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Citing Community Benefits, Brentwood Police Officers Endorse Measure L

by ECT

The Brentwood Police Officers Association is officially backing Measure L citing the benefits it will provide to the City of Brentwood if passed by voters.

POA president Aaron Peachman said Wednesday that the land is going to be developed by someone and that the question is will it be the City of Brentwood or the City of Antioch.

If approved, Measure L would annex 815 acres and with 555 acres for 2,400 homes which 80% is for senior housing, 225 acres would be permanently designated open space and could include agriculture and associated facilities. It is also expected to bring in $200 million in one-time building permit revenue, along with annual property tax and sales tax revenues. It will also provide road improvements on Balfour Road and American Avenue while providing the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District with $11 million.

“When you have a motivated property owner or developer, that is not going to stop the land from being build on. If you think a no vote on Measure L is going to stop development, you are mistaken,” said Peachman. “We do much better as a city in the long run by maintaining that land as Brentwood and reaping all the benefits rather than letting another city come in and take it.”

Peachman cited reasons their board approved backing the measure was due to the safety impact Measure L provides from road improvements to fire service.

“There were a couple of factors why we are supporting Measure L which is the infrastructure improvements this project brings from a public safety standpoint. The roadways are a big deal, you are talking about roads that have had pretty nasty accidents on them and they impact our residents. If we can do things to fix that, that is going to improve the safety of all our residents,” explained Peachman.

“The economic growth side is also a pretty important factor. Brentwood is a growth-based city and economy.  If we stall out on our growth, we are stalling our funding which impact city services including the police department. That impacts our quality of life. Those are pretty crucial to the health of Brentwood”.

Peachman acknowledged he understood the concerns residents may have over urban sprawl but said that a “no” vote did not prevent future building.

“It doesn’t stop it. It hands the sprawl to another jurisdiction, being Antioch, and long term that is not beneficial to Brentwood or our police officers,” said Peachman.

Peachman explained that because project is being built out over 20-years, it will allow the police department to grow as the community grows. He also doesn’t anticipate as heavy of an increase in calls for service because this is a planned active living community of residents 55 and older.

“This type of residential building is what a city should want because it is less of a draw on our services because residents are older as opposed to higher density development where anyone can live,” stated Peachman. “The draw will not be as substantial on our officers as some in the community are claiming.”

Peachman also disputed claims that the Brentwood POA is being bought off for support.

“We have not received any compensation for this and there is nothing to be said for that. That claim is misplaced and a non-issue,” said Peachman. “It’s going to be developed by someone, so it would be best if Brentwood retains control of the development and reap the financial benefits rather than handing it over to another city. This is not meant to be an anti-Antioch thing, its simply about Brentwood future health because it can’t be ignored someone will benefit, its silly not to have it be Brentwood when we are given the first opportunity.”

The Brentwood POA is expected to release more information in the coming days about why they are supporting Measure L.

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Ken Oct 16, 2019 - 5:48 pm

Good for Brentwood PD, they would know the crime impact more than anyone. Everyone else is just using scare tactics and sky is falling nonsense. Thank you BPOA

Kim Smith Oct 16, 2019 - 6:01 pm

I’ve seen the crazy comments on Facebook and people are out of control. I trust our cops to do the right thing and do what is best for Brentwood. Thank you for taking a big picture approach to measure L versus some people being selfish not wanting to obstruct their view from their backyards.

Antonio Xavier Oct 16, 2019 - 9:45 pm

Disgusting that the police association is using the prisoner’s dilemma to scare the Brentwood citizens into action before Antioch can “potentially” act.

You are wading into a hot topic and willingly helping to spread fear as the reason to vote among the citizens you are sworn to protect and who hold you in high regard.

Your endorsement should have been limited to the merits of the project itself.

Robert J. Oct 17, 2019 - 9:08 am

Already voted absentee ballot. A big fat NO vote from me and my household. I am beyond tired of all the houses going up in Brentwood. I’m tired of sitting at lights for 2 or more cycles because all the cars can’t through in one. I’m tire of it taking 30 minutes or more to pick up my kids from school that is less than a half mile from my house. I’m tired of sitting in traffic on the bypass trying to come back into Brentwood. It’s out of control and needs to stop. And yea, if the poster above thinks this is about obstructing views, you sir are highly misinformed.

Thanks for the input .... Oct 17, 2019 - 2:58 pm

The cops support it because it gives them money. Most of them dont live here.

Sad Sad State Oct 17, 2019 - 9:09 pm

Peachman, open your eyes and be realistic. You won’t be getting any additional help “additional officers” to support the new development. Your City, like the rest is bursting at the seems because of politics and money. This is what it boils down to isn’t it? You won’t see any help from this, just more calls for service with the same troops. It will cause morale to slip away as well, give it time. Give it to Antioch and do what you do in the Lonetree corridor to keep the sh!theads away. NO VOTE!

Dirty Harry Oct 17, 2019 - 10:07 pm

This is Bull! The Big Money behind “L” will stop at nothing to get this passed. Residence of Brentwood, Don’t fall for it. Antioch can not and will not take that land if “L” doesn’t pass. Passing “L” will just bring more crime to our city. Balfour Rd, The Bypass, Vasco cannot handle any more traffic because they were not built out correctly for future growth. Have you noticed when you drive around our town, only the big empty lots or in front of big business have Vote Yes on “L” signs. All the residence have Vote No on “L” signs in their front yards. Blackhawk/Nunn tried this same project several years ago, and the smart residence of Brentwood shot it down. Once again, I urge the residence of Brentwood to VOTE NO ON “L”.

Kathy Griffin Oct 18, 2019 - 9:36 am

Our own Brentwood PD should not have endorsed Measure L. The development itself causes the need to hire 4 new Police Officers and 1 Administrative Clerk. You have to remember although this development is intended to bring in $3 million dollars annually, it will cost the City $2 million, including the salaries, benefits and pensions for this Police personnel – that’s only a net gain of $1 million a year and what do we get? 20 years of construction causing mayhem, torn up roads, dangerous construction trucks and equipment passing our kids trying to get to those 2 schools, noise beyond reasonable levels – you name it. The thing is this is not the right plan for that parcel – it’s too big, it’s too invasive. Are you telling me that if we reject this plan, the developers won’t come back with a more responsible plan? How about we partner with our OWN City management who by the way, are poised to present a voter initiative in the near future guiding our Community Buildout Plan. Our Plan: 583 ranchette estates and very low density housing, and our plan has Hillcrest completed through the parcel ending on Balfour Road where the American Avenue loop will also intersect WITH IT. Wow, what a concept – better circulation for the area. This Project gates Hillcrest at the northern end, thereby still sending hundreds of cars through Shadow Lakes every single day! It’s common sense – Vote No on Measure L for a better plan, Brentwood’s plan not GBN Partners.

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