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Brentwood Homeowner Contains Stove Fire

by ECT

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A home on Panorama Way in Brentwood had a scare yesterday after their stove caught on fire and was quickly put.  I was told by one of the firefighters on scene it ended up melting a portion of the microwave but the homeowner did a nice job at containing the fire and keeping it from spreading into the walls.

This one is a good example of why every homeowner should have an extinguisher in their home. Engines 94, 59, 93, 88, 82 were all dispatched to the scene at 6:15 pm.  Engine 94 was on scene for less than an our while other engines were released pretty quickly.

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Barbara DuMont Mar 24, 2013 - 8:32 am

Just a little side note, while 94 was on that scene in BRENTWOOD, their area was uncovered. If there was a call to Bethel Island, 93 (if they had made it back to Oakley from Brentwood) would be responding. And 59 was in Brentwood leaving Discovery Bay and Byron uncovered. People need to start paying attention to the holes, major holes, in coverage.

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