Antioch Police Pursue Stolen Vehicle into Concord, Recover 3 Firearms

Photo by Antioch Police

On Friday night at approximately 11:00 pm, the Antioch Police Department observed a stolen vehicle which led to a vehicle pursuit into the City of Concord.

According to police, officers spotted the vehicle at Highway 4 and Somersville and requested for backup from the Contra Costa County Sheriffs Office.

Upon entering the city of Concord, the vehicle’s tire pops which forced the occupants to flee the vehicle on foot which police quickly took both occupants into custody. They also recovered 3 firearms.

Police said one occupant was on probation for robbery and firearm violations out of San Francisco. The vehicle was also stolen out of San Francisco.

Both were booked on charges of possession of a stolen vehicle, illegal firearm possession, and probation violation.

No other information was released.


    • That’s about what will happen, given a Contra Costa County DA whose priority is social crusading rather than prosecuting crime. No fault of the police, however – they are to be commended.

  1. Oh look how ca gun laws keep full and extended size magazines in the hands of criminals but out of the hands of those who follow the law.

  2. I would like the readers’ opinion on why occupants were driving in Antioch in a stolen vehicle with enough firepower to kill everyone at a rage party?

    • Because the NRA has persuaded America for the last few decades that it’s somehow God’s decree for every adult to be armed to the teeth. Extensive military coups in foreign lands, countless mass shootings here at home, gangs across our land with all the firepower they can get….where’s it all come from? The sacred golden calf called the NRA and it’s fake Christian protections known as republican politics (and this is coming from a Right winger)

      • If it wasnt drugs (as in if they were legal) it would be something else. Stolen property, robbery, sex traffiking etc.. some people will choose to live like its mad max world no matter what. Lock them up.


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