California Police Chiefs Removes Support for Recently Amended AB 1196 and Moves to Opposition Due to New Restrictions

Press Release


Sacramento, CA — The California Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) announce they have removed their support for the newly amended Assembly Bill 1196 by Assembly member Mike Gipson (D-Carson), and moves to opposition in light of serious concerns with the additional restrictions on restraint techniques that are subjective and unclear.

“The added language expands the bill’s scope in a way that lacks the clarity and specificity an issue of this magnitude deserves,” said CPCA President Eric Nunez. “No police chief supports prolonged force being used against an individual who is not resisting, but we cannot take away necessary tools needed to overcome combative suspects and expect our peace officers to be able to keep the public safe.”

The amendments were a surprise to CPCA and went into print last night. As amended, AB 1196 adds a prohibition on “techniques or transport methods that involve a substantial risk of positional asphyxia.” Although the legislation does attempt to define “positional asphyxia” to add clarity, the definition is open-ended and also vague in many respects. Furthermore, AB 1196 has an urgency clause, meaning the bill would take effect immediately upon the Governor’s signature and therefore provides absolutely no time to retrain officers or update agency policies to this new standard.

“We cannot rush the major changes these amendments make to law enforcement without adequate debate and input from all sides,” said Nunez. “We have reached out to Assemblymember Gipson to share our concerns and reopen the line of communication.”

With the California Legislature set to reconvene on July 27th, there will only be roughly five weeks left in the legislative session to work out any remaining issues. Currently, there are more than a dozen gut-and-amend bills that make major changes to public safety that have been proposed in the last several weeks, none of which have yet to be debated in any public hearings.

AB 1196, which originally removed the chokehold and carotid restraint, was initially part of the CPCA platform that was announced earlier this month, #CaLeadingTheWay, which sets forth a pathway to not only improve policing, but also address the larger social inequities throughout California in order to continue leading the Nation forward.

The California Police Chiefs Association represents the state’s municipal police chiefs whose agencies protect over 26 million Californians. For more information, please visit the CPCA Facebook here page here.


  1. In this country we have health professionals without ventilators & proper personal protection for the current pandemic. We have teachers sleeping in their cars & using their own money to pay for school supplies. Why? Rampant defunding for years. Yet this guy wants to complain that him & his boys won’t be able to freely restrain which citizens they see fit to choke out? It’s strange that for years we’ve all known that it’s Education & Healthcare & community that keeps our children from becoming criminals, yet we try so hard to suck all the money out of these pillars of society. The alternative? Continue to militarize our police. This chief needs a reality check. How about instead of continuing to disproportionately fund the police that are only cleaning up society’s problems, reinvest in the community’s pillars that actually stop criminals from being created to begin with?

    • You are a class act Pastor, every comment you have made on ECT has been lopsided. AGAIN I will tell you to open your mind up juuuust a tad and think, yes think. Think about any situation for that matter, we all get you hate cops, so let’s move past that. Ok, here we go, to the thinking part…. Do a simple search on the pay scales at these schools and colleges and then ask yourself where the appropriation of funding is going. It’s sickening. I will also throw you a bone and agree that this even occurrs within Police Departments. No Dean or Police Chief should go from making 75 to 100k a year to several hundred, if not millions. PERIOD, but we will just attack the argument from a lopsided view point and sucker a few more weak minded individuals to believe that it’s the Sheriff’s Departments and PDs taking all these funds. If you are still a disgruntled cop hater and can even “qualify” for a ride a long, I highly suggest it before continuing to make yourself look foolish. Take the stand off in Byron a few days ago into consideration. Defund the Police? No armored vehicles etc, 3 officers were shot all while having an armored vehicle at the scene… Defund the PD so they have less Officers to handle that scene? Your clueless, good day to you sir….. So called Pastor

      • Mr. Sad Sad, I don’t hate cops and I have also been on a few ride alongs, if you can believe that. I even have police officers in my family. This is besides the point. It’s a fact that city budgets around the country (yes, little old Antioch is a big exception) predominantly funnel into police departments; most of the nation’s budget is funneled into military defense—most of which is sitting on the runway in unused multiple million dollar fighter jets (world police, so to speak). I’m not referencing for-profit hospitals OR higher education; this is about the heath & education of our children being taken away. If you seriously think there hasn’t been a steady defunding of our k-12 schools, after school programs, music programs, ETC then you’re willingly ignorant. It’s a fact that it’s these types of programs and community based opportunities that keep kids out of trouble; parents aren’t the sole shapers of their children’s behavior. Who’d be so foolish to deny that? So before you start shedding crocodile tears for the State, just remember that this is a job just like any other job and these tax dollars belong to all of us. This isn’t some sacred cow that we aren’t allowed to criticize.

