County Watching Discovery Bay Farmers Market Closely


It appears that the days of loosey-goosey event oversight in Discovery Bay from Contra Costa County are over as they will be watching this Sunday’s Farmers Market in Discovery Bay very closely. In a letter mailed out July 3 from the county, it advises the event organizers of requirements prior to the commencement of the event.

In a letter from Telma Moreira, Principal Planner from County Department of Conservation and Development, she advises that six (6) conditions must be followed while even bolding a few items which were add-ons into the requirements.

While we can only speculate why a revised letter had to be mailed so close to the event date (note: original letter was sent June 7), it could have been due to how organizers were promoting the event as stating there would be more vendors on hand that what was allowed under the permit process.

According to the clarified requirement No. 1:

The establishment of the farmer’s market located at 5879 Marina Rod, in the Discovery Bay area, is approved as shown on the plans submitted with the application, received by the Community Development Division on June 3, 2013. A total of 20 vendor stands that include produce and other farm-related food items is permitted. Non-food item (I.E. t-shirts, purses, etc.) are prohibited from being displayed or sold.

Meanwhile Jim Mattison and company are advertising it as something larger than allowed per the county permit. For example, Mr.  Mattison, is advertising the event as 22+ vendors as of Wednesday via social media—however, the letter states they have only been approved for 20 vendors.


In another instance, Mr. Mattison was quoted in the Delta Sun Times stating another figure well above the 20 vendor threshold claiming 25-30 vendors.

“We expect 25-30 vendors to start with. This will not only bring the community together but also give all the shops at the Yacht harbor great exposure.”


Within the same bullet of the number of vendors is the types of vendors allowed under the permit where it states Non-food item (I.E. t-shirts, purses, etc.) are prohibited from being displayed or sold which removes many vendors who are being advertised to attend.

This would appear to remove many advertised vendors which include:  Nyama Jewelry, Ma Petite Bakery, Heavenly Cheesecakes, Zapotec Native Art, Got A Party, and the Delta Valley Athletic Club who likely don’t meet the county requirements to participate with a station.


Continuing on from the Letter, the event is being advertised as “Every Sunday” as shown above.  The county specifically mentions a time frame in its letter under Item 2:

The operation of the proposed farmer’s market  shall be limited to Sundays, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm only. Set up will be from 8:00 am to 9:00 am and take down from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Operation of the farmers market is only permitted from June 1 through Labor Day weekend.  

While certainly there is a start and stop date due to weather, it says something when the county is forced to spell it out to event organizers who post the term “Every Sunday” on a flyer.

Other items which are shown in the letter below include the following:

  • Signs May be installed on the premises of the farmers market locations(s)  as long as sign(s) do not interfere with traffic and/or are not located within the intersections/sight of obstruction area. Signs shall be placed at the premises no earlier than 8:00 am and removed no later than 2:00 pm on Sundays
  • No amplified or live music is permitted at the Farmers Market area at any time.
  • The applicant shall be responsible for the pickup and proper disposal of trash, litter, garbage, originating from the farmers market no later than 2:00 pm on Sundays
  • Any modifications to the proposed Farmers Market operation shall be submitted for review and approval by the Department of Conservation and Development, Community Development Division.

In closing they added an interesting line (bold) which is somewhat interesting as it states:

It’s the applicant’s responsibility to comply with the requirements of the Health Services Department-Environmental Health Division, the East Contra Costa County Fire Protection District, Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office, and requirements that may be applicable by the County Agricultural Commissioners and/or California Department of Food and Agriculture. Prior to the commencement of the farmers market, the applicant shall provide evidence to the Department of Conservation and Development, Community Development Division, that all of the requirements of the above agencies have been met.

The added line in bold is interesting and hints a county official may be on hand to either approve or shut down the event on the spot–or they county will be on hand for final approvals and at that time say “yes” or “no”.

With the recent outbreak of Hepatitis linked to frozen berries  in May, this could be a precaution by the county to ensure public safety with produce. It also could be a case of the county trying to reign in Discovery Bay to begin following rules for their events after a 17-year old nearly drowned last weekend at the Paddle For Fame event.

