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Brentwood City Council Set to Discuss How to Fill Vacant Council Seat

by ECT
Brentwood City Council

On December 15, the Brentwood City Council will discuss how it would like to fill the vacant city council seat after Joel Bryant was elected mayor, making his at-large council seat vacant.

The council will decide between an all-mail special election which would be held on May 4, 2021 at a cost between $140,488 and $200,640 or could do a polling place/mail ballot special election on Nov. 2 at a cost between $200,640 and $280,896.

Or, the council can elected to perform an appointment process to fill the vacant at-large seat. In this process, applicants would apply for appointment and qualified applicants would be interviewed at a Special City Council meeting with applications due January 4 and interviews on January 7.

Official Election Results

Mayors Race

  • Joel Bryant – 29.34% (9,209)
  • Karen Rarey – 27.46% (8,619)
  • Paul Lafollette – 14.77% (4,634)
  • Ryan Raimondi – 11.61% (3,643)
  • Edward Schuck – 10.16% (3,188)
  • Steve Young – 5.41% (1,698)
  • Brian Carleton – 1.25% (392)

District 1 Race

  • Jovita Mendoza – 28.79% (1,877)
  • Faye Maloney – 25.60% (1,669)
  • Brian Swisher – 24.36% (1,588)
  • Claudette Staton – 21.25% (1,385)

District 3 Race

  • Susannah Meyer – 44.31% (3,609)
  • Indrani Golden – 30.14% (2,455)
  • Olga Vidriales – 25.55% (2,081)

According to the City of Brentwood, since 1949, there have been 18 vacancies on the Brentwood City Council, and these were filled 16 times by appointment. The two vacancies filled by special election occurred when the vacancy resulted from a resignation, not an election vacancy (1984, 2005).

Residents may participate during the city’s council meeting on Tuesday, December 15, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. The proceedings can be viewed virtually at: https://www.brentwoodca.gov/councilmeetingonline.

The mayor is an elected position, serving four-year terms. The City Council members are elected and serve four-year terms. The City Council elections are held in November of even numbered years.

For the full agenda of the Dec. 15 meeting, click here.

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Jg Dec 17, 2020 - 11:04 am

The council would be doing a disservice to its citizens if they do not appoint Rarey. Any member against that would seem to have a personal issue or are trying to stack the deck for themselves. True council people would automatically appoint the next highest vote. Anything less is suspicious.

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