  2. Great to finally see some push back against all this anti, defund the police liberal bull shit! These “ communities “ need to look within themselves at fixing the criminal behavior.
    Dont commit crimes!!
    Thank you to all the police officers!!!!
    Back the Blue!!!!!!

  3. Maynard,

    You have it in your head that all funding issues related to education, healthcare and “community” (not sure what you mean by that) are due to “overfunding” of police. That’s an inaccurate and simplistic assumption.

    • Robert, I’ll give you one good example. Let’s look at Oakland’s city budget (since smaller cities like Antioch & Oakley are different matters). For the 2020-21 Oakland budget, OPD is $330 million. This is greater than the entire COMBINED budget of human services, transportation, housing & community development, libraries, parks, economic & workplace development. THIS is the “community” you pretend to act like you don’t know what I mean when I say it. Sure, Brentwood and Knighten might have their own issues, but places like Oakland & San Francisco & NY…these types of lopsided budgets are the norm.

  4. Did you know that the government only owns 21% of hospitals? 58% are non profit and 21% are also for profit. But in truth the “non-profits” line the bank with billions and pass on that money to executives. The health care issue is one of stingy executives just simply not wanting to buy the needed supplies. Health care in America is a BUSINESS. You wont fix that without massive legislation. Ah OH! They support your local politicians, so do you think that will happen? Nope.

    This “guy” is the one catching rapists, murderers and any other type of criminal who would love to victimize you, your wife and your children as they see fit.

    Jail and the death penalty are the ONLY deterrents if at all to keep criminals from being caught. We are slowly making a society where we will soon not be able to defend yourself from the criminals or our own government if need be. Keep eroding our second amendment rights and you will see where we end up. Next they will come for your FIRST amendment and you think you will be able to protest then?

    I do agree that there is a systematic problem in this country with racism but defunding the police IS NOT THE ANSWER!! You are being pushed to act in FEAR by the creators of the BLM movement. Have you actually read their manifesto speaking of overthrowing our government? That is treason. We need to take the proper stance against racism and raise our CHILDREN properly so that this is no longer an issue. This is not something can be solved by attacking each other. We have to change the system from the INSIDE which means raising our kids with proper morals and discipline.

    This is the same issue of the so called “holy wars” going on in the middle east. You can not go in and just stop the violence, it literally must be bred out of the children. Human beings rarely change and the few who do have the greatest power with our future generations.

    Start by looking at your local politicians. Many of which who avoid and dismiss the matter of systematical racism until it is an election year. They only care about when your vote will put them in office.

    Look at all the hidden funding and last minute additions to legislation. Additions and funding that line their own pockets or that of their friends, family’s and closest supporters.

    Follow the money and eliminate it from needless things, that is the money which should go into supporting our schools, mental health and education.

    We should be adding to our rights, not taking away.

    Its not too late to help each other.

  5. Another uneducated liberal comment. Yes, programs should be in place to support community development. These are not to be based on race or creed. But based on need open to all.

    Issue here is, people are fooled by how the Police Departments are funded. Cities have multiple funds funding all sort of programs. Just so happens that the way laws and rules over city finances are, Police Departments are funded from the “General Fund” and it takes a lot to run a well trained organized staffed Police Department. These Officers need the equipment to do the job safely and effectively plus the training to ensure they do it correctly.

    Issue here is, there are so many uneducated Politicians and Advocates out talking about things they have no clue about.

    Society and all these groups are going to get what they are asking for. They will “defund” the police with their idiotic educated knee jerk responses. Like the one being explored in Berkeley of having their Ofc’s stop making traffic enforcement stops. Having unarmed non-sworn person handle this function. Next to Domestic Violence calls, traffic stops are among the most dangerous things an Ofc does.

    Going back to getting what they ask for, the departments are losing experienced veteran Ofc at an alarming rate through retirements and young Ofc’s through them just quitting. Society is going to end up with a substandard police force of thugs taking the job because McDonalds wasn’t hiring. Then see where the use of force issues go!!! Society will get what they pay for.

    When crime continues to climb unchecked like it is now, let’s see where the finger pointing starts going. guarantee it will be right back at the Ofc and Departments screaming they are not doing their jobs. Again, you get what you pay for. Society doesn’t want Ofcs doing their jobs, they are going to get it. They want criminals out of jail, they got that. 8000 more coming back to the street to join the 10000 state convicted Felons already released. This doesn’t include the ones that were released from County Jails state wide due to “zero bail”!!

