BART Set to Discuss Antioch Station Parking Issues, Police Begin Ticketing Vehicles

More BART Parking in Antioch

After being open for only a week, BART is confirming what the rest of East Contra Costa County already knew with the Antioch BART Station which was there was never enough parking planned to meet demand.

Over the past week, many have taken to social media to complain about the lack of parking and questioning why the agency never learned from past problems around parking. They also questioned why a parking garage was never put in over a 1,006 spot parking lot.

Riders have now resorted to illegal parking which has resulted in parking tickets, towed vehicles and contributed to a traffic nightmare. Some are even parking on neighboring streets in residential areas such as Yosemite Drive, Yellowstone Drive, Sunset Drive, and side streets off Larkspur.

In response, Joel Keller, BART Board of Director, said Thursday has called for an all hands meeting on Friday that includes the BART General Manager, Police Department, Engineering Department to address the parking issues and come up with both short-term and long-term solutions.

The parking issues have also prompted both Antioch Police and BART Police to patrol the area.

According to James Allison, BART Media Relations Manager, BART Police have not yet written any tickets, but instead they have issued warning citations. He also reminded riders that as of Thursday mid-morning, there was parking available at the Pittsburg Center Station (157 Bliss Avenue) and Pittsburg/Bay Point Station.

Photo by Michael Pohl

Meanwhile, Sergeant Powell Meads of the Antioch Police Department said on Tuesday, officers wrote 3-moving violations and 21-parking tickets on Slatten Ranch Road around the BART station.

“The parking tickets were for cars parked along Slatten Ranch Rd that blocked the designated bike lane.  Two cars that were illegally parked were also towed because their registration was found to be expired well in excess of 6 months,” said Meads.

On Wednesday, May 30, Antioch Police they wrote 9 moving violations and 21 more parking citations for the same offense noting that their only enforcement was on the public roadway outside the BART facility.

BART Director Joel Keller receiving a Key to BART.

Keller, explained that Friday’s meeting would begin the conversation to work on both short-term and long-term solutions including possibly leasing about 500 spaces at the Somersville Towne Center Mall in the City of Antioch while providing a shuttle service.

He said they are also looking at neighboring land to see what could be done including looking at an Oakley Road option which would help residents of Oakley better commute to BART. The vacant land around the BART station along the Antioch and Oakley border could also be a temporary parking option but noted he would need the BART boards approval to add parking.

“We have to do something out there,” said Keller. “We are a victim of our own success in East County. Everything is on the table from more signage to both temporary parking plans and long-term parking plans. Before the project shuts down, I want to address all the outstanding issues that need to be taken care before we close out the project.”

Keller says the cars parking along the bike lanes are dangerous and could result in a fire.

“We have to find ways to help people accommodate the system. We are looking at parking spaces we can lease from private retailers and are working with the community to accelerate this,” explained Keller. “I think we can identify different parking opportunities. The turnout has been amazing at the station.”

Keller noted that on Tuesday, the BART to Antioch ridership was 3,451 entries with 3,571 exits, but noted they only planned for about 2,800 entries each day.

“We are suffering from an abundance support and now find away to mediate the parking. Hoping to announce some of the strategies we hope to implement,” said Keller. “BART has a real opportunity to relieve Highway 4 as we take a 1,000 vehicles off the roadway, we are going to have a real conversation at Friday on noon for a short-term, long-term program.”

To add a parking garage, Keller said parking costs between $50,000 and $60,000 per space to construct and there were not the resources available in the BART to Antioch extension budget.

BART Director Debora Allan had a different take saying the public should be angry at the lack of parking and should continue to speak up in the media and complain. She explained how there is not enough parking at any of the four stations in her district from Livermore to Lafayette which includes Concord and it seems to be an issue that was not going away.

“It takes the public standing up pounding their fist to get BART to move something up the priority list,” said Allen who is encouraging the public to complain publicly, such as the security camera issue and the needle and drug problem that hit the media.

Allan also added that she hopes BART PD is out there blocking vehicles from parking in the bicycle lanes and police were enforcing traffic laws.

