Committee Set to Discuss Future of Discovery Bay Community Center


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The Town of Discovery Bay Community Center Committee has quite the agenda this Wednesday where they will tackle the issue of what to do in the near future with the Community Center.

Originally purchased in February for $810k, Discovery Bay has been performing maintenance and rehabilitation of the building and grounds.

  • Parking lot water leak has been repaired and damaged sections of the lot repaved
  • Grounds have been upgraded, trees trimmed, and the pool has been renovated.
  • Building has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
  • At this time, the interior of the building is in relatively good condition with the exception of the floor in the exercise room that needs to be removed.
  • Other minor repairs to the floors throughout the building also need to be addressed, amongst other minor items.
    • The exterior of the building is in poor overall condition.
    • If the building remains in its current configuration into the foreseeable future, the building will require replacing certain portions of the siding and a new coat of paint.
    • The roof, while in generally poor condition, is a 50 year roof and is nearing the end of its functional life expectancy. If the building were to remain and continue to operate into the long term (5-7 years), a new roof will be necessary within that planning horizon.

Editors note: not mentioned in the report was the cost for fixing the pool which was supposed to open in May but did not open until August.

On Wednesday, the Community Center Committee will revisit six-options from a $30,000 fix to a complete tear down and rebuild.

With the exception of Option #6, the following Options have either been discussed at Community Center Committee meetings or directly with the Community Center Subcommittee consisting of Vice President Graves and Director Steele. Option #6 was presented to staff as an additional Option. Options that have been presented to the Committee are denoted by an asterisk (*).

Option #1*:
In May 2013 with the pending closure of the athletic component of the Community Center set for June 30, 2013, staff presented to the Committee (and subsequently the Board as a part of the FY 2013-14 Budget process) a facility renovation proposal that consisted primarily of the complete renovation of the Community Center building. Included as a part of that renovation was the relocation of walls and bathrooms, a new roof and exterior upgrades to the building itself. Estimated at approximately $552,000.00, the facility would be available for use into the foreseeable future and beyond. Funding would be used from a number of sources, including Zone 8, funds on deposit for the Community Center itself, and possible grant funds

Option #2*:
Lee & Jagoe Architects presented a concept at the meeting of June 26, 2013 that would result in the demolition of the existing building and the construction of a new steel framed building that could be expanded into the future. Funding could be derived from the Hofmann Company, grants, Zone 8 and funds on deposit for the Community Center. This initial phase of the building would result in the construction of a 6500 square feet Community Center. Cost TBD

Option #3:
Similar to Option #2, this option would construct future TODB District offices. However, the offices would be leased/rented to Zone 8 (based upon a fully enforceable lease agreement with market terms and conditions). The Community Center function would remain in those facilities until such time as long term funding has been identified for the eventual site build out. Once that occurs, the TODB would relocate their District office to that location. Funding would come from the Town of Discovery Bay water and wastewater fund as those facilities would become the home for the District and all business functions would take place from that location. Cost TBD

Option #4:
Similar to Option #3, the TODB would construct TODB offices and relocate to that location. The Community Center function would continue to operate, but on a limited basis. Funding would come from the Town of Discovery Bay Water and Wastewater Fund as the site would be the home for the District and all business functions would take place from  that location. Cost TBD.

Option #5*:
This option was presented at the most recent Community Center Committee meeting on September 10, 2013. This option calls for the basic renovation of the existing facility, paint of the front facade, the installation of walls to create up to two additional offices, the removal of the exercise flooring in the exercise room, and the purchase of tables, chairs, and basic equipment to conduct a minimum level of programming and rental opportunities. This is estimated to be approximately $15,000.00 to $20,000.00 and could be accomplished relatively soon. This option would meet the short term goal of adding programming, relocating parks and landscape staff to the site providing a day-time presence, and the ability to have a functional Community Center at a nominal cost while long term site and facility options are vetted.

Option #6
This Option would demolish the building itself, taking particular care to preserve the concrete base slab, allowing for the reconstruction of a new building utilizing the current buildings footprint. Preliminary cost estimates place this option at approximately $725,000.00.In order for the TODB to fully implement a traditional Community Center with programming for all ages and interests, a long term community supported funding source must be identified. In the interim, staff is continuing to work with available resources and remains persistent and committed to encouraging Community Center uses.

Staff is suggesting they aApprove Option Number 5 and allocate $30,000 to facilitate a January 1, 2013 Community Center Opening

Other Agenda Tidbits:

  • Staff is seeking input on site usage which would require tables and chairs be purchased for organizations to rent rooms out for meetings or other activities. A rental fee would then need to be created.
  • Community Center Five-Year Financial Forecast for FY 2014/15 through FY 2018/19 was not available at the time the agenda came out, but will be made available before the meeting to the public.
  • Discuss the idea of moving forward with a Recreation Program and Newsletter estimated at $5,214.60 which will create 5,600 copies to be distributed to Discovery Bay. The winning bid did not include
  • The Committee went out and received three bids from local contractors to replace gravel in the walkway by the main gate and replace it with concrete. Wayne E. Swisher Cement Contractor Inc. submitted the lowest bid at $5,250. JW Backoe & Construction was next at $11,400. The third bid was not included.  The winning bid did not include in its cost demolition, miscellaneous, iron, engineer staking, testing and permits.

Full Agenda


  1. Classic! Why not put another coat of paint on the structure and the tear it down to build new offices? So far they have closed it down and fixed it up. Clearly time to tear it down and rebuild it…

    Budget not available….c’mon, what’s with the secrecy? If other not compete well prior to agenda prep then postpone the topic until EVERYONE is provided a reasonable chance to review it. Typical government trick.

    What’s not mentioned is the complete lack of legal funding source for the rec center. So far all that has been accomplished is closing the pool for the summer; if the town didn’t buy the Athletic club it would still be open for anyone who wanted to join for $40 a month…pool,lit tennis courts and gym.

    This is more about new offices for staff than anything else. Unnecessary…….

    How did running did their last plan to run the Club work out for the town? No expertise equal maximum failure. Two questions should be asked. 1) what has been unexpected? 2) why did we not anticipate the unexpected?

    Look for option 5, with follow up costs when we find the slab is faulty. And that 1/1/2013 opening date…..well, they are already ten months late. Can’t even guess if that typo s/b 2014 or 2015.

  2. These Bobs and Daves will surely go for #6 because that’s the way they play when its not their money. They might go for all of them in order because that’s the most expensive way. Just sayin

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