Either way, the County is now watching and that is a great thing and creates a level playing field with other local Farmers Markets.

This letter confirms they are watching. Let’s hope the event organizers are paying attention so this event does not get shut down.

PDF of Letter Dated July 3, 2013: SConsrv_C4513070317380

Burk Byline

By Michael Burkholder


  1. Another day in paradise in Discovery Bay. When will these people ever learn they must follow rules. I dunno whether or not to be annoyed at the event planners or the county for never enforcing their own rules.

  2. The loud mouth Burkholder actually makes a good point for a change and has facts to back it up instead of opinions. Discovery Bay won’t like him for this piece for calling them out on a poorly coordinated event but he is actually right in the county having guidelines not being met. They have rules for a reason and we may not like them, but they must be followed. I don’t see anything wrong with what the county is asking of them

    • Nice, you always talk to people like that? Not exactly a good way to get any cooperation. Maybe someday, people that comment here will learn how to act decent to each other regardless of their differences.

  3. Real big of you to call out farmers market and people trying to put on something fun in the community. Grow up and go worry about Antioch Crime and let us have our farmers market in peace without your ratting on us.

  4. Burkholder is a piece of garbage and a rat to boot. What the hell is wrong with a god damn FARMER”S MARKET??? Americans are a bunch of fat asses so I think fruits and veggies would be good. Who gives a damn if someone is selling a t-shirt. GET A LIFE BURKHOLDER!!!!!!

    • Roid rage?

      Events like this in cities require similar permits and approval. Just ask the cornfest people. What makes dysfunctional bay so special?

      Guess you weren’t reading before ranting. It’s the county that sets the rules, not a blogger.

    • Is that really necessary? Can’t make a cogent argument without name calling? Come on, we can be better than this.

  5. What a case of government intrusion and over-regulation. Why does there have to be a “level playing field with other farmers markets?” What’s wrong with some soft live music or having a bakery booth or cheesecake booth or popcorn booth? What is wrong with allowing local artists to show their wares? I’ve seen all of these ‘prohibited in Disco Bay’ things at other farmers markets.
    Booooo — unlike

    • A level playing field puts a paper trail in place. That way if a bunch of people get poisoned accidently, they can chase down Farmer Joe who brought the contaminated food. The alternative is to sue the sponsor the Lions Club into extinction because they didn’t feel like following the rules.

      Which would you prefer?

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t your marina surrounded by residential? Just because you think music at 9am on Sunday is cool doesn’t mean everyone in the neighborhood does.

  6. I don’t blame burkholder, he is doing the dirty work for the CSD who wanted to do their own market and failed to act so Jim took charge and showing CSD how its done. Shame on Burkholder for doing other peoples dirty work and get a life and stick to your own town which has a major downtown issue of its own.
    Farmers markets are supposed to be fun and not political and it’s a shame the county waited to the very last minute to issue a revised letter.

    Wouldn’t suprise me if a certain CSD Board members had something to do with this. Using a website so they can look better while putting down people who want to make our town a fun place to be on a sunday morning.

    • Amanda, congrats. I hope you never reproduce. The gene pool can’t support such stupidity.

      • I couldn’t agree more Mr. Sandbar!

        Ms. dove is the biggest embarrassment to Discovery Bay and has been called out a number of times for not following the rules.

        She has the intellect of an infant.

        Dumb people should not breed.

    • Amanda,

      You have such a history for last minute “antics” that I find it incredulous that you are so deep in denial that you would try to cast blame on the county or anyone else
      Burk posted the facts-please don’t try to put your usual spin on it. You are embarrassing yourself.

      It doesn’t appear that the county that waited until the last minute. You and your buddies need to figure out a new way to deflect your lack of planning because it looks like the county is now on to you.

      So now I am wondering Amanda, have you obtained permits for your sponsored events? Paddle of fame, etc?

      I don’t think anyone should blame Burkholder. He is providing news……not pet of the week, bonehead boater or any of that other useless crap.

