehicle from them, and I’m in the need for a new truck too, and Ford is the only way I’ll go. Too bad for Bill Brandt, he really should only hire responsible pet owners as Sales Managers.

      • In interest of total candor, it wasn’t Osborn that used the bigoted terms like white trash and mormons, that was Robin Hayes in this forum. But being that she brags about being his friend and he pretty much uses the same rhetoric as her, it’s not that far of a leap to surmise that he also feels even his animals are a cut above “white trash” and Mormon families.

        Honestly, I have no contact info for the Christ family so I don’t even know where to send donations. But you can bet your sweet bippy that I’ll be putting fliers together to post at all livestock auctions and other gatherings of aggies and meat buyers (BIG buyers of Ford trucks). Judging by the time stamps on the dogs’ “justice” site, it looks like Mr Osborne was making his posts and “wanted posters” on company time. I guess Bill Brandt should also feel the sting. Maybe Osborn should have spenthis time fixing his fence. Or does he want society to pay for that too? Entitled yuppy.

      • … and also, I don’t see that he made a bad decision.
        I’ve dealt with entitled and irresponsible pet owners like Osborn before. Their dogs have a “right” and a dog will always return to where the”fun” is. The dogs would have come back as soon as they replaced their flock.

        And owners like Osborn NEVER pay.

  12. Be responsible for the pets you have or suffer the consequences. Robert has explained it in a hundred different ways for any fool can understand. Even my bro ECV who was dropped at birth understands.

      • E Clampus Vitus (ECV) – Hmmmm, another freaky organization. But hey, to each his own.

        • Robin, it is an acronym for East County Voter.

          From reading your banter here it is obvious your failures and frustrations come from your many incorrect assumptions.

          As someone that is not involved in this particular issue I want you to know you are not making much sense and come across as clinically obsessed. In short you are not doing your friends any favors and are losing the debate.

          It’s pretty clear to everyone here that the dogs and dog owner started this whole fiasco. They are to blame. End of story.

          • ECV
            in defense of the truth, it was I, not Robin that made the E Clampus Vitus assumption. But her further comments further reinforced her bigoted views. The Clampers are nothing more than a “fraternity” for non yuppies who aren’t partying in college on mom and dad’s (or Uncle Sugar’s) dime.

          • Robert C –

            Wow, I’d be loving life if I were partying on mom and dad’s dime in college. Woohooo – those days are long gone.

          • My party days are long over also. But I do not view myself as morally superior to a college frat boy, nor do I feel entitled to destroy his property

    • Again with your make believe “dropped” nonsense John? You have been exposed dipshit. You need to do a better job hiding your delusions of granger-you are no brother of mine, not even close. Maybe that inbred crap works in Knightsen, but not here.

  13. So I’m checking out the “Jager & Luke pity-party site, and evidently the owners of the “Brentwood Butchers” are giving away pitbull puppies. There’s some good news for your community! These people weren’t capable of controlling basic breeds when the greatest consequence is dead chickens. When their neighbors toddler gets mauled next year, the word will be, “the kid shouldnt have been outside”.

    Theyre still insistent that “their boys” were good dogs and no way are they negligent dog owners. Oh ya and please send money!

    Good dogs don’t kill livestock. Period.

    • … and don’t even THINK about defending your child from their pitbull. They’ll have their buddies at BPD find something on you.

      These people should go back to the basics. Start them out with a hamster or even goldfish. Ensure they can care for that responsibly first before they take on an animal that can be dangerous to the community.

    • Not sure what you’re talking about… Ellen and Rocky don’t have Pitbulls. You spew out a lot of crap without first checking your facts.

      BPD has done nothing to enforce animal cruelty charges.

      You are nothing but a shit disturber who doesn’t know or care to know the actual facts of the case.

      • Go check out their pity party site on Facebook, Sweetpea. They’re advertising 10 fostered pitbull puppies. Let me know if you need your hand held to find it.

