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Brentwood Mayor Joel Bryant Gives His First State of the City Address

by ECT

On Monday, Brentwood Mayor Joel Bryant gave his 2021 State of the City Address which was a 45-minute video.

Bryant kicked off the address highlighting how 30% of Brentwood residents have been vaccinated while they plan on opening city facilities to the public on July 6 while rentals of facilities will be allowed once the Governor lifts his mandate.

Bryant closed by stating the community needs to continue working together during these unsettling times.

“As a community, Brentwood is one of the most wonderful places that I have ever lived and I continue to hear that from our families here,” said Bryant. “We have to fight to keep the culture we have hear of inclusivity, of peace, of appreciation, of safety here. We have to fight together to make sure that doesn’t change. What we have to fight for is outside influences that are trying to bring problems into our community that don’t represent our body, our community, our families as a whole.”

Bryant admitted they still have a long way to go in some areas to be “perfect” but could get there more quickly with mutual respect and willing to listen to one another.

Presentation Highlights


  • Sales Tax down, but less than predicted.
  • Property tax up
  • General Fund Reserves at 30%
  • $12 million coming over two years from American Rescue Plan Act of 2021
    (Editors Note – this number is actually closer to $7 million)



  • January 26, 2021 the council restored funding to 5th beat and hiring of 5 additional officers and hope to have it in place by the summer. The goal is to increase police protection.


Economic Development

  • Zoning and Code Updates coming soon to the City Council for discussion (July)
  • Brentwood Blvd & Downtown Specific Plan – interviewing stakeholders and hope for September approval (enhanced infrastructure and improvements).
  • Large and Small Business are looking for locations to come to Brentwood which will bring both jobs and resources.
  • Bryant called it a high priority to bring high paying jobs, but at same time they have to support local businesses that are already in Brentwood. Called local business and community the backbone—incentives and grant programs are coming.
  • Chamber of Commerce – funded effort for a discounted gift certificate program to chamber members. Aimed to create more local shopping opportunities.
  • Innovation Center Master Plan – have had a joint session of council/planning commission and two town hall meetings. Third town hall coming with preferred plan. Designed to be a transportation hub aimed to become a technology hub for businesses.
  • Glydways – micro transit system of driverless vehicles in 30-mile route though Pittsburg, Antioch, Oakley and Brentwood. $450 million investment.
  • Downtown Improvements – new awnings installed for local businesses to ensure outdoor activity, dining, City is providing $150k small business grants for outdoor dining. Partnered with new murals downtown. Farmers market is now year-round and a makers market has been launched.
  • Brentwood Blvd residential: Sciortino Ranch & Silver Gate Apartments
  • Brentwood Blvd Commercial: added Dutch Bros, Quick Quack Car Wash, 7-Eleven, Western Dental, Precision Plumbing, Grocery Outlet, Wells Fargo, and more. Bryant called this a slower area to develop which is now becoming “vibrant” and “beautiful”.


Fire Protection

  • Called the resources are “woefully inadequate” for the area and have been working for years to remedy this.
  • Working to procure Measure X funding
  • Working on possible consolidation with Contra Costa County Fire
  • Urged the community to call Supervisor Diane Burgis to find a way to bring resources into Brentwood—express support for Measure X funds to support fire response and support. Also do the same to Board of Supervisors.
  • Sold land to ECCFPD so they could build Station 50 and 51.


Upcoming & Current Projects

  • Stakeholder meetings for Vineyards at Marsh Creek Event and Amphitheater.
  • Mokelumne Bicycle & Pedestrian Overcrossing – will begin later this year.
  • Zoning code specific plan
  • Youth and Senior feasibility studies
  • Innovation Center Master Plan


City Redistricting

  • Waiting for Census Data to come to the State and then to the cities which will allow the City to act. An independent decision body will make the decision, not the city council who will align the District. Third party body will create 3 plans and council will decide which of the options. Bryant said the council wanted the community to have faith in the process.

Street Paving Projects

  • Will have re-paving downtown.
  • Modify median on Balfour to allow more vehicles turning onto American Avenue for Heritage and Adams Schools.
  • Other main areas that have been “problem areas” will see some work.


Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Expansion continues which will take 3-years
  • Potable water expansion continues (purple pipes) – allow city to move more water around


Public Art

  • Late summer for Fields of Time and Sand Creek Art Project


Brentwood Recycled Water Fill Station

  • Bryant shared information on the recycled water fill ahead of the drought.

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