Antioch Police Arrest Two After Verbal Argument on Sycamore Drive


Sycamore Oct. 21

At roughly 3:00 pm, Antioch Police units responded to a verbal argument on Sycamore Drive where it was reported one of the suspects had a gun.

Upon police arrival, officers detained several subjects and ultimately made two arrests. One of the subjects was arrested for drugs and the other on a warrant according to Lieutenant T. Brooks.

During the incident, police had several stories they were trying to sort from including trying to track down a vehicle with two males who left the scene which potentially had the gun. Around 3:20, that vehicle was taken at gun point by police.

There was also a young infant impacted by the incident where police had to wait for the child’s  mother to pick up. Child Protective Services was not notified according to Lt. Brooks.

Police were unable to locate a gun during a search around the area of the incident. The incident caused a portion of Sycamore Drive to be blocked off.

Photo provided by Sara Naye


  1. APD more than likely prevented another homicide here. Great job! The law abiding citizens appreciate your hard work and saving our lives.

  2. So glad we moved away from Antioch and the Bay Area to a quieter, safer area. This is what happens when “hood rats” move to what was once a great community. Of course you liberal minded Democrats would disagree. Keep them black, stupid and dependent on the government and you control them.

    Happy to be black and a Republican!!!!!!!

  3. Hello Gary “keeping them black, stupid and dependent on the government and you control them” has not worked in all the years government has tried it.

    Terminating the ability for them to be dependent is what we need to do. Cut all welfare unless they are elderly or have medical problems other than drugs and obesity.

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