The parking issue has also made things difficult for Tri Delta Transit has had to use extra caution in and around the station.

“Parking along Slatten Ranch Road has presented some challenges to our bus operators as cars are encroaching on the travel lane. However, a bigger concern is vehicles using the bus lanes near the front of the station to drop off passengers. I addition to blocking the egress of buses, it presents a safety concern,” said Mike Furney.

According to Furney, for those who want to take Tri Delta Buses into the Antioch Station can do so from both Brentwood and Oakley with Route 300. From the Brentwood Park and Ride, it’s a 35-minute trip with 1-stop in Oakley.  From Oakley, it’s a 15-minute trip.

Antioch Mayor Sean Wright explained he and City Manager Ron Bernal have had talks over the past several months with BART representatives on finding a temporary short-term and long-term solution citing that the parking situation was a known issue and that more spaces need to be made available.

“It’s not okay for people to be parking in the bicycle lane and creating a safety hazard. I continue to advocate for improvements of the bike lane before a serious injury occurs,” said Wright. “Whether its working with neighboring property owners on leasing space for parking or local businesses, this is an issue that will have to be worked out going forward. It is frustrating that they never planned to meet the parking demand.”

To help provide some relief to parking, BART is pushing riders to use the Scoop to BART program which is offering guaranteed parking until 10:00 am for carpoolers. The app connects neighbors and co-workers to fill seats in vehicles already driving to BART stations. The Scoop to BART program helps to get more people to the station, in fewer cars.

To participate in the Scoop to BART program, download and register with the free Scoop app for iOS or Android at Type in the BART station name, and schedule a ride either before 9 pm the night before the morning commute or by 3:30 pm for that evening’s commute.  Shortly after the deadline, Scoop notifies commuters who have matched with one of their 100,000+ users, and provides a guaranteed ride home for passengers unable to be matched into a carpool for their return trip. Scoop coordinates with BART to help verify carpoolers and works with BART police to ensure smooth operations every morning.

For more information, visit,, or


  1. Total bs, the architect should be fired who the hell thought the parking was sufficient. Took a decade to build just for this stupid stuff, wow the city really needs to get their chit together.

    • The EIR for the eBART project was approved by the BART Board in 2011. In order to begin construction, the project required the completion of Highway 4 past Hillcrest Avenue. The right away for the BART to Antioch extension was turned over to the District by CCTA and CalTrans in late 2015.

      • The estimated ridership in 2011, I believe was 5k riders a day from the Antioch BART. With only 1,000 parking spots. That means that in 2011, BART believed that 80% of the daily riders would either take bus, walk, carpool or be dropped off daily.

        • “80% of the daily riders would either take bus, walk, carpool or be dropped off daily”

          I wonder how this compares to other end-of-the-line BART stations. BART spent a lot of money just on numerous studies and estimates. Doesn’t seem like they got their money’s worth.

        • The EIR identified 5600 trips a day (exits and entries) at the Antioch Station.The actual numbers were 7022 (3451 entries and 3571 exits).

          • That still means the plan only allowed for about one third of the parking necessary to accommodate entries.
            5600/2=2800 Is about one third of 1006 parking spots.
            I get it, the hell with East Contra Costa County residents. We’ll put in a different train system. We’ll force a transfer, slowing their commutes by several minutes (it takes over 5 minutes to arrive at Bay Point, transfer to the EBART platform, switch trains and depart. About the same time to travel from Pleasant Hill to Concord on BART) and we won’t put in the proper parking in to boot.

          • On a average day, before the opening of the Antioch Station, 6,515 riders entered the Pittsburg/Bay Point Station. The travel mode to the Pittsburg/Bay Point Station (from home origins) was 39% drive alone/Carpool, 31% Drop Off/Taxi and 13% Bus/Transit. The remaining 17% used other modes to access the station, walking, bicycling and motorcycling.

            The ride from Antioch to the Transfer Station is 10 minutes, compared to 30-45 minutes on Highway 4 which is backed up to Harbor during peak commute hours.

  2. So what, excuses are easy. We pay and have been paying for forty years into the system like everyone else and get substandard return unlike everyone else. BART is wrong and our representative has failed us in East County multiple times. Watch how Santa Clara gets top service and no e-Bart yet has not paid into the system.