        What facts am I missing? Your friends dog was found on someone else’s property with blood and feathers in their mouth surrounded by 20 dead chickens. Do you suppose that the chickens committed suicide, Jager & Luke were trying to talk them down and the property/livestock owner simply walked in at the wrong time?

        Animal cruelty charges? For defending ones property and food source? Now who is missing the facts? Look up California food & ag law 31103. Not only did Christ have every RIGHT to protect his property and animals, he had an OBLIGATION to, to prevent the nusiance dogs from killing the animals of other people in the area.

        You say that Christ feels “above the law”? Guess what sweetheart. Per food and ag law 31402, your friends failed to keep their animals secured, this resulted in death and serious injury to livestock. Osborn/Barkley are guilty of a misdemeanor. But it bet they won’t be turning themselves in anytime soon, because it is in fact YOUR friends that are above the law.

        Heck you can’t even get them to reimburse their neighbor for damages caused by their failure to keep two dangerous dogs (evidenced by their livestock killing) contained. I’ve already shown you the laws stating how much they owe the Christ’s. But they don’t seem to want their profit margins from their pitiful website cut into.

        Btw, feel free to research all of the laws that I quoted and feel free to ask for help if you get confused.

      • Notice to how your entitled egocentric narcissistic friend goes on and on in detail of how her killer dogs died. Not a single sentence on how those birds died.

        Let me give some details from a few of the dog massacres that I’ve dealt with on my property. The lucky birds have their necks broken from being shaken. I say lucky because they die from suffocation from not being able to breathe. I had a turkey that had its entire breast ripped off along with it’s wing. I could have let it bleed to death but i personally euthanized my prized Tom (loved by my toddler son) myself. Ever see what happens to skin when feathers are ripped out of a live bird? Imagine being scalped alive.

        Inbox me on Facebook and I’ll send you pictures of my wife and i doing surgery on one of our lambs that had its tail ripped from it’s spine by someone’s “good dog”.

        Remember the news links that I sent you of the attack at my neighbors property? I saw a couple of nursing mothers that had their udders chewed off, still alive standing next to their dead babies.

        Ask your friend if she’s considered the feelings of those animals, in between her obsession with her own feelings. Please ask them that for me. I’d love to hear her answer. Or do you view poultry and livestock as “lesser beings” to dogs in the same manner that you view white trash, Mormons, and Romney voters as lesser beings to your kind.

        Please tell your friend that the community is safer without her dogs in it. I know my food supply is.

  14. The absence of acknowledgement to the suffering caused by these dogs and negligent owners is duly noted. Such is the dogma (pun intended) of people like you and your friends in Brentwood.

    I’ve dealt many times with your kind. Its always about attention on yourself. Even the website set up for her killer dogs focuses less on responsible animal stewardship and all on, “look at ME.. give ME sympathy and attention. .. send ME money”. There is zero thought to actually compensating the true victims of their negligence. Already they are making plans for getting more dogs and no thought to physical improvements to their yard or a management plan to keep the new dogs supervised. Zero thought the safety of other animals or children in her community.

    It will happen again, trust me. Such is the nature of people who only think for themselves. Even the welfare of their pets takes a backseat to what SHE wants. Its enough to make a guy who focuses on a ecological sustainable living puke.

