Brentwood: Two Arrested After Theft In-Progress at Michaels


The Brentwood Police Department said Tuesday that two people were arrested during a theft in-progress at a local business over the weekend. The arrest included the recovery of a firearm.

According to Police,  Samantha Upchurch (37 year old Antioch resident) and Brian Tolen (42 year old Concord resident) had left Michaels with stolen items, walking in separate directions in the shopping center.

During the investigation, officers located a gun with a scratched off serial number, burglary tools, pepper spray and equipment used to retrieve credit card information. Officers also confirmed that Tolen was on parole for burglary.

Police said the firearm was not used during this crime and no one was injured.

Upchurch and Tolen were arrested without incident, transported to county jail and booked on numerous charges, including felon in possession of a firearm, grand theft, unlawful possession of pepper spray and possession of burglary tools.


  1. What a couple of winners. It always amazes me how there are people who just think it’s okay to steal things that don’t belong to them. They are parts of society that we can do without

  2. Glad to see we got an arrest while a crime was in progress. Good job to BPD. I have a neighbor who said her credit card was probably scanned prior to a purchase at the Brentwood Safeway on Balfour. Maybe these two had something to do with it since they had “equipment” to get credit card information.

  3. Buy RFID blocking credit card holders, you can find them on Amazon. Thieves can just walk past you with their equipment to steal your information- you’ll never even know it. I had a problem at the Kohls in Brentwood a couple years back. Funny the proximity of these crimes to each other.

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