DA Diana Becton Announces Updated Immigration Policy

Press Release


Martinez, Calif. –Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton issued a new policy for the DA’s Office focused on immigration. In order to comply with state and federal laws, their office has updated its immigration policy.

“It is important to have a standardized process in place to ensure we meet our obligations under the law. I am confident that with this new policy we can fairly review all options for a disposition while at the same time ensuring we meet the demands to protect the public and victims,” said DA Becton. “Moving forward, cases will be evaluated by our state legislative mandate to ‘consider the avoidance of adverse immigration consequences in the plea negotiation process as one factor in an effort to reach a just resolution.’”

Last July, for the first time ever, the entire Office received an in-depth immigration training which focused on the role of prosecutors in considering adverse immigration consequences.

To review the 5-page policy, click here.


  1. “At the time of the plea, no defendant shall be required to disclose his or her immigration status or legal status to the court.” <———THIS IS A BUNCH OF CRAP! What blithering idiot came up with something so ridiculous?

  2. This da has never seen a crime that happened. Crime does not happen or get procecuted in CoCoCo.

  3. First — if they are here illegally, they are NOT immigrants. They are INVADERS! To become an immigrant, one has to go through A PROCESS!

    • Like the ones that came on the Mayflower. There’s many illegal immigrants right now in 2019 here in the US from Europe too.

      • There were no immigration laws on-the-books when people arrived here on the Mayflower. Such passages were encouraged to populate this country. The first immigration laws were written in the late 1800’s. They only came about to keep diseased people out of the country.

      • I like the “illegal” immigrants from Europe: the Germans, Dutch, French, Austrian, Norwegians, Polish and most of all, RUSSIANS! Highly educated people. Many with graduate degrees in mathematics, physics and technology. Just the kind we need here. I have sponsored quite a few of them and plan to sponsor more. They don’t even have to assimilate because we already share the same Northern European culture as we do.

        • Alexis really? You are just as dumb as the DA. We don’t want any Russian Communist running around our America.

          • joe Sal — Not to worry! We aren’t getting any communists from Russia as immigrants into this country. Communism no longer exists there. Capitalism has taken over like wildfire.

            What we are getting is highly educated people who are willing to work hard.

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