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Closure of Rivers and Sloughs Expands in San Joaquin County

by ECT

On Saturday, the San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services closed a series of rivers and sloughs that impacted San Joaquin County. The closures impact parts of Discovery Bay due to continuing high water levels.

According to the alert, several additional smaller waterways are now closed to recreational boating.

Those rivers and sloughs are generally among the delta islands south and west of Stockton. Please check the attached map for exact locations.

The areas surrounded in yellow are the new closures. The pink lines represent the parts of the San Joaquin River closed earlier in the week.

The purpose of the closures is to keep recreational boating away from emergency crews that could be dealing with flooding or levee breaks. The closures are also meant to reduce wave action against levees, the risk of injury or death if levee breaches occur and interference if emergency crews are needed.

The closures DO NOT impact public safety responders, levee maintenance agencies, or repair and flood-fight responders. This order remains in effect until terminated by the Director of Emergency Services.

Earlier in the week, they closed the following:


  • The San Joaquin River between the Stanislaus County line and Burns Cutoff, near the Port of  Stockton.
  • Paradise Cut from the San Joaquin River to Old River.
  • Old River, from the San Joaquin River to Middle River.

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