Brentwood to Feature the Largest Gigabit Broadband Service Network in the Bay Area


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Innovative Public-Private Partnership with will provide Affordable, State-of-the-art Broadband Services to City Residents and Businesses

In a dramatic move designed to provide high speed internet services to its residents and lure high tech employers, the City of Brentwood has entered into an agreement with to install gigabit broadband internet service throughout large portions of the city – thus making Brentwood the first city in the Bay Area to feature a widespread gigabit broadband network available to residents and businesses.

“We’re very proud to help create the largest gigabit network in the Bay Area,” said City Manager Paul Eldredge. “This new infrastructure will position Brentwood as one of the best places in the East Bay for businesses who require ultra-high speed internet access.”

Since 1999, Brentwood has required all new housing to include conduit with the capacity to allow fiber optic cable. Fifteen years later, the conditions seemed right to move ahead with a citywide installation of broadband infrastructure. So the City reached out to various internet providers and selected Santa Rosa-based

Brentwood negotiated an innovative public-private partnership with, in which more than 8,000 households and businesses will be able to receive phone and gigabit internet service for as little as $40 per month. Dane Jasper, CEO and co-founder of, hopes that this agreement will serve as a model for development in other cities.

“Brentwood did a great job with their infrastructure planning, which helped facilitate this exciting opportunity,” said Jasper. “This partnership will combine Brentwood’s infrastructure with’s technology to create something that will benefit everyone.”

Under the terms of the partnership, will use existing underground City conduit to build a fiber optic network throughout the city. will offer a lower speed copper service to those areas of the city which currently do not have conduit available. In addition,, in conjunction with the City, is developing plans on how to cost effectively bring fiber service to the parts of town that currently do not have the necessary infrastructure. will also connect certain public facilities to the gigabit network, including schools with conduit access and will dedicate fiber to the City for municipal services. The City will not be required to contribute any funds towards the deployment or the ongoing maintenance costs of the gigabit network.

By becoming a gigabit city and with its proximity to major technology job centers, Brentwood will be well positioned as an attractive location for the next generation of technology firms., the largest independent internet service provider in northern California, ran the first Google gigabit fiber network at Stanford University in Palo Alto, and was recently issued a permit to start fiber construction in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset District and currently services over 80,000 customers.

Residents who wish to receive additional information on can go to the following link:


  1. Dollar General is a real grocery store. Something badly needed in that area of town, 10th street and old River Town.

  2. What about us that do not live with in the city limits? Right now we are STUCK with the lying deceitful cheating sleaze bag of a company Dish Network for our internet.

    • Shouldn’t you be “joe blow form just outside of brentwood” then? Anyway, are you implying that you deserve something from Brentwood/Sonic, when the deal they made was to between them? You could always reach out to Contra Costa County and ask them to do something similar, or you could move, or, I dunno? Sucks to be you, but you do bring up a valid point to me: make sure I only move to places that have the services I want. Good luck.

  3. Congrats Dane Jasper of Keep rolling out fiber to finally give us some good competition.

  4. Joe Blow, well you could be stuck with the lying sleaze bag of a company called Comcast. We finally left them and are so happy. In fact, much better service and one half the cost with ATT.

  5. We get our internet and TV from Dish Network currently, would be nice to get Google Fiber or this new type of internet in our town, though!

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