Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff To Update Uniforms


Contra Costa Sheriff Uniforms

Contra Costa County Sheriff David O. Livingston has approved a change in uniform for the Office of the Sheriff. The Office has now begun the transition from traditional tan colored uniforms to a more contemporary black color.

Part of the reason for the change is cost-savings for staff. The tan uniform is a specific dye color that is unique and difficult to obtain. By comparison, the black uniform will be more widely available and less expensive in the long run.

“We asked the uniformed personnel for feedback on the new uniform,” said Sheriff David O. Livingston. “Nearly 70% of them approved of the change. And after a year long process of searching for a new uniform, and then testing it in the field, we’ve come up with a uniform that is high quality, professional in appearance, and easy to obtain.”

The uniform change will be accomplished with no impact on the taxpayers. Deputy Sheriffs and other uniformed personnel receive a monthly uniform allowance and are required to pay for their own uniforms.

The transition will take several months. Staff could begin to wear the new uniforms on January 1, 2014. All uniformed personnel will be required to transition into the new uniforms by July 1, 2014.

This information was provided by Jimmy Lee, Director of Public Affairs Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff


  1. I like the old uniforms. The tan has more of a unique country presence. Many county Sheriffs Departments have tan as a standard. The color also separates the department from City PDs. At least they are not going to a more military style uniform. Military style is not public friendly and portrays the officers as excessively forceful. I disagree that there will be no cost or impact to the taxpayers.

    • This is on of the most important post I have read lately . Thanks
      But it will not stop the militarization of our police departments. Just look at the latest vehicle apd has in their yard. There is zero community policing, just plain show of force. I would like to know at least beat officer by name, see him/ her in my area, exchange some words. I may just get old

  2. Seems like a lot of the Sheriffs Depts. are transitioning from the standard Tan and Greens to just the black. Stanislaus County already did so a couple years back and was looking to go back to Tan and Green this year but it was voted down. However, they changed from 511 uniforms to another brand and now all the deputies had to buy new black ones and can not wear their current 511 black uniforms. Waste of money for the officers.

  3. Looks great!

    Sheriff Livingston is making huge progress within the department.

    Too many years of oversight by Warren Rupf took the department to the lowest of lows. I have seen nothing but positive from Sheriff David Livingston’s command.

    Keep it up Sheriff.

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