Brentwood: Officer Injured as Driver Resists Arrest While Fleeing Crash Scene


The Brentwood Police Department on Nov. 10 at 8:55 pm, responded to a report of a solo vehicle crash on Garin Parkway near Redhaven Street in the City of Brentwood.

According to police, the officer contacted the driver of the solo vehicle collision, the driver fled on foot but was immediately apprehended. The driver continued to resist arrest before being handcuffed.

During the struggle, the officer sustained minor injuries and is expected to be okay.

The driver, identified as Fernando Esquivel, 52 y/o Brentwood resident was booked at county jail charged with suspicion of DUI and resisting arrest.


    • This is why I like the film “L.A. Confidential” which shows how the Los Angeles cops treated criminals in the early 1950’s!

  1. Brentwood trash, stay out of Antioch!!! Look at those fools, they think they have money and act like assholes.

  2. FIFTY TWO?!?!

    Grow up! This is the behavior I would think to see from a 22 year old, not someone’s grandpa! Wow. I feel for his family. What a POS

  3. Brentwood cops always suffer minor injurys and always make a great story for the headlines like super heros… but in court they are no where to be found like they’re body cameras 😂🤣😂

    • I’m 36 and have never had a run in with any Police Officer. Never had to worry about a camera, court, notta. You need a mirror Jessy or perhaps a tissue?

      Go ahead and launch the idiotic responses. They remind me of how awesome I’m doing in life. In fact, next cop I see, I’ll give them a thumbs up just for you. Bet I’ll get one back to, what a$$holes they are…

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