CHP: 1,317 DUI Arrest Over July 4 Holiday, 36 Dead


According to the California Highway Patrol, over the extended July 4 Holiday weekend, data as of 11:59 pm July 7 shows 36 people died, and 1,317 DUI arrests were made.

Compared to 2018, there were 18 fatalities and only 389 DUI Arrests—meaning more than 3-times the amount of DUI arrests occurred.

Statewide, 21 vehicle occupants were killed in CHP jurisdiction with 11 people not wearing seatbelts in those fatal crashes. 8 motorcyclists were killed in CHP jurisdiction while 3 pedestrians were also killed in CHP jurisdiction.

It should be noted, this years July 4 holiday was 72-hours longer than 2018 due to the holiday being on a Thursday.


  1. 1,317 DUI arrests for the entire 4th of July weekend and 36 people dead? That’s more like it. Aren’t holidays great!

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