Brentwood City Council Votes to Approve Donation to Holiday Parade


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The Brentwood City Council voted last night to contribute $800 to the Brentwood Holiday Parade to cover the cost of the temporary use permit. They had the option to donate up to $3,000, but with the Brentwood Police Officers donating $2,500, they went conservative in their donation to the event.

“I thought as a city, it would be nice for us to do what we could and pay for temporary use permit,” said Vice Mayor Joel Bryant. ”Let’s not dismiss it but pay the money out of the general fund to show our support as well doing what we can for this important event goes forward.”

Motion approved 5-0.



Approve City sponsorship of the Chamber of Commerce Holiday Parade in an amount not to exceed $3,000.00 and direct staff to include any City contribution in the Memorandum of Understanding with the Chamber for this event.


At the City Council meeting of June 11, 2013, the City Council adopted  Resolution 2013-79, which in part awarded the Chamber of Commerce funding from the 2013-14 Economic Development Grant Program in the amount of $4,500 for the 2013 Holiday Parade.

At the City Council meeting of September 24, 2013, there was a consensus of the City Council to direct staff to prepare a report related to a “sponsorship” of the Chamber of Commerce Holiday Parade to provide the Chamber with the funds necessary to hold the event.


The Brentwood Chamber of Commerce has historically sponsored the Holiday Parade in downtown. This year, the Chamber received less grant funding for this event and fewer proceeds from other sources. As a result, they currently do not have sufficient funds to cover the costs of the parade. Chamber staff has indicated the shortfall for the event this year is approximately $3,000.00. It would seem prudent for the City to sponsor the parade in the amount of the TUP fee plus the cost of any required police services or $3,000, whichever is less.

The City has already approved an amount of $4,500.00 through the Business License Grant Program. Last year it was anticipated that the Holiday Parade would draw 500 to 800 visitors to the parade and the greater downtown area of Brentwood over the course of the event, and potentially expose the downtown to visitors that may not typically frequent the area.

Should Council approve the sponsorship of the 2013 Chamber of Commerce Holiday parade, the sponsored amount would be included in the fiscal impact included in the staff report for approval of the Temporary Use Permit and approval of the Memorandum of Understanding.

Section 17.850.005 A. of the Municipal Code specifically requires the Holiday Parade to obtain a Temporary Use Permit (TUP) to be approved by the City Council. If approved, the donation amount would be added to the charitable contributions list for this year.

In order for the City Council to consider a Temporary Use Permit, an application would need to be submitted by the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce. In addition to the Temporary Use Permit, the California Government Code allows cities to provide supplemental law enforcement services to private entities to preserve peace at special events or occurrences that happen on an occasional basis. However, such supplemental services must be memorialized by a written agreement and provide for full reimbursement of the actual costs of providing the supplemental services. In addition, prior to contracting for such services, the City Council is required to discuss the contract at a duly noticed public hearing.


The $3,000 contribution will be from the General Fund portion of the Adopted 2013-14 Operating Budge