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CONFIRE: June Productivity Report

by ECT

Since CONFIRE is positively impacting East County and providing some nice assists, I wanted to share the June monthly report for CONFIRE.  In July, it was reported by ECCFPD that  CONFIRE had sent a total of 64-engines to East County last while for the first six months of the year, ECCFPD has received auto aid from CONFIRE 155 times with 201 units.

According to CONFIRES June report, here are the numbers:

Emergency Responses

  • EMS: 2,316
  • Structure Fires: 52
  • Other: 1,200
  • Total for month: 3,568
  • Total for Year: 21,325
  • Average Response Time: 06:36 m/s

CONFIRE has a total of 84-firefighters to cover 300-square miles. When you compare these numbers to East County, we have just 3 stations with 9-firefighters covering 250-square miles.  Our response times jumped from 6:36 (June) to 7:10 (July).

Personally speaking, given the cuts in East County, our guys did a  fabulous job in July because common sense says our response times should be higher but they are working hard to protect us.

I would urge citizens serviced by CONFIRE to pay attention to East County because after our Measure failed, response times have now been proven to go up when it was claimed a scare tactic by certain people and organizations. With 7-10 potential stations closing next year, you may soon have our same fate. The difference is CONFIRES call volume is a lot higher (3,568 to our 544) which means you are at greater risk.

For East County, should their measure fail, kiss goodbye to those additional engines we currently enjoy as needed.

To read CONFIRES full monthly report, please click here

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IgnoranceIsBliss Aug 5, 2012 - 6:04 pm

What you really need to pay attention to is that EMS number compared to fire calls. CONFIRE would not have to ask for a parcel tax if they change their service model to not respond to fire and focus on fire. Let AMR service medical.

Way to twist the numbers Burke

tom Aug 5, 2012 - 10:29 pm

AMR cant handle all medicals by themselves, educate yourself on the subject. Go on a ride along. Get a friend and try and move a limp 350 pound person down a flight of stairs safely.

Bob Aug 6, 2012 - 8:05 am

Are you kidding? Did you just grab a CoCoTax talking point and forget to ask yourself if it even made sense?

Whether engines respond to medicals or not, they are still in station and still staffed and still paid for. The only savings potential comes from fuel and maintenance costs savings. Which according to one manufacturer’s estimate amounts to about $45k per engine. That is not going to fill a $14.3M budget deficit.

If you have actual NUMBERS which you are harping on that state or clearly show anything different, please do post them. Executive Director Kris Hunt insists she’s a finance expert. She was the first to float this insane and deadly idea. But have you ever seen her post a spreadsheet to list these supposed cost savings? Ever?

AMR themselves have stated they cannot handle the medicals on their own. They have also stated multiple times they are not a cheaper alternative. The belief that private sector is automatically cheaper or better than public sector delivery of services is a flat out lie.

You folks need to read the full set of information being put out there, not just the propaganda from the CCTPA.

This ballot measure is not about reinventing the fire department. It’s not about pension reform. You can have those discussions and ballot initiatives on those issues separately if you want to put the effort forward to do so. This measure is asking the voters if they want to maintain existing service levels and response times. “Yes” will give that result. “No” means station closures and increases in response. times.

It’s that simple. That’s the only question on the ballot.

Increased response times will lead to increased loss of life and property. That is already playing out in ECCFPD. If you feel your misplaced and poorly informed ideological rant to save $75 is more important than human lives, then so be it.

JimSimmons42 Aug 5, 2012 - 6:05 pm

I find it insane that CONFIRE has 84 firefighters for 300 miles while ECCFPD has 9 for 250. That needs to be fixed. Technically, 84 firefighters were covering more miles because they were in East County a lot :)–

Bobby Lott Aug 5, 2012 - 6:45 pm

Burke is a cheerleader for fire and its time to get him an outfit to match his love of these guys. He is so biased its not even funny. If they would just do pension reform and be honest about their pay and unfunded liability, we could then worry about service. Until they get their financial house of cards in order, no support here.

Bob Aug 6, 2012 - 8:17 am

If you watched the televised proceedings of last week’s meeting, then you would know that a new contract proposal with ConFire is going to be on the table within a matter of weeks. Perhaps even this month.

That is going to remove your argument about pension reform.

But meaningful cost savings from those reforms will not be seen for a decade, at least. Just like the pension issue did not manifest itself overnight. Neither does any solution.

So are you saying you withhold support for 10 years minimum? I’m asking because this is a common talking point used by the opposition and I’d like to better understand what people mean by it. To date, few if any have been able to completely verbalize it.

EastCountyReader Aug 6, 2012 - 9:41 pm

@ Bobby Lott-

These fire taxes are all about replacement of lost revenue, due to your property taxes being DECREASED over the last few years-they have nothing to do with pensions. Don’t let the CCTPA confuse you-because after all, the only way they can get you to vote down a safety measure is with smoke and mirrors.

They are counting on their own scare tactics and voter confusion. Most people don’t have a clue about unfunded liability. You better worry about services because very soon, reality is going to hit.

If you think you are sending a message then you are only fooling yourself. It is simple; vote no and you will get less service and slower response times. Not very smart is it.

p.s. Burk, thanks for staying on top of this issue and all of the others… We need more cheerleaders when it comes to good journalism and posting of factual info.

RichardS Aug 6, 2012 - 8:53 am

Lol! “IgnoranceIsBliss”….What an appropriate screen name. Ignorance may be blissful(to you), but just remember that in a court of law, ignorance is NOT a valid argument. Court is in session my friend. Do your homework and know the fact, please! Twist what numbers? These numbers are accurate…and only going to get worse…way worse if this measure fails. If ConFire has to close 7-10 stations, ECCCFPD and it’s community can expect zilch, nada, nothing from ConFire. ECCCFPD is being significantly bailed out by ConFire at this time. You people out east will really be getting what you pay for come next year if this fails. Why would they send anything out that way without reciprocation AND the it’s own obligation to protect it’s communities? This isn’t about pension reform; this is about keeping a certain level of service. Tax assessments are down. That means the taxpayer has more money to spend(in theory). That also means these FDs have less revenue. This will not fix over night. I guess it might if ya just stick your head in the sand and maybe it’ll blissfully just disappear.

JimSimmons42 Aug 6, 2012 - 10:07 am

I love when people use fake names and claim they are more intelligent than others. If you provide facts, put your name next to it.

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