Brentwood Could Spend $192k on Art Project, $15k on Wine Trolley


On Tuesday, the Brentwood City Council is set to discus two agenda items that would execute agreements that could result in spending up to $192,500 on street art and another $15k on a wine trolley.

According to the agenda item for Street Art, the agreement would be for Art Services with Motivated Metal to place the artwork on Balfour Road near Highway 4. The move comes after the council, in May of 2019 adopted the Capital Improvement Program to include the Public Arts Spaces project.

The project is aimed to showcase the overall identify of Brentwood as you enter City limits from high profile locations and become iconic representations of Brentwood.

On July 2, 2019, the Public Art Spaces Adhoc Committee reviewed a design by artist Seth Palmiter of Motivated Metal for the Public Art Spaces Balfour Road site. The adhoc approved a recommendation of the artist and design for the Balfour Road site to the Arts Commission.

On September 25, 2019, the Arts Commission approved a recommendation to City Council for approval of Motivated Metal’s design for the Public Art Spaces project on Balfour Road.

The total contract amount for the work to be performed by Motivated Metal for Public Art Spaces on Balfour Road is $175,000 plus a 10% contingency of $17,500 for a total amount of $192,500

The final cost is within the City Council approved amount for this project and was budgeted in the adopted Capital Improvement Program, which includes the Public Art Spaces CIP Project #337-37244. Funding for this project comes from the Public Art Acquisition, Public Art Administration and Capital Infrastructure Funds. The Public Art Acquisition and Public Art Administration funds can only be used for public art projects.

$15K for Wine Trolley for 2020 Wine Passport Weekend

The council will also discuss signing a reimbursement agreement with the Contra Costa Wine Growers Association to help fund the 2020 Wine Passport Weekend Trolley Pilot Program.  The cost is estimated at $15,500.

For 2020, the 5th Annual Wine Passport Weekend will be held on the weekend May 16-17, with the East Region tastings (Brentwood) occurring on Sunday, May 17th. Multiple wineries such as Bloomfield Vineyards, Tamayo Family Vineyards, Campos Family Vineyards, CoCo County Wine Company, McCauley Estate Vineyards, Petersen Vineyards, Hannah Nicole Vineyards as well as Nunn Family Vineyards, and Favalora will be participating.

According to the city, the goal of this pilot program is to encourage repeat, as well as new residents and visitors, to explore and patronize local wineries, while sitting back and enjoying themselves with free transportation from downtown Brentwood to participating wineries, thereby providing, an experience, while promoting agritourism. Guests may park for free, and board trolleys that will loop and pick up/drop off, at participating wineries as well as downtown. Additionally, cross promotion of restaurants and shopping will occur with swag bags provided to all rider

If You Go:
Brentwood City Council Meeting
Jan 14, 2019 at 7:00 pm
150 City Park Way
Full Agenda


  1. “$192,500 on street art and another $15k on a wine trolley”…….. and the rest of the money they can squander on frivolous crap.

  2. Not a very pragmatic use of public funds. An expensive sculpture does not create an “identity” for this city. The identity of this city is suburban track homes where people are warehoused in between going back & forth to work somewhere else. Slogans & statues won’t change that. The city council sound detached from reality. How can you gain tourism when there’s not much to do out here for those that live here. To top it off there is not good employment opportunities within town. That adds up to a boring suburban commuters hub town. One of the reasons I voted no on new housing is how darn depressing it is to live in a city that is just houses, and no statue is going to change that vibe.

    • Well saidI totally agree, this plan is a waste of money. It will never change the fact this city is just a tract of houses nothing else it the purpose is to boost tourism? it will never happen.

  3. Spending almost $200K on art for our City of Brentwood makes absolutely no sense! Aside from that, paying an artist this large amount of money to produce art (I’m sure he does fabulous work), but what does it represent for our City? Let’s make sensible decisions for our City and address real problems. For example, how about that traffic situation going to our High Schools every morning and our children can’t make it to school on-time.

  4. I am all for art, but am opposed to the type of art you are considering. I feel that it should be something the citizens of this community can relate to. Something either current or historically linking people to their hometown. This is also a very large amount of money. With this size of expenditure, it would be nice if there was an opportunity for more input from the community.

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