    Boy the crime wave coming is going to be insane!!! Everyone needs to batten down the hatches and get ready for this wave!!!! They haven’t seen nothing yet!!! Enjoy!!! My powder is dry, my house is armed, and we will deal with this liberal created destruction….

  6. Sorry, Pastor! it’s PROPER UPBRINGING which keeps your kids from becoming criminals. Not some “pillars” of the community. Until this happens and we see some results, the police need all the power they can have to keep the rest of the population safe from these cretins! YOU need a reality check!

    • Elaine, What’s “proper upbringing” without proper healthcare & proper education? You no doubt sound like someone who has enjoyed the luxuries of an insulated and sterilized environment, but not everybody is born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouths. And don’t be foolish, crime comes from every walk of life; some of the earth’s biggest criminals come from the same cookie cutter white picket fence homes as you do. The fact that you use the word “cretin” to describe other people already reveals your calloused soul.

      • Sounds like you are trying to redirect some blame, or make excuses for some undesirable behaviors.
        You are trying to pigeon hole the ladies position with overtones that are unbecoming of a ‘Pastor’.
        Why don’t you leave the ‘Judging-of-her-Soul’ to the Lord, eh ‘Pastor’?

        • Jaime, redirect blame? Yes, to the perpetrators of mass State sanctioned crime or anybody that abuses their power to coerce unarmed citizens. You know, the tactics that this sheriff in the article is attempting to reimplement after recent reforms. Make excuses for undesirable behaviors? Frankly I’m the only one on this site that seems to say anything against the unconstitutional and inhumane tactics that are so often used against unarmed black & brown citizens (yes, and also white people too). If anything, you’re the one making excuses with your unAmerican total allegiance to these unions. And as for Elaine, I was judging her obviously racist comments. God can do with me what he pleases with that one.

          • “Mass State-sanctioned crime”
            “Disproportionately locks up their Fathers”
            …,”main reason for no Father’s in the Home”

            I make no excuses for abuse of power -anywhere…ever.
            ….but all I see out of you, -is you pointing the finger elsewhere in all your posts.

            One must be able to reasonably assign blame where and when it is due, even if it is an uncomfortable reality.

      • SEVENTY FOUR PERCENT OUT OF WEDLOCK BIRTH RATE LAST YEAR AMONG BLACK BABIES BEING BORN! Sorry to type in all caps but I never see that stat mentioned anywhere when discussing police encounters with young black men. It is always the police’s fault and never the fact that young black men commit over half of all violent crime in this country (another stat ignored in the lie that is the BLM movement).

        No young inner city black man is going to even think about getting an education if they have no father figure in the house and that out of wedlock birth rate is the single key factory causing the rest of the chain of crime, violence, and prison afflicting young black men today. Until the black community faces that fact while staring in the mirror none of this changes and defunding the police, which is the single most absurd thought ever conceived, is going to hurt poor law abiding inner city black people the most.

        But I guess it is easier to blame others instead of looking in the mirror and realizing the problem lies from within.

        • William, you’re only proving the opposite. If you really cared about inner city kids then stop rooting & cheering for a system that disproportionately locks up their fathers. All of these issues are related. The Drug War and the State’s disproportionate enforcement against black & brown people (mostly men) is the exact reason why so many kids are born without dads. It’s really a no brainer, the correlation is obvious and substantiated by decades of evidence. This is a viscous cycle. It’s time to break out of it.

      • Maynard, you now declare that someone has a “calloused soul” based on their use of one word in one posting? So psychological analysis is among your many areas of expertise?

        Honestly, your rants on ECT just become humorous after a while. Everyone who dares to disagree with you is denounced for having a closed mind when, if fact, yours is thoroughly closed as well. That’s the irony.

      • Reprimanding your children, I tell you what, my dad whipped my butt raw when I did something stupid and that kept me out of jail and kept me in line. Parents these days are too weak. Everyone goes and cry’s if you discipline your children.

        You wonder why kids go wild in schools? Because they know that no one at home is going to do jack.

        Just two days ago I was at Walmart when two teens attempted to bypass the line and enter the exit. They were told by an employee they needed to go back out and wait in line and they said “You cant tell us what to do.” Another manager comes up and tells them they need to leave and when they exit they are yelling all kinds of bad words including “I’ll fuck you up white boy”.

        Racism is a two way street and so is discipline.

  7. Agreed, (not) upbringing at home is the most important factor for creating these criminals. But, there were always parents who didn’t do the job. And those kids would at least learn some values and respect at school. But since schools have lost all powers to discipline kids, there is no leverage and the kids do whatever they want.


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