CHP Highlights Arrest After Driver Gets 113-MPH Ticket on Highway 4


The California Highway Patrol took to social media Tuesday morning after a pretty incredible arrest where they nabbed a driver going 113-mph down Highway 4.

The 113-mph was in a 65-mph zone. Even more stunning, the driver also had no drivers license or insurance.

Here is what CHP Posted:

INSTANT KARMA in the A.M. HWY-4, 113MPH, no license, no insurance. “But,..but officer, I was just trying to get home.” We don’t want to hear your excuses. RESULT = Ticket for all 3 violations & Car Jail. Car, meet tow truck. Driver, sign here

We will stick to CHP with this one, another example of a careless Highway 4 driver putting other peoples lives in danger.

Editors Note: yes, this was a bit editorializing, but Highway 4 has become a danger zone. 


  1. CHP, please continue to catch these people! HWY 4 has become a public safety hazard and needs to be heavily patrolled. I see unbelievably reckless driving along there every single time I drive.

    • I no longer drive on Hwy 4! I figure out a route where I won’t go near it to reach work in Walnut Creek. Highway 4 is just way too dangerous. Of course, there are traffic mishaps elsewhere, but nothing compared to what occurs on Hwy 4 …. in either direction. My friends and I will inundate the CHP offices with phone calls and also calls and emails to our assemblyman and state senator. This has to be dealt with!

    • That is a good way to go, especially if you want to die from flying off a mountain. What a dumbass, Vasco is the most dangerous road around here. Hahaha than go get into 580 traffic?!?!?!? You must me a house wife that doesn’t even work or leaves the house at 10am. I know for a fact that at 5am Vasco is jammed packed with assholes

  2. I see people zig zagging across all the lanes at 80+mph all the time on Highway 4. There needs to be a lot more patrolling and tickets!

  3. Maybe chp could do there jobs everyday because this shit happens everyday how many major injury crashes and deaths on this section of hwy 4 before you actually post up out here every day

  4. We need a constant visible CHP presence on Hwy 4 at all times. Prior to the widening of 4 being completed there was CHP everywhere on , particularly between Bay Point n Antioch, and they would be posted up on RR n Loveridge all the time. Everyone knew they couldn’t speed or drive crazy because they knew they would get pulled over. You saw people getting pulled over all the time. Construction ended and so did CHPs presence. Last week all those cars were driving up the shoulder (just before the carpool lane opens up) as they always do and there was a CoCoCo Sheriff right there in the traffic n did absolutely nothing. People do this shit cuz they can!

  5. If half of you people complaining would move you a$$ out of the damn way and keep it to the right where the other slow traffic is, then most people wouldnt be zig zagging thru traffic. But u always have a bunch of self righteous a$$holez such as urselves who think ur entitled to hog up all the lanes and go 50mph in a 65 zone. Especially on a 2 lane highway. MOVE B!TCH!!!!

    • I still have to see someone go at 65 mph ….. it’s more like 85+ mph and quite a few just fly at even a higher speed. I drive to the right unless I have to pass.

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