Brentwood to Purchase 5-Police Vehicles from Bill Brandt Ford


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Kudos go out today to the Brentwood city staff as they decided to recommend the purchase of five 2014 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Vehicles from Bill Brandt Ford in Brentwood ensuring they buy local. The significance of this decision was Bill Brandt Ford had the third highest bid.

Per Purchasing Policy, Section 4.5 Local Preference, preference shall be given to a local vendor for the quote of taxable goods, more than $10,000 up to $500,000, providing their bid is within 3% of the lowest quote.

  • Livermore Ford $163,822
  • Future Ford $164,101
  • Bill Brandt Ford $166,465
  • Walnut Creek Ford $174,024
  • All Star Ford No Bid
  • The Ford Store No Bid

Five of Brentwood’s current vehicles were scheduled for replacement in 2013/2014. These vehicles were inspected and evaluated by Police and Fleet/Facilities Division staff; and after careful review of their maintenance records and condition, staff recommends replacing all five vehicles.

The City Council will vote tonight to approve the staff recommendation which will allow the City Manager to execute a purchase order and necessary documents in the amount not to exceed $166,465.


  1. In Antioch many of us have tried to get the city to shop locally for our police cars. At least a hundred times over we have been told, “There are only two authorized dealers anyone in the state can buy from. One in Sacramento and one in LA.” Well this puts this lie to rest doesn’t it. I am so tired of city employees lying to the public that pays their wages.

    • What you were told is correct. Brentwood is paying $7000 more per vehicle than the price on the state contract. The same 5 vehicles through the state contract would have cost, $132,890. So the question is do you want to shop local, or save $33,000? Keep in mind these should sales tax exempt also.

      Here is a link to the state contracted price, just because I know someone will cry BS.

  2. That’s a tough call to buy local with that kind of dollar spread.Maybe Brandt didn’t give it their all like they should have.The best way to fix this is for Bill Brandt Ford to host 2014 Corn Fest in thanks for the local purchase.

  3. Now its obvious how one of Bill Brandt’s managers managed to get ancillary charges for a nonexistent crime pushed against the family that had to defend their livestock and property against that manager’s marauding killer dogs a mere three weeks after this deal was made.

    Search Jonathan Christ and Randy Christ.

    Interesting news for valley and delta ranchers.

    • Arguably the most corrupt city and PD in the undisputed most corrupt county in California.

    • Robert, that’s a bit of a stretch there. I fail to see a realistic connection. Bear in mind I’m on your side on the dog issue issue but not the allegation.

      • I see what you’re saying, even respect that you don’t see a connection in even the timing.
        But it certainly merits a closer look.

        I’ve seen firsthand how that town’s politics work. One dead granddaughter and another beaten to the point of having six broken bones and a head injury in the home of a cop. Not one person spent a single minute in handcuffs.

        Not surprising as you live in a community that values the rights of animals over the health and safety of its children.

      • What’s more, is that the accused certainly not only has the right, but it would also be prudent to put this connection before his jury. I know it would raise reasonable doubt with me.

      • And why have the negligent dog owners been charged in violation of California’s Food and Ag Code 31402?

  4. I think they should have looked at Chrysler and GM products too. At least they went with American manufacturers. P5ret makes a very good case.Contra Costa definitely ranks pretty high on the crony nepotism chart.

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