      • Just to clarify, each time the Amanda you are referring to has posted, she has used her real name or news title–which says a lot compared to some who use aliases on here. I do not believe the Amanda posted above is the same one you are referring to.

        • You may be right Burk, but this has Amanda D’s greasy fingerprints all over it. I still think it’s her. No matter, my posts are directed at Amanda’s behavior in either case.

    • It’s called East County Today, not Oakley Today. He’s trying to make this an East County resource for the community. Like him or not, he at least is trying. You have choices, you don’t have to come look.

  7. The pro Discovery Bay posters are a perfect example of the ignorant, entitled, dolts that live there.

    Calling Burkholder names won’t change the fact your community is the joke of Contra Costa County.

  8. How come Burkholder is being attacked? The county sent the letters. Burkholder simply shared the letter and a couple of screen shots. Don’t shoot the messenger, shoot the event planners.

  9. The planners really screwed up, best thing to do is cancel and line up all the ducks in a row for next time. Giving the county the middle finger is not going to help Discovery Bay. All it achieves is ensuring a one and done event.

  10. note to the author, if the event hasn’t happened yet, they have not broken any rules. Sure, the county is clarifying, but it doesn’t mean they will actually be watching them as you claim. go pick on your crook of a city manager and leave the hard working people of discovery bay alone

    • I love discovery bay too, but people like Jim Mattison and Amanda give the community a bad name. They have no clue about process or regard for safety and rules. Their actions can not be defended and always end up costing the community it’s dignity. No wonder it’s called dis-functional bay. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things but these dolts always pick the wrong way. People like this are the problem in disco bay. I hope the county holds them responsible in the future.

  11. This article is bi-polar. It’s 100 percent correct but its also got 100% jerk written all over it. Did he really need to go attack farmers market over planning? Just go have fun, support local business and dont worry about it. Did all the rules be followed? Judging by the article, no, but who cares, the community benefits.

    • Johnny,

      Where food is involved, I am glad there is required oversight in the form of permits, notices and media. Burk and the county are doing their jobs. (I fail to see any attacks). The farmers are not to blame, the promoters are. Shouldn’t they know better if promoting events is what they do?

      The point of the article is about responsibility, not fun. If you want fun without consequence, travel outside of the U.S and enjoy some Montezuma’s revenge.
      Discovery bay planners appear to be too caught up in their own little world of fun and don’t care if their patrons get harmed in the process. Have you ever had food poisoning? It isn’t “fun”.

      I think I’ll stick to the Brentwood farmers market.

    • Only in clown town do people get upset when someone points out you should follow the rules. Weren’t you guys complaining about crime a few weeks ago? Crime is just people ignoring the rules. Guess that one doesn’t swing both ways for you.

      Amazing the Lions Club is putting their rep on the line here and ignoring the county letter. Two letters actually.

  12. The author is pointing out rules need to be followed. We don’t have to like the rules but they still must be followed which appear to not be the case. People won’t learn unless they receive a large enough fine.

  13. Do as I say, not as I do???? Aren’t these the same event organizers as the crime one encouraging people not to break the law? Unbelievable

    • In the Know,

      It always seems to be the same people that you are referring to out in DB that cause all the issues for them.

      Such a nice area. What a damn shame.

  14. Even our own Contra Costa County has its share of corrupt authoritarians in pubic office. These draconian regulations on businesses have gone too far and we are through with them. The county is trying its best to destroy our local economy. We must tell our elected public servants in the county that their regulations are hurting our local economy and our infrastructure and they must cease and desist immediately!

  15. I can’t believe some of the comments I’m reading on here by some of these soft, whipped, fake liberal trendies on here. (whiney voice)”They have rules fur a reason” “We may not like the rules but we have to follow them because were naive little sheeple who must obey our government masters”. WRONG! Don’t you understand that there is a reason why these people in office are called Public Servants? When are you going to grow a pair and realize that the more regulations they put on you the more they will put on you and the more restrictive they will be. These authoritarian measures by the county aren’t just hurting the farmers and local businesses, they’re hurting you and your family because you live in the community and are part of it.

