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Brentwood Mayor Bob Taylor Thanks Community

by ECT

Brentwood Mayor Bob Taylor issued the following statement thanking the community for allowing him to serve for 16-years.

The Mayor wishes to thank the residents of Brentwood for the honor of serving them the last 16 years. We have journeyed together to put Brentwood on a well-respected regional level. We are known as The Jewel of East County.

The City is known for its agricultural roots, public safety, great schools, and a great community to reside with our families. This does not happen without the support of all residents living within our boundaries.

The Mayor will always have sincere wishes that Brentwood, with God’s guidance, will continue to be on the forefront of East County leadership. May our City continue to prosper and grow for the wellbeing of all residents who call Brentwood their home.

Your humble servant,

Mayor Bob Taylor

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