Brentwood: One Injured in Kohls Grab and Run Theft, Suspects Drop All Items Before Escaping


On Sunday, the Brentwood Police Department responded to a report of a grab and run theft at Kohls with a citizen/costumer attempting to stop a theft.

Police said two male suspects were seen running out of Kohl’s. One was pushing a cart and the other was carrying clothes under his arm. Two customers were able to get one suspect to the ground and a tussle ensued near the suspect vehicle (Cadillac) driven by a third suspect waiting inside the car. The second suspect fled on foot across the parking lot. The detained suspect was able escape the customers and get in the Cadillac.

The driver reversed to the right and the right rear door of the Cadillac struck one of the customers causing him to roll down the right side of the car and on to the ground. The Cadillac then fled the scene with all three suspects inside.

The customer was transported to a nearby hospital where he was treated for non life threatening injuries.

The suspects had dropped all the items they stole, which were later recovered by Kohl’s loss prevention. No other information released.



  1. Way to go! These scumbags are what’s causing the price of merchandise to increase. Catch the bastards and pummel them to-the-ground! These jerks also steal entire cartloads of food. They should be stopped by store personnel who should be ARMED!

  2. A city with a reputation the locals will detain you before police are even called is a city these lightly armed criminals will avoid. However leave the armed criminals to the police. A life is not worth a bag of clothes.

  3. Well that sounded like a cluster! Sorry that a bystander felt that getting involved was the right thing to do and was injured in the process. Hope the injuries were not severe and he heals quickly

  4. I used to live in Brentwood, loved the town. But we saw what was happening. My wife was robbed at Bed Bath and Beyond by a a bad guy from Oakland. Yes he was caught but slap on the wrist and out to do it again. He has a long rap sheet. We now live in a beautiful state that allows open carry and conceal carry permits are easy to get. Crime rate here, very very low. Most bad guys are chicken shit if they think the victims might fight back.


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