Brentwood: One Injured After Vehicle Enters Building


At 12:35pm Saturday a teenage driver lost control of her vehicle at Oak St and Brentwood Blvd where she entered Geddes Music Store.

According to Police, the female was looked at by AMR, but was released at scene.

A building inspector was called to the scene to inspect the damage. Police also said a person was behind the counter at the time of the crash.


    • Teenagers should not be driving. They don’t have the mental capacity to do it right.

      • i picked up a signal pole a few months back from a middle aged lady doing the same thing on 2nd st. just pay attention to what you are doing and stay off phone.

  1. We blame inanimate objects these days for carnage they inflict. Clearly the vehicle was at fault here.

  2. Yesterday an event happened at our business that could have been very tragic. A vehicle crashed through our building. Everyone we were told is safe and no other injury’s outside of the store occurred. What could have been absolutely tragic and horrific was thankfully not so. We have had to close the location for the time being due to this accident. We would like thank the amazing cooperation and help from the Brentwood fire department and police. They were critical to aiding all of our needs. Again the parties involved heath and life is the most to be thankful none was lost
    Please be assured we are going to still be here! We got everything out thanks to so many supporting city fire staff, family and friends We will be there for as much needs for our customers as we can.
    No personal customer items were lost
    Thank you all again ! Please contact us for all and any need through phones and our web site 925-634-6684
    or email
    [email protected]
    We will be transferring the phone numbers to our Mobil and will again take as much effort able to continue services regarding rental needs repair issues and requests Thank you
    John Kontogianis

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