  16. We have to keep by the rules. Everybody needs to be on the same page. If we are going to live where we play we must know who is in charge. Thank you Mike for helping us out and exposing those breaking the law.

  17. I keep reading these ridiculous talking points saying “rules need to be followed, rules need to be followed, rules need to be followed, blah blah blah”
    What if the rules are unjust, or even unconstitutional?
    What if the county decided to make a rule that everyone has to take their first born child to them to be sacrificed to help with over population? And don’t say I’m being ridiculous because that would never happen. Its happened before in nearly every culture all over the planet and those people probably said it would never happen either.
    Also don’t make the pathetic excuse that my example is not the same thing. It is exactly the same thing because the point is this; if we just lie down and accept any rule and obey regardless of how unjust the rule is, then we will be run over and violated by bad people in government positions. All you need to do is simply study history to understand this absolute fact. Its time to wake up and stop making excuses for government abuses because you’re to scared to stand up to your own public servants and put them back in their place!

    • Somebody forgot to renew their prescription.

      Anybody still wondering why I call it clown town? Anyone?

      • Looks like someone’s been taking too many prescriptions. I don’t even live anywhere near discovery bay and have no intention of visiting, but damn it, people need to stop being so spineless and get in these bureaucrats faces. This isn’t Nazi Germany or North Korea. People need to stop being so naive trying to make negative comments toward people who actually understand reality and live on the real world because it somehow makes themselves feel smart. Its pathetic.

          • And of course, the bashing isn’t complete without ECV getting his licks in.

        • Medium rare,

          ECV was just pointing out the obvious. You don’t have to like his approach. I doubt if he cares what you think. It’s a blog, get over it. He actually makes a lot of great points by telling it like it is and I like that.

          IMHO, That Joshua guy stripped a gear and blew a gasket.

          • He does make quite a lot of good points, and he is very knowledgeable of our community and what is going on. He and others here also use quite a lot of name calling, condescending speech, and vulgarities that add nothing but divisiveness to this site. Burke has the start of a really good thing here, now we just need to all agree to make our points without being nasty to each other. Agree or don’t agree with the arguments, discussions, and points people have, but, we’ll have a more positive effect on our community and create opportunities for change if we find things to agree on and how to make those changes in the community. If all we do is bicker and name call, we’ll all be guilty by association.

            I’ve found that I’m more open to listening to someone and possibly changing my point of view to match theirs if they at least give me the benefit of the doubt that I’m capable of understanding them, and they speak to me with courtesy and some modicum of respect. I have not seen too much of that here so far.

    • Josh,

      Rules are the very things that keep order in a civilized society. Its too bad you missed such a fundamental lesson growing up.

      Rules are not your enemy; ignorance and paranoid behavior are. You exhibited both throughout your post(s).

      It’s not too late to become educated.

      • You should all be thanking the county. Last year I took my wife to an unpermitted farmers market to buy tomatoes. There was 30 vendors and so it was crowded which annoyed me then she saw someone selling jewelry and spent our rent money now we are homeless and I have to post with Obama phone. Get a life. I’m taking my kids to the market unpermitted or not. I hope they don’t get sick.

      • ECV, its really sad that you have such a blind sense of obedience with no regard for ethics or self respect and you obviously have animosity for anyone who is truly educated and understands reality. You missed my entire point about rules. Sure, generally speaking, rule are developed for specific reasons, when they are just, but just because someone makes a rule doesn’t mean that rule is a good one. It is every decent law abiding citizens responsibility to challenge bad rules. Blindly obeying rules just because they are rules makes people naive, week minded and domesticated slaves. I hope you’ll one day become educated and strong enough to realize this.

        • I was holding it together up to the “understands reality” bit. Earlier you wrote:

          “The county is trying its best to destroy our local economy”

          Interesting take. From the conditionals in the letter, which would you say is the one most directed toward that supposed goal or is a bad rule?

