Bay Bridge Errors: DeSaulnier Lacks Confidence in Caltrans


Mark DeSaulnier

California State Senator Mark DeSaulnier provided a chilling interview with KQED this morning as he shared his lack of confidence in whether or not Caltrans knows what it is doing in reference to the Bay Bridge.

When asked directly whether or not he is that Caltrans knows what it’s doing, DeSaulnier replied:

“Obviously, there was a mistake made on the fasteners that The Chronicle has talked about. There was a mistake made on the bolts, and they have pretty much admitted those mistakes. So, both of those things certainly erode your level of confidence,” said DeSaulnier .

DeSaulnier went on in the interview to discuss the cultural problem at Caltrans in terms of quality control while he hopes that those responsible for the errors will be held accountable.

Later today, Caltrans is expected to say how it plans to deal with some potentially flawed steel components installed in the new eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Click here for the full interview on KQED Website for both audio and text version of the interview.


  1. He has no confidence in Caltrans. I have not trusted Caltrans for a minimum of 30 years. The most bloated department and completely inefficient.

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