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Brentwood Announces Blue Goose Park Improvements Complete

by ECT

BRENTWOOD, CA – Blue Goose Park is once again open, now with a recirculating system for the water feature, which will save thousands of gallons of water, and with an expanded parking lot. The Blue Goose water feature was originally constructed with a single flow water system that allowed potable water to flow down the drain.

With the drought emergency declared in the summer of 2014, the City was forced to shut the water feature down. At that time, City Council directed staff to renovate the water feature, updating it to a recirculating system that would use much less water to operate. The City also used this opportunity to expand the parking area at Blue Goose to accommodate more patrons at the park. With this expansion of the parking lot, the City replaced an existing turf area with additional parking. The parking lot is now twice the original size and has room to accommodate fourteen more cars.

In addition to these changes, the irrigation in the park was converted from potable water to recycled water in August of 2014. All of these improvements combined will result in significant water savings while also providing improvements to the park. This park renovation is an example of the City of Brentwood investing in resources to conserve water during this unprecedented drought.

Including Blue Goose Park, the City of Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department operates three recirculating water features. The other two are at City Park and Rainbows End Park. A fourth water feature is planned to open in 2016 at the future Dolphin Park. The recirculating water features provide residents with opportunities for play during the hot summer months and provide a nice alternative for children to enjoy instead of running the water hose at home for water play. These parks remain some of the most popular play
parks during the summer.

The water features operate from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and will remain open through October.

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