  15. Jonathan Christ and his family seem like a nice, normal family from my limited view of them (which is from a distance and chance encounters… it’s a small town after all). In the few encounters I’ve had with him, he has always been nice, gentle, and a good citizen. On here I’ve learned he is Mormon, white trash, murderous, and cruel to name a few. I never knew what his religious affiliation was before some here used it as a derogatory label (personally, if you bring that sort of thing up, you have really questionable personality traits, and a shallow personality). Some here have called for harm to come to him and his family (if that is you, you really have issues, and I consider you merely a sack of transplant-able organs and donation grade organic tissue for science students to disect). As I’ve said, I’ve never seen any of those traits in him. Seems like a normal family dude to me. But that’s just my opinion.
    What are the facts of this case?
    From what I can gather, some dogs broke out of their yard while they were left outside alone by their people who were on vacation out of town and not caring for their dogs they loved so dearly (but they’re inside dogs too, just left out that time for what? Convenience?).
    They were a German Shepard and a Rottweiler. While the Shepard can be vicious if trained to be so, normally they are mostly friendly dogs. Not so much with the Rottweiler. Constantly I’ve read and been told that they are docile happy family pets, Yet the statistics and news stories tell a different story, not to mention the two friends I’ve known personally in my life that have both had those “family pets” attach and seriously injure children of theirs In this case though, they were pretty vicious, at least to the livestock poultry.
    The dogs were only loose a short while, yet they managed to traverse a distance of nearly 4 miles from their impenetrable fortress of a yard where they were kept inside in their beds while they were outside???? Was a dog door installed?
    In the time they were gone, only about 4 hours if you believe the posts here, they traveled South as stated 4 miles give or take and killed livestock and were shot and were brutally beaten to death and were burned and were driven even further away and tossed in a ravine.
    Commence now with the fear of arrest and covering of tracks by the Christs, sure, bad choice. Father and son should have come clean immediately with the whole story. Not that the outcome would have been changed at all for the dogs, but, from my view who cares? They were loose and killing livestock regardless of your views on what constitutes livestock.
    I also read that the Osborn/Barkley klan will be moving out of emotional duress from their loss. I hope so. I hope they move to San Jose or some other urban area far away from Brentwood. Who needs neighbors that can’t take care of their dogs properly.
    I also read from some idiot (with so many posts on this story and the others on ECT that to count them up would be a full time job), that wolves don’t kill for the fun of killing. Wrongo knucklehead. Google is your friend, wolves are in fact the ONLY animal documented to kill for fun. And dogs come from the same genus and have similar instinctual traits. ‘Nuff said.
    As for the Christs? I hope the knucklehead who stated earlier who said he’d run them over is restrained and put in an institution for the mentally deranged before he/she/it truly hurts someone.
    As for the rest of you who wish any harm whatsoever on the Christs or any other human being over that of a dog: you are sick and in serious need of help.
    Here is a thought: Restrain and train your animals. Neuter them as well. And get them a dog door and let them in and out of the house as they please into your well fenced yard. I’ve had dogs for over 50 years, and have never had one go loose on me. And that is the truth.

    • Sir/Madam
      You are a fresh breath of clarity and common sense. I don’t know any the Christ’s from Adam, but I am a rancher who is constantly dealing with the results of negligence from “city folks” who move to the country thinking their animals can run unsupervised free of consequences.

      The moral character of the Christ’s is inconsequential. Even Aholes deserve compensation when the negligence of others cause them damage.

      I don’t know Osborn/Barkley either. They may be otherwise conscientious pet owners who had a momentary lapse in attention or judgement. But their actions since the incident they caused speaks volumes. They’ve made a profit since their negligence cost the lives of at least 22 animals, $5, 000 in donations so far. Not one dime of that has been offered as compensation to the victim of their negligence.

      Let me again put this in terms “city folks” might understand. Normally I’m a courteous and safe driver. About 25 years ago, I rear ended some poor guy because of my inattention. The guy was pretty upset about the damages to his property.
      1. I apologized and took responsibility for my negligence. Osborn/Barkley have done nothing but blame the victim. He deserved this because his yard is messy, or he’s white trash or a mormon.
      2. I compensated the victim of my neglect, paid for the damages that i caused. The amount of money that I paid to repair my property that was damaged by neglect was irrelevant to the victim, it wasn’t his fault. Osborn/Barkley feel they owe nothing even though the amount of damages is written in California law and is a simple matter of mathematics. On the contrary, they’ve asked for money from gullible pet lovers to take their pain away.
      3. I used the damages of my causation as a learning experience. Never again did I try to reada CD case while operating a vehicle. Osborn/Barkley want the law changed to fit their comfort and want to be rewarded for their misconduct.

