Brentwood Update: Gas Leak on Dainty Ave Now Capped


East Contra Costa Fire Protection District and PG&E responded to a reported gas leak on Dainty Ave in Brentwood at roughly 12:02 pm Monday afternoon. By 1:18 pm, ECCFP provided a status update to confirm a 4-inch main break. Digging has not yet started and its estimated they will be on scene another 2-3 hours.

Residents on the following streets are advised to shelter in place: Greenstone Court, Fieldstone Court, Nicholas Court and Nebergall Court.

Dainty has been shut down by Brentwood Police and homes have been evacuated according to our readers.

Update 3:02 pm:

“We take all gas-related issues seriously, and are focused on squeezing off the line as quickly as safety allows.  We hope to stop gas from blowing by approximately 4:00 p.m.  There is a lane closed at this time, but it will be reopened once we stop gas from blowing.  There are no evacuations we are aware of,” says According to PG&E Spokeswoman Tamara Sarkissian.

Update 5:00 pm:

PG&E has capped the gas leak in the 900 block of Dainty Avenue. One lane will remain closed in the area until repairs are completed to the roadway.  The shelter in place order has been lifted; all residents who evacuated may return to the area.

via The Community Warning System (CWS)

Avoid the area of Dainty Avenue in Brentwood.

Avoid the area of Dainty Avenue in Brentwood due to a gas leak. No mandatory evacuations are being ordered for residents in the area. Residents in the area may still leave, if necessary, via Dainty Avenue or Oak Street, but may not be able to return due to road closures.

For more information contact Brentwood Police Department at 925-778-2441.
For more information go to:


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Photos by Lupita Venegas & Nita Pita


  1. I live in that gated community at the end of Pippo. I would love to know more info. Hopefully I will be able to get home by 7pm. Thanks for the updates!

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