Brentwood Vice Mayor Joel Bryant Supports Consolidation of Fire District, Re-opening of Two Fire Stations

Press Release


“This is an opportunity to provide the people of Brentwood and Far East County with the fire service we need and deserve.” – Joel Bryant 

Brentwood, CA –  Today, Brentwood Vice Mayor Joel Bryant, the former President of the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District (ECCFPD) Board of Directors, announced his support for the consolidation of the ECCFPD with Contra Costa County Consolidated Fire District (ConFire).

The proposal would provide the staffing necessary for the re-opening of two fire stations in the district, with at least one in Brentwood, to help get to the additional three stations that are needed, now.

For Bryant to support it, however, the proposal must be achieved without a tax increase to the residents of Brentwood or the rest of those in both fire districts. It must also provide better pay and benefits to the men and women firefighters of the ECCFPD.

“This is an opportunity to provide the people of Brentwood and Far East County with the fire service we need and deserve,” Bryant said. “The two districts already provide mutual aid to each other, mainly with fire stations and personnel in Brentwood, Oakley, Discovery Bay and Antioch.”

Following is Bryant’s complete statement on the proposal:

“I am currently working with Chief Brian Helmick and Board President Brian Oftedal of the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District, to finalize a permanent solution which provides sustainable fire protection and medical response for not only the families and businesses in Brentwood, but for the entire fire district that we are a part of.

At this time, ConFire is conducting a feasibility study regarding the possibility of consolidating both departments. In order for this to be a successful remedy the merger would need to include significant additional resources, such as:

  • At least two additional staffed fire houses, immediately.
  • Advanced life support available as part of normal operations.
  • Bringing the salaries and benefits of our firefighters in ECCFPD equal to that of ConFire personnel.

The consolidation would, of course bring additional vehicle resources as part of the normal operations, such as a ladder truck, helicopter, and fire boat, to cover the areas that are currently vulnerable.

The goal is to accomplish this without the need to raise additional revenue, such as a local tax, by the residents.”

“I completely support this effort and appreciate the opportunity to work with both Chief Helmick and ConFire Chief Lewis Broschard, the ECCFPD Fire Board, as well as the Board of Supervisors in their diligent efforts to accomplish this goal,” Bryant added.

Joel Bryant has served on the Brentwood City Council for 10 years, 7 of them as Vice Mayor, elected by his fellow councilmembers. He has the support of the East Contra Costa firefighters.

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  1. Don’t let them forget, when Riverview Fire (Pittsburgh and Antioch) we’re absorbed by Contra Costa Fire (by the Board of Supervisors) it cost over 2 million dollars by Contra Costa. That was a lot of years ago and it was ok.

  2. Joel, I am in support of you and Frazier attempting to do this. I hope you can get Oakley and Contra Costa County on board. This would be a great accomplishment.

  3. I have no idea why it took so long to think of a merger with Confire. My five year old could have advised you to do so….


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