    • @ Joshua

      What part of Blah, blah, blah don’t you understand? Which rules are “unconstitutional”?

      I nominate your post for most likely to land someone in a rubber room.

      Good luck with your one man revolt.

      • Its called giving an example, in case you’ve never heard of the term. I wasn’t claiming a specific rule regarding this discovery bay thing was unconstitutional. You may wake to re read my post a little more slowly. And, lol, one man revolt? Have even bothered reading any of the other posts on here or just mine? Clearly, the majority of people posting on here disagree with the county’s so called rules on this event. I recommend you stop drinking your city fluoridated water and stop getting your brain cell destroying mercury laden vaccines and educate yourself.

        • Joshua,

          I know exactly what it is called and it isn’t giving an example! It is creating an innuendo and is often used to purposely mislead people. Nice try.
          You then used another innuendo and went right down another known path. Someone else exposed it below as Godwins law and you stepped right in it ;

          Yeah, I called you a one man revolt. Mainly because you posted they same conspiracy rhetoric over and over, which separated you from the herd. Yes, I read the other posts and am wondering if you did. Did you have a problem with the math, comprehension or could you simply not figure out who was for and who was against? From my count the people agreeing with the County outnumbered those that wanted to argue the merits of the rules. You actually want to argue about rules that are meant to create a safe event?

          p.s. I love your closing with the fluoridated water and mercury laden vaccines routine. That tells me all I need to know about your intellect. Not an insult mind you, it’s just a reference about your state of mind.

  18. Yesterday I saw two kids selling lemonade in front of their house. These outlaws had no Idea they needed proper permits. There they were, actively working to subvert our civilized Nanny State. I’m not sure how many people were made ill or even killed by these subversives, but they were out there for several hours.

    Next time I see them I’ll call 911. Burke can pick the call up on the police scanner and hopefully get some pictures of these potential serial killers. I don’t have any sympathy for them after trying to educate them. And their parents were no better.

    We need a civilized society. As long as these young people are allowed to sell their concoction we are all at risk.

  19. There there big bro. I know it is hard for you and your stooges to understand what Josh is saying.
    Let me help you little weasels. He is saying we have let this happen to us by putting people with beliefs like you in office. Rules are important. Selective enforcement is not and another sample of the public servants gone bad as Josh calls them. They only apply rules to those who oppose their communist beliefs. Oh ya I meant four stooges. I forgot boneheadwood. You four sheep keep kissing ass and promoting communism while the economy and country fall. I will continue to support the constitution of the united states. Too many people fought and died for the constitution. I’m not going to throw it away in trade for my own personal gain. Now be good little sheep and wait to be slaughtered.

    • ECVsBro, you’ve stuck up for me before, and I appreciate it. I think though that to get the folks here that use pejorative angst at everyone to stop, and maybe embrace a positive community dialogue, you too should make an attempt to tear apart the weak arguments with your thoughts and facts instead of name calling. You’ve done it before, you know what you’re talking about. What do you say?

      • Medium Rare in East County,

        If you actually believe the individual that is posing as my brother “knows what he is talking about” or has made a single salient point, then you need your head examined. This individual is a know commodity in east county and is widely regarded as a kook.

        He has a colorful history of failure and is on the do not disturb list of many because of it. No one takes him seriously, so if you are looking for his support or vice versa, then your own personal credibly comes into question. Given enough time you might just figure it out.

        Now please stop trying to play referee on a site which you don’t own or operate.

        • I have no real idea if any of you really know what you’re talking about. But, I’m willing to listen to people, try to understand their point(s), and then provide my own response in a thoughtful manner without tearing them down and telling them they’re ignorant, stupid, insane et al. I don’t know his “colorful history” nor do I care. I don’t know yours either. And as far as I’m concerned, everyone should have a say. I just don’t get why it all has to be with a nastiness and derogatory tone that none of us would ever use if we had these discussions in person.
          It’s a crass society, and it’s getting more so every minute. Why not try and reverse the trend?
          Now, I try to read what you say, and understand your points. I think you say a lot of good and knowledgeable things, but, you also tear posters apart for no real good reason. All I can figure is it must make you feel better in some fashion.
          So, call it what you will, I will continue with as much effort as I can muster to try and be civil here, respect people regardless of what I think they know, and hopefully get people to turn this into a decent place to discuss the issues and learn more about my community. I’m a smart dude, but I must admit that I certainly could learn more here… but not if you and the others here only want to tear into me and others that don’t ascribe to a certain point of view.

