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City of Antioch Set to Launch Six Youth Centered Pilot Programs This summer

by ECT

On Tuesday night, the Antioch City Council received a report regarding six youth-centered pilot programs set to launch this summer for Antioch youths.

According to the Staff Report, Scheduled programming is estimated at $150,000 paid out of Measure W funds allocated to Recreation programming.

Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpe reminded the public that he and Councilmember Monica Wilson served on the Measure W ad-Hoc committee and recommended funding youth services with Measure W money.

“We had the audacity, the nerve, to suggest that we allocate some money to youth programming and the unbelievable storm that came out of that just blew me way,” stated Thorpe. “These aren’t numbers, these aren’t statistics, these are our children and we have to invest in their development overall and so it was a long fight and we got Measure W passed with everybody’s support and we are meeting, not nearly as much as we should, but we are meeting our commitment to what we told voters we would do.”

Mayor Pro Tem Monica Wilson was pleased with the presentation and how they were tailoring the needs of the youth to the programs being offered.

“I really love the fact that you talk about youth centered, youth inspired and youth led because a lot of time we as adults think this is what youth want and this is what I think they need to do,” stated Wilson. “I am glad you are hearing and listening to what their needs are and how we support them in their journey.”

Councilmember Tamisha Torres-Walker thanked staff for their work.

“I come from a community where youth are leading and youth are actually inspiring the massive development of a youth center and so I hope that does come to fruiting in the city of Antioch,” said Torres-Walker noting she appreciated the difference between youth activities and youth development. “There is a difference and so I appreciate that in this body of work with youth at your side, I am excited to see all of this scale up over time.”

She further highlighted that moving forward, they could work on strategies to get youths engaged who are foster youths, systems involved youth and those impacted by incarnation.

City efforts aim to meet the challenges of 2021 in new and different ways in service to Antioch youth. Under the auspices of the Antioch Youth Services Network, a number of demonstration activities are being implemented. The intent is to explore a variety of youth activities that can be scaled up in the future as the City expands its organizational capacity to host and facilitate youth programming. Six youth-centered pilot programs are slated to run from May through August.

Six youth-centered pilot programs are slated to run from May through August which include:

  1. Antioch Council of Teens
    Goal-Build and support youth capacity around civic and social responsibility, community service and citywide events:Program Components:
  • Middle and high school youth participants
  • Monthly meetings
  • Community service events
  • City Council presentations
  • Virtual


2. COVID-19 Social Media Youth Ambassador Program
Goal-Uplift youth voice to serve as agents of change in their community.

Program Components

    • 20 youth participants ages 15-24
    • Ongoing marketing and communication straining in the area of digital media
    • Stipend for up to 35 hours
    • 6-month apprenticeship program in partnership with Contra Costa Health Services
    • Virtual


3. Middle School Pop Up Park Program
Goal-Create a fun and safe space for youth to engage and connect with peers through multi-themed activities.

Program Components:

  • 84 Middle school participants
  • 6-week program
  • Weekly themed activities-sports, team building activities, S.T.E.M., etc…
  • In-Person

4) City of Antioch High School Summer Internship Program
Goal –  Expand youth workplace skills while cultivating and building Antioch’s future workforce.

Program Components:

  • 20 Rising high school junior and senior participants
  • 18 Hours of workforce development training
  • 3-weekpaidinternship program within city departments
  • 45 hours
  • Virtual and in-person


5. Youth Expression Art Program
Goal-Uplift youth voice to serve as agents of change in their community through art.

Program Components:

    • 25 6th-12th grade participants
    • 6-week program
    • Weekly themed activities-photography, drawing, painting, etc…
    • In-Person


6. Architectural Foundation of San Francisco(AFSF)-Build Antioch Internship Program
Goal -Develop workplace skills and acquire technical knowledge to create a path in becoming a high skilled worker.

Program Components:

  •  20 (18-24 year old) participants
  • Workforce development training, guest speakers and mentor sessions
  • 6-weekpaidinternship program in partnership with Architectural Foundation of San Francisco(AFSF)
  • 90hours
  • Virtual

In adherence withCOVID-19 guidelines, each program has been thoughtfully designed to allow full participation through a hybrid structure of both virtual and in-person facilitation. The programs will serve youth ranging from 15-24 in a myriad of ways. With a projected reach of approximately 200 youth participants, these opportunities are geared to engage youth interest by offering workforce development, recreation, community service, and civic engagement. Program activities will take place at various departments within City Hall, neighborhood parks, and Antioch and Nick Rodriguez Community Centers that will welcome and include diverse participants from all areas of the city.

For effective implementation, the following factors were considered for each program:

  • Opportunities for Skill Building
  • Physical and Psychological Safety
  • Supportive Relationships
  • Positive Social Norms
  • Support for Efficacy and Mattering

The City is collaborating with community partners to offer programming citywide and leverage the talents of trusted organizations. Through the creation of these programs, the City is building upon established relationships and forging new partnerships. Formalized agreements are currently in process with the following organizations: Antioch Unified School District(“AUSD”), Contra Costa Health Services, Boys and Girls Club of Contra Costa County, One Day at a Time, Architectural Foundation of San Francisco, and Urban Alliance.

Recruitment tools will include utilizing youth friendly flyers, youth led promotional videos, peer to peer sharing and social media. Engaging AUSD, non-profit providers, faith-based community and key community influencers will aid in supporting the efforts to attract, engage and retain a diverse youth population.

The pilot program offerings are intentionally designed as no barrier to access. Activities will be open to youth citywide and offered at no cost to selected participants. Bus fare will be offered to youth participants who need transportation. Additionally, summer technology needs such as computer access will be addressed through a city loaner program including potential Wi-Fi hotspots.

The data collected from these pilot programs will be used to determine the most effective way to define success for future programs. For sustainability and expansion, all summer activities will be evaluated and considered for after-school programming during the 2021-2022 school year.

The council did not have to take any action since this was an update.

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Andrea May 12, 2021 - 11:00 am

No issues with what is being proposed here. Its fine and very narrow but the council and city staff need to address the many programs that are failing in Antioch. Baseball. Soccer. Field quality. Lack of basketball courts. It seems like sports are being ignored which is a major part, or should be at least, of youth activities.

Jason Clark May 12, 2021 - 1:18 pm

I can see another bunch of venues where these kids can learn to be criminals, which some of them already are. Youth “centers” should be IN THE HOME, with their parents leading the way. This is just another useless effort which will go nowhere.

LoveableCurmudgeon May 13, 2021 - 4:10 am

I hope this isn’t just basketball. There have to be other activities that will interest young people

Donald Taylor May 15, 2021 - 7:20 pm

Oh yes! I can just them being ushered to Davis Hall in San Francisco to attend a symphony concert or to the opera house to watch a ballet.

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