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Bay Area Rescues Receive Animal Evacuees from Hurricane Irma’s Path

by ECT

Dogs and Cats from Florida Rescue Will Soon Be Ready for Local Adoption

WALNUT CREEK, CA – Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF), along with partners from the East Bay SPCA and Berkeley Humane received a cross-country flight filled with animals evacuated from Humane Society of Broward County today. The approximately 150 dogs and cats were previously up for adoption at the Ft. Lauderdale facility, which currently sits in the projected path of Hurricane Irma.

“We received a call from our rescue partner in Florida early Tuesday when it became clear that this massive storm could cause catastrophic damage to their area,” said Elena Bicker, executive director of ARF. “By clearing shelter space, they can better respond to recovery efforts and focus on reuniting any local owners and pets who may be displaced by the storm.”

Bicker said the recent destruction left by Hurricane Harvey in Houston presents a reminder of how quickly emergency situations can tax animal shelters. She noted that previous storms to the Southern Florida area left the Broward County rescue without electricity and water service for several days.

“Our goal now is to find these ‘bicoastal’ dogs and cats loving and safe homes here in the Bay Area,” Bicker said. “In the end, we’re not only rescuing these animals’ from the path of a destructive storm, but also freeing up space and resources in their local area so more animals receive help during a time of crisis.”

Those looking to help in this situation may do so by adopting or fostering an animal or contributing to assist with transport, care and placement costs at arflife.org/help/irma. ARF is also accepting gifts of much needed items, such as large dog carriers, blankets and towels at ARF’s Walnut Creek facility, located at 2890 Mitchell Drive. All adoption fees are waived for the next week.

The dogs and cats were evacuated on a Wings of Rescue flight funded by Walnut Creek-based ARF and freekibble and GreaterGood.org.

“It’s amazing how quickly and efficiently these operations come together when you have multiple partners all with the best interests of the animals in mind,” Bicker said.


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