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CHP – Searching for Jacks Match

by ECT

Jack Yankee of Sonoma has a rare auto immune disorder, there are only 30 other cases in the world. Jack’s best hope for a cure is a bone marrow transplant. He hasn’t found a suitable donor as of yet; however, there is still hope one will be found. Could it be you or someone you shared this with?

CHP Officers from the Napa and Contra Costa areas joined the marrow donor registry recently at “Be The Match” in honor of Jack.

The mission of “Be The Match” is to save lives by delivering cures to people diagnosed with life-threatening blood cancers through marrow transplants. They are able to accomplish this noble cause that helps more than 14,000 patients through active partnerships and dedicated volunteers. To find out more about “Be The Match” go to https://join.bethematch.org/teamjack

Information provided by CHP-Contra Costa

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