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Contra Costa Fire Captain Loses Home in Santa Rosa Fires, Fundraiser Started

by ECT

A fundraiser has been started for Contra Costa County Fire Captain Chris Christiansen and his family who have lost their home in Santa Rosa due to the fires.

According to Chief Jeff Carman, Captain Christiansen has worked for Contra Costa County Fire for almost 20-years and works at the department’s busiest fire house at Station 6 in the City of Concord.

“He is active in many of our District programs and is a strong firefighter,” said Carman. “He is overall a great guy.”

Vince Wells, President of the Unified Professional Firefighters of Contra Costa County, Local 1230, explained how Christiansen’s family had already been evacuated twice in the last several days out of the Santa Rosa area.

“His family was evacuated early in the morning with just the clothes on their backs. They later found out their house was burned to the ground with everything destroyed,” said Wells.

In response, some of the firefighters from Station 6 put together a plan to help the family out and in expanded from there.

“He lost everything, he is family to us and we are trying to help them with immediate needs which are not covered by insurance,” said Wells. “Chris would do this for us and he is part of our family so guys want to help the Christiansen family get back on their feet.”

Wells added that Christiansen is a humble man who has never asked for anything but in times like this they need to do what they can to help take care of one another.

Here is a copy of the text that was posted on the fundraiser page:

Please help raise money for Contra Costa County Fire Captain Chris Christiansen and family.

While on duty at St. 6 in Concord, CA, Chris received a phone call from his family in the middle of the night saying they had to evacuate their home in Santa Rosa.

Chris finished his shift, driving home the next morning, not knowing the fate of his family’s home until late Monday afternoon. The family and dogs are alive and well, and were able to evacuate to his mother-n-law’s home near by, but had to evacuate from there as well due to the expanding fires.

They are temporarily staying at a co-workers family’s home in Guerneville, but will soon need to find new shelter. This was a total loss! Their house and all personal belongings were destroyed in the fire. This family of four is in desperate need of money, your thoughts and prayers, and anything will help.

Please help us raise money for a selfless public servant and his family!

Thank you for your kind generosity!

For a direct link on how to donate, click here.

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