Brentwood: 17 Without Power After Garbage Truck Gets Stuck in Arching Wires


At 5:30 am Tuesday, a Brentwood garbage truck got tangled with arching wires in the 50 block of Broderick Drive in the City of Brentwood.

The incident damaged a transformer which knocked out power to 17-homes. PG&E is on scene working to repair the damage which anticipated restoration is by 9:45 am.

Brentwood Police Department and East Contra Costa Fire Protection District responded as a precaution.

No injuries were reported.


    • You’re joking right? The power line was just fine hanging out up there providing power to 17 homes until a mistake was made that caused the lines to arc hence causing the power outage. Maybe you ought to start Dana Roach gas and electric since I’m sure you’d do better……I bet you think spoons make people fat too huh?

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