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Bill to Keep ICE Officers Out of Schools Signed by Governor

by ECT

(SACRAMENTO) – Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell (D – Long Beach) secures classrooms from immigration enforcement in California with Governor Jerry Brown’s signature on Assembly Bill 699 Thursday.

The bill prohibits school staff from allowing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers to enter a school site without following guidelines established by the Attorney General.

“Students’ attention should be on schoolwork; they do not need armed ICE officers on campus, making them feel unsafe or uneasy,” Assemblymember O’Donnell said. “As a teacher and Chair of the Assembly Education Committee, I strongly believe that students cannot learn if they are afraid. I greatly appreciate the strong support we have received on this bill. I also thank the Governor for signing it into law and  ensuring that all students have safe learning environments in California.”

The bill establishes policies and procedures for immigration enforcement at school sites; prohibits schools from collecting information regarding citizenship and immigration status of pupils; and provides support to immigrant students and their families, including anxiety due to bullying by other students.

AB 699 will take effect January 1, 2018.

Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell represents the 70th Assembly District which includes Long Beach, Signal Hill, San Pedro and Catalina Island.

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Dawn Oct 7, 2017 - 9:33 pm

Assemblymember O’Donnell needs to do some homework. ICE can go anywhere it wishes whether it’s jails, prisons, schools, kitchens of restaurants, factories, etc. Federal laws trump state and city laws. You will see far more raids now than ever.

D Oct 8, 2017 - 1:46 pm

More feel good leagislation that does absolutely nothing. ICE officers are Federal, California can pass all the laws they want to appease the left into thinking they are getting things done. In reality, Federal law superceeds state law and ICE officers can go onto the school properties even with this law. Such a waste of time and tax payer money!

Thank you Democrats! These Decomcrat law makers continue to pass these useless legislations and that idiot Brown keeps signing them!

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