Contra Costa County Releases Wildfire Preparedness and Evacuation Guide

Press Release


Contra Costa County Fire Protection District and the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office today announced availability of an informative, 16-page online Contra Costa County Residents Guide to Wildfire Preparedness & Evacuation designed to help County residents prepare for the possibility of wildfires and other emergencies.

Included information is intended to provide residents with an overview of the steps they can take to prepare themselves, their families and neighbors should an evacuation become necessary. While focused on wildfires, the information provided is also valuable for preparing for other emergencies including earthquakes and public safety power shutdowns.

“Fully two-thirds of the county is in some form of fire hazard severity zone; the risk of catastrophic wildfires is no less here than in our neighboring counties,” said Contra Costa County Fire Protection District Fire Chief Lewis Broschard. “This guide will help every citizen prepare today to protect themselves, their family and neighbors from the wildfire that could come tomorrow.”

“The Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff Office of Emergency Services recognizes that a wildland fire or other major disaster presents a heightened concern for the citizens of Contra Costa County,” said Sheriff David Livingston. “This preparedness guide, created with our partners at Contra Costa County Fire Protection District, is part of a community approach towards disaster preparedness and should help our citizens when preparing for a major fire event or any other disaster in our community.”

Wildfires can occur here where as much as two-thirds of the county is at heightened risk for wildfires and other emergencies. Over the past few years, California has experienced a dramatic rise in the number and severity of wildland fires. Fires have ravaged wildland-urban interface areas taking lives, destroying homes and obliterating infrastructure. Six of the 20 largest fires in California’s history have burned in the last five years and 10 of California’s most destructive wildfires have occurred since 2015.

To download the PDF Guide, click here.

For more information on protecting homes, businesses and people from wildfires in Contra Costa County, as well as for evacuation planning, visit or