Congressman DeSaulnier to Host Immigration Town Hall in Concord

Press Release


Walnut Creek, CA – Congressman Mark DeSaulnier (CA-11) announced that he will host an Immigration Town Hall on August 22nd at 6:30 p.m. at Meadow Homes Elementary School in Concord.

This is the second in a series of town halls Congressman DeSaulnier is hosting on immigration. During the town hall, Mark will provide a firsthand account of what he witnessed at detention facilities on his two visits to the southern border and discuss the work he is doing in Congress to protect immigrant rights and ensure detainees are treated with the dignity they deserve.

He will also discuss the Administration’s attacks on immigrant communities including its changes to asylum law, fight to put a citizenship question in the Census, and recently launched raids.

A variety of organizations will be on hand to provide legal resources, services, and information about protecting your rights—regardless of immigration status. Translation services will be available during the event.

This will be Congressman DeSaulnier’s 89th town hall and mobile district office hour since coming to Congress four years ago.


Immigration Town Hall
Thursday, August 22nd
6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Meadow Homes Elementary School
1371 Detroit Ave
Concord, CA 94520

Doors open at 6:00 p.m. 

This event is open to the public, press, and photographers.

To confirm your attendance, please RSVP online at or call 925-933-2660. To request ADA accommodations or for more information contact one of Congressman DeSaulnier’s offices in either Walnut Creek or Richmond.


  1. What they won’t do for a vote, they’re running out of dead people to choose from, so now they are concentrating on South America, Pelosi was visiting South America now what businesses does she have there ???? The democrats have become our number one enemy and are trying to destroy America from with in.

    • Well, Clinton started destroying America, then came Obama and continued doing so in hope of finishing it off once-and-for all. We stopped Obama! Hillary wanted to get into finish the job, but SOMETHING HAPPENED! She didn’t make and President Trump stepped in and saved whatever was left of our glorious country!

  2. I have no problem with immigrants coming here LEGALLY ……. and from the RIGHT COUNTRIES…….. mainly EUROPEAN COUNTRIES! This is how our Founding Fathers decreed it should be. Immigrants should be highly educated and contribute positively and not by just picking fruit and doing roofing jobs.

    If we are going to let in more immigrants, they should be the ones with degrees in the sciences, medicine, engineering and technology (NO MORE FROM INDIA!)

    • I agree! This country is beginning to look like Tijuana or the favelas of Brazil. The country was founded by Europeans for EUROPEANS!

  3. “Immigrant rights?” Where did he come up with that? DeSaulnier doesn’t understand what an ASYLUM entails. The caravaners never even HEARD that term until they were coached (some poorly) by the crazy leftists who started this movement. Detainees? Who are trying to get in here illegally … thinking using the term “asylum” will make them legal? He wants the illegals treated with “the dignity they DESERVE?” The man has lost his marbles!

    I commend ICE for raiding the illegal immigrant communities! This should have been done decades ago. The bottom line is that “illegals have no rights!” Isn’t DeSaulnier familiar with the term “illegal?”

  4. Hopefully several hundred illegal immigrants will show up for the townhall because this would be the perfect setup for a ICE raid and the amazing irony is a liberal idiot of a Democratic Party made it happen!!!! Wouldn’t that be a great headline 😂

  5. Hopefully several hundred illegal immigrants will show up for the townhall because this would be the perfect setup for a ICE raid and the amazing irony is a liberal idiot of a Democratic Party made it happen!!!! Wouldn’t that be a great headline.

    • I’m going to get the direct line for ICE and make sure they know about this meeting, but they probably already do.

      I would LOVE to see ICE buses lined up ready to haul the illegals out of here.

    • Our congressman should be showing concern for AMERICANS .. legal residents! Not some ragged pestilence from Third World countries! What has our congressman done for the homeless people here? The ragged illegals are given a place to sleep, clothing, food, medical care . . something our homeless is NOT getting!

      Those countries are not going through any wars. No wars in Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador. etc. Economic hardships are NOT a reason to grant an asylum. It is granted to people who are victims of human trafficking and they have to prove it first.

      Also, if you want asylum, you go the country CLOSEST to your own and seek it. You don’t skip over three countries.

      • I agree 100%, Martin! The good congressman’s priorities are off-the-mark! We are being overrun with people who have no skills and the jobs they want will be performed by ROBOTS very soon. It’s already happening. We need highly-educated legal immigrants.

  6. What part of ILLEGAL dont they get. All these people trying to come into the country the right way should be putting up a fight and rally against the illegal migration. Do it the right way!!! Btw why does none of the news agencies ever talk about all the raids and deportations under obamas watch? Oh we must’ve forgotten about that. All these policies have been in affect way before trump do some reading

  7. Bringing illegals here is big business for Catholic Charities, Lutheran Charities and Baptist Family Services.
    Catholic Charities alone had revenues of $4.7 billion, $2.9 billion of which came from the US government.

  8. Pandering to the minority vote is pretty much one for the par. combining that with flooding our neighborhood was dangerous illegal aliens and working hard to dismantle the Second amendment.

    That’s all about the politicians here in this state.

  9. I was under the impression that the good congressman was elected to represent his constituency and not foreign invaders! Am I wrong?

    • You’re absolutely correct! Why is this man suddenly so concerned about these people who are not really “immigrants?” An “immigrant” goes through the process of applying to enter another country by submitted the proper paperwork and records to the appropriate authorities.

  10. Why, oh why do you people keep voting this socialist DeSaulnier in?

    He has done nothing for the citizens of this state and didn’t for this county either. Another self serving career politician. Geesh.

    • True! And now he is spending time and effort to do something for people who are not even permanent residents (Green Card) let alone citizens while doing nothing for those who are citizens of this country and living in his district.

      If he’s so concerned about their welfare, why didn’t he help stop their caravans? Those people were told NOT to start heading for this country in the first place. They were specifically told not to come NOR bring their children here. This is an INVASION but as luck would have it VERY FEW are eligible for asylum. Claiming economic hardship is not a reason for granting asylum.

  11. I just might show up there and raise some bloody hell! I bet he’s going to do the old “song and dance” saying that America is a country of immigrants. Well, EVERY country is a country of immigrants! These caravaners don’t even fit the definition of “immigrants.”

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