Congressman McNerney Launches Website in Hopes of Helping Constituents


In an attempt to be more helpful to his constituents, Congressman Jerry McNerney (D-Stockton) has re-launched his website in hopes it will provide a wealth of information to the 9th District and beyond.

“My highest priority as a Congressman is to serve the needs of the people in my district.  The new website highlights the various services I and my office can offer and includes a wealth of other resources and information for a wide range of people, from the agricultural community to students looking for help with financial aid,” said Congressman McNerney.

McNerney explained that he likes the “resources” and “service” aspects of the site which are the major updates to the website—in looking at these features, it offers a drop down menu with lots of choices and information.

For example, under services, you can ask for help with a “Federal Agency”. It them provides information on how to go about the process, or you can fill out an “authorization form” to streamline the process with the help of the Congressman’s office.

Under resources, it provides links for topics such as farmers, military, grants and much more.

“The resources and constituent services aspects are the newest features, as well as the new media inset on the home page, allowing the people I represent easy access to multiple avenues to stay in touch with me and get regular updates on my work,” said McNerney.

When asked about what excites him most about the re-launch, it wasn’t about the site itself, but rather about better helping his constituents and making it easier on them.

“I am most excited that we will reach more people through the new website.  After over six years in office, hearing about how I and my staff have been able to assist people with some of their challenges, such as receiving veterans’ benefits they are owed, having a direct connection for these folks is a big priority for me,” explained McNerney.  “I am also excited to continue engaging and hearing what the people of California’s Ninth District are thinking and encourages them to stay engaged and share their thoughts.”

The view the website, click here or onto the image

McNerney Website