      This entire story is absolutely mind boggling. The level of entitlement felt by those dog owners absolutely blows me away. This has to be the result of surrounding yourself with other entitled sociopaths.

    • Also regarding your statement about wolves killing for fun, you are absolutely 100% correct.


      But to be honest (and thankfully I don’t have to deal with wolves) natural predators are bad enough, but they are manageable. I also accept it as sort of my “tax” to mother nature.

      What I won’t deal with is an uncontrolled and undisciplined house pet that kills for fun even when he has a full belly.

      • Robert, I would never complain of the wolves desire to sharpen their skills. I’d only ask the DFG to let us enter the circle of life as well with regulated wolf hunts. That aside, I only point out that so that the people who may see the one or two dog zealots on this forum as “experts” that they truly do not know their proverbial ass from a hole in the ground.
        BTW, I too served in the Armed Services for 22 years, and I would like to thank you for your service in the defense of this great Nation. I also offer up my condolences, however limited my words are to help soften your loss of a grandson. If he passed in the service of our Nation, I thank him as well for making his ultimate sacrifice. Thank you Sir for sharing with us of your families loss and may you and yours be at peace.

        • Ya. I do believe in controlled hunts. Always against problem packs, let the packs that avoid humans and livestock pass down their genes. Always with ranchers allowed in drawings. Its the least we can do for them. No rich yuppies trying to prove their manhood. But I admit that I’m not a biologist.

          Thank you for the props and I also return my thanks to you.

          Actually it is my granddaughter that is buried in Brentwood and she was only six months of age. Long story, but the circumstances of her death in the home of a cop is why I believe Brentwood to be one of the most corrupt cities in Contra Costa, which is the undisputed most corrupt county in California on almost any list.

          • I am Sorry for your loss, this must have been very hard for you and your family. Maybe someday, you can share some of what happened, if that feels like the right thing to do. Best wishes,

    • Also thank you for the clarifying infformation about these “conscientious” dog owners leaving two large dogs unsupervised while they were out of town. That’s very telling indeed.

      So Osborn/Barkley are relocating? Ya, hopefully back to San Jose. Let their dogs run wild in those streets. They can turn that place into Mogadishu for all that I care. As long as they stop screwing up my community.

      Something that I don’t understand about the mindset of entitled yuppies like them and their friend Robin. If they are so insistent on theirnpets being allowed to play with animals and livestock, why don’t they simply purchase their own lambs, goats or fowl from their local fair or livestock market. Or even off craigslist. They can take them home and toss them in their own backyards and have a goid ol’ time watching Luke & Jager tear them limb from limb as they drink wine and Coronas, laughing until their yoga pants burst at the seams.

      You are correct about those dogs having been a danger to small children. The chances are very high that a dog that kills livestock will go after a child if the triggers are right, if the child runs, screams, or flaps his arms in the correct way. This I have also seen.

  16. Robert may have been traumatized by stray dogs just like the chickens.Let him vent or start charging by the word.

    • Actually, you are closer to the truth than most. Ever see a few months of work and a few thousand of your dollars evaporate in a single morning?

  17. The Brentwood Police Department responded to the area of Walnut Park Thursday morning for a pair of loose dogs who reportedly bit three people.

    The incident took place along Carnegie Lane and later Hudson Dr. and Nunn St. just off Walnut Blvd. and Armstrong Road while it put a nearby preschool on lock down as a precaution.

    Brentwood Police were able to catch the Labrador retriever wondering the streets pretty quickly, but a pit bull ran from police before stopping at a nearby park to rest. As police approached the dog, it took off again and ran home to 4600 block of Nunn Street.

    Police had to taser the dog in the backyard after it became aggressive with police and were able to work with animal control to get the pit bull into the animal control vehicle.

    According to radio traffic, a total of three people were bit.

    • Looks like the entitled yuppies got more dogs. There’s some good news for the community.

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