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Campos Family Vineyards Announces an Officially Licensed Lou Gehrig Society Label

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Byron, Calif. – Today, Campos Family Vineyards, a premiere estate vineyard in Contra Costa County, announces its label “Lou” 2018 Estate Zinfandel – Barbera Blend. The special edition wine benefits the ALS Cure Project and The Lou Gehrig Society.

“This is the biggest thing that we have been a part of,” said Michelle Campos, owner and proprietor at Campos Family Vineyards. “It is an incredible honor to produce this official label and be able to contribute to finding a cure for ALS in such a significant way.”

The wine release coincides with the first-ever national “Lou Gehrig Day” on June 2, 2021, introduced by Major League Baseball to honor the Hall of Fame legend – and former first baseman for the New York Yankees – whose public battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) drew awareness to the disease and became a launch-point for finding a cure.

MLB players across all teams will commemorate the inaugural Lou Gehrig Day by wearing a signature patch and events will be held at various stadiums. The officially licensed wine by Campos Family Vineyards will be delivered to VIP attendees at Yankee Stadium during their game-time event. A Contra Costa County launch will also take place at Campos Family Vineyards with details to follow.

The limited-edition wine is a blend of award-winning grapes from the estate vineyard, including a bold and spicy Zinfandel that took Gold in the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition and The Asian International Wine Competition. The Lou also includes a Petite Sirah and Barbera which also won esteemed gold recognitions. Together, it has a full flavor palette with balanced acidity, hints of mint and a long, chewy finish.

“The lineage of this wine is fantastic. It can’t be more of a winner,” said Ric Campos, owner and proprietor at Campos Family Vineyards. “The Zinfandel is the perfect nod to the incredible athletic accomplishments of Lou Gehrig during his baseball career. We’re calling it a home run.”

Complementing the bold flavor, the label features a vibrant painting by Napa-based artist Jessel Miller. The original, multi-faceted piece was chosen specifically for this label.

“From its flavor palette to the artistic distinction of the label design, the Lou blend represents our values at Campos Family Vineyards,” Michelle Campos said. “We are proud of its local roots in the Contra Costa County home winemaker community and, of course, the profound impact it will have on finding a cure for ALS, a disease that has directly impacted our circle of friends.”

In addition to The Lou Gehrig Society, proceeds from wine sale will benefit ALS Cure Project, a local Bay Area non-profit started by Mike Piscotty after losing his wife Gretchen to the disease. ALS Cure Project will collaborate with Campos Family Vineyards to host a three-part concert series Summer 2021.

Beginning June 2, Lou 2018 Estate Zinfandel will be available in the Campos Family Vineyard tasting room, as well as select grocery stores, markets, membership clubs, wine bars and restaurants.

For more information on events and concert series, visit camposfamilyvineyards.com.



Campos Family Vineyards sits on 44-acres in Byron, California near the Livermore and Brentwood wine countries, in the San Francisco Bay area. Located in agriculturally rich Contra Costa County, the beautiful and lush vineyard is planted with five grape varietals: Cabernet Franc, Barbera, Mouvedre Petit Sirah and Zinfandel. The 17-year-old vineyard has well-established vines that produce grapes with balance flavors. Their award-winning estate wines have received such honors as Triple Gold in the SF Chronicle. Additionally, the estate also has six acres of olive trees, which are harvested and pressed into four varieties of extra virgin olive oil: original, lemon, basil and garlic. They also produce 20-year, barrel-aged balsamic vinegar. The property includes a beautifully remodeled event center, spacious tasting room and lush grounds for outdoor tastings and picnicking. Available as an event rental, they host private tastings, weddings, concerts, gatherings, fundraisers, baseball and more. The Campos family has a deep religious background, which is reflected on the wine labels with each one including a Bible verse. Each year, Campos Family Vineyard hosts the “Give Back Series” of concerts and fundraisers that raise proceeds for Autism, Alzheimer’s and Cystic fibrosis foundations, as well as other causes. The Campos Family Vineyard tasting room, located at 3501 Byer Road, Byron, California, is open to the public on Fridays from 1-5pm, Saturdays from 12-5 and Sundays from 1-5. For more information or to book a wine tasting experience, visit CamposFamilyVineyards.com.



The ALS CURE Project is a 501(c)(3) charity based in the San Francisco Bay area. Founded by Mike Piscotty in 2018, after his wife Gretchen Piscotty lost a 16-month battle with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Mike, along with his three sons Stephen, Nick and Austin, dedicated their lives to finding a cure for the disease. A family with a profound collegiate and professional sports background,

Stephen Piscotti is an MLB player for the Oakland Athletics (and previously the Sant Louis Cardinals). They use their platform in sports to garner the attention of media outlets including ESPN and The San Francisco Chronicle, and partner with teams and tournaments to raise money towards finding a cure. The ALS CURE Project partners with Lawrence Livermore Lab Foundation to work on research and technology. Along with 87 international researchers, they have produced a “Road Map for a Cure,” which details a focused approach for research efforts and a scientific path for developing a cure. For more information on the ALS CURE Project, visit ALSCURE.net.



The artistic work by Napa Valley painter Jessel Miller is an acrylic print that was inspired by a black and white photo of Lou Gehrig as a young man. Miller captured the intensity in his eyes and the very heart of his devotion to fans and family, saying that they touched her soul. The artwork, in collaboration with The ALS CURE Project, has been reproduced on the label for all of bottles of “Lou” 2018 Estate Zinfandel – Barbera Blend by Campos Family Vineyards. The original piece will be up for auctioned at a fundraising event Summer 2021. For more information on Jessel Miller, visit jesselmiller.com.



The Lou Gehrig Society is dedicated to honoring the legacy of baseball giant Lou Gehrig by offering targeted scholarships and grants that promote public health, wellness and integrity in America. Over a 14-season span from 1925-1939, Lou played in 2,130 consecutive games, the streak ending only when Lou became disabled and too weak to play. After his diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (now known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease), he came under the care of Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn who oversaw Lou’s health every day for his remaining two years. Their friendship deepened, and Lou’s widow Eleanor left a large portion of her estate to The Rip Van Winkle Foundation (http://www.rvwfoundation.org), an organization Dr. Esselstyn had established in New York State’s Columbia County. The Rip Van Winkle Foundation continues to focus on identifying policies, techniques and programs that prevent disease. As a tribute to Lou, the Foundation launched The Lou Gehrig Society in 2011. The Rip Van Winkle Foundation, d/b/a/ The Lou Gehrig Society, owns the property rights to the image, name, and voice of Lou Gehrig, and all trademarks protecting his words and signature.

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