    • You really should look up the definition of the word “communism” before looking any more foolish.

      China is a communist country. Does it appear to you to be overburdened by business regulation?

    • ECV’sbrother,

      You really should stop posting the same thing over and over and quit hiding behind constitutional (rights) you don’t even comprehend. It only serves to punctuate your stupidity. You have the intellect of a 3 year old….a “special needs” three year old. You make me laugh every time you make a tantric post devoid of any facts, and covered in the same old whiney rhetoric. It’s become your mantra.

      The people that fought for our right (something that you continue to wear on your sleeve) did not fight for your cross eyed interpretations. They fought for democracy and independence-not something you twist into your personal need. The democracy is inclusive of our government and its regulatory provisions, which is at the center of this topic.

      Based on your rants, it is crystal clear you have a hard time with world history, economics, reading comprehension, politics, public policy and even basic math. I won’t even go into your state of mind or psychology as you are to mentally weak to come to terms with yourself and it’s why you are in such deep denial and prone to little temper tantrums. We both know you have an unfavorable history with those.

      You spent way too much time on the back of the little bus licking the windows clean, perhaps it’s time to return to high school and pay attention this time around.

  20. what a perfect example of why I chose to reside outside this county and this state. where i now live we have a most excellent thursday afternoon farmers market that every other week even has a kids section where farm kids can come and sell their stuff (including prepared food), what a great learning experience. this has been going on for years with absolutely no problems.

    There are 3 recent and very important state rankings that have been published and that make this situation completely understandable. In each of the 3 rankings (business, competitiveness, freedom) CA never ranks above 40th. The local DB and CCC politicos exhibit the type of behaviors that have driven a great state into the gutter…..they are a perfect fit with what CA has become. It is a real shame.

    • Jeffrey,

      Thanks for your constant reminders that you have left the State and County. Now if there were only a way to get you off the planet we would all rejoice. You are a detriment to the human race.

      Why is it you constantly feel the need to tell us what a perfect life you lead? I can only concluded you are trying to convince yourself because you are not convincing anyone else. Utah? Really? I guess it’s a perfect place for someone with your untreated condition to reside.

      I am glad to hear that you continue to despise Contra costa county and the State of California, the people of both feel the same about you. Maybe you should return all of that profit you took while residing here. Actually just keep it with a promise to never return. You will be doing everyone a great favor. Consider it a “buy out”. You’re familiar with that right? That’s what people do when we want to get rid of a troll.

    • And you know for a fact that your local gig is operating without having done any pre-approvals?

      That was the only point. Maybe you missed it?

    • The problem I have always had with Jeff Barber besides him being a total jerk off was this…

      He is the kind of guy, when the boat starts taking on water, who jumps to save himself, damn the rest.

      This county, state, and country need more people willing to roll up their sleeves, grab a bucket, and start fighting the rising waters. No matter what anyone thinks, we rise or we fail, together, period.

      Jeff Barber always has an opinion, but has never put his shoulder to the wheel.

  21. I know what you mean Sandbar. Us perfect people in the Town of Discovery Bay are just too good for people like him. We should screen more home buyers to make sure they don’t think like Jeff Barber. I’m sure glad we got rid of his different opinion. Now we can stay safe and warm. It is so nice to be just another sheep in the flock waiting for the master to call on me to be sacrificed for the good of the hierarchy. The U.S. was founded on those principals. Heil Hitler !

  22. @wino,

    That is hysterical….and true! I laughed so hard my lazy eye actually straightened out for a brief moment. Thanks for the fix!

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