    • Thank you! Vote in new BART Board. Clean house at BART and reorganize from the ground up with people who actually know what they are doing. BART wastes tons of money. With the amount of development going on, e-BART service under-planned. So insulted by eBART in bad location for many.

    • The Santa Clara County voters have passed three sales tax measure to build and operate the BART to San Jose extension.

      Local Funding

      2000 Measure A
      On August 9, 2000, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Board of Directors voted to place a 30-year half-cent transit sales tax on the November 7, 2000 General Election ballot, giving Santa Clara County voters the opportunity to vote on transportation improvements in the county including construction of a BART Extension from Alameda County to Santa Clara County.

      Measure A was approved by 70.3 percent of the voters and collection of the tax began in April 2006 to help fund design and construction of the BART Silicon Valley project.

      2008 Measure B: Operation and Maintenance Funding
      On November 4, 2008, an additional Santa Clara County ballot measure supporting the BART extension passed, receiving 66.78% of the vote, exceeding the two-thirds super majority. The 30-year eighth-cent Measure B sales tax will generate dedicated revenue to fulfill VTA’s obligation to BART for the operation, maintenance, and future capital reserve of the extension VTA constructs.

      2008 Measure B stipulated that collection of the eighth-cent sales tax begin when federal and state funds were secured. Federal funds were considered secured and matched at the time VTA received a $900 million Full Funding Grant Agreement in March 2012. Collection of the eighth-cent sales tax began on July 1, 2012.

      2016 Measure B

      In June 2016, the VTA Board of Directors unanimously adopted the framework and funding amounts to place an additional ½-cent 30-year sales tax measure on the November 8, 2016 ballot to help fund transportation priorities. An extensive 18-month public outreach process gathered input and suggestions on how to best improve the transportation needs of Santa Clara County. Through this process, a list of categories and transportation projects was approved, including a plan to invest $1.5 billion in Phase II of the BART Silicon Valley Extension. Measure B, which required a two thirds majority vote, was approved by voters by more than 71 percent of the vote and becomes effective in April 2017.

      State Funding

      Traffic Congestion Relief Program (TCRP)
      In August 2014, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) received the sixth and final allocation from the State of California’s Traffic Congestion Relief Program (TCRP) for VTA BART Silicon Valley (BSV). The $39 million brings the total amount of TCRP funding received for BSV to $649 million. The California Transportation Commission (CTC), who is responsible for overseeing state-funded transportation programs, has allocated a total of $768 million to BSV.

      VTA BART Silicon Valley was identified as one of 53 projects statewide eligible to receive TCRP funds in 2000, when legislation passed creating the program.

      • And those of us in Brentwood/far east county, who have been paying for BART since its inception, are STILL given sub-standard ridership opportunities. We’re supposed to bus 35 minutes, then e-bart, then transfer to a train..? BART continues to be a joke for east county residents!

  3. Vote out Joel Keller in the next election. No excuse for this. Make developers build the full-service eBART stations. Why BART building transit villages on taxpayer money instead of focusing on system, safer and bigger stations, more parking, passenger services, etc. I hear BART only has one 2-car eBART train.. Can’t easily of safely bike to either station if you live around Somersville area. Bad location for many; inadequate at best.

    • There are 8 eBART cars, they can make up to 3 car trains and if ridership stays high they have an option to buy more cars (I’m not sure how many. Each car is rated to hold 200 passengers.

    • I like this idea too if there is security in the lot; taking chance if there isn’t. I could safely bike up there but can bus accommodate bikes? This is not a safe area or mal but I have seen Northpoint Security there patrolling. I don’t think Tri- Valley will have service for night workers nor would I feel safe anyway. So, I continue my 6-year routine.

  4. How the hell can they not have enough money to build a parking structure or adequate parking when they’ve been collecting for 40 years. EBart is not what east county was promised, this alternative is so clearly inadequate from the start. Keller needs to be voted out and we all need to be VOCAL about this shit show.

    • Thats not the point, who are they to park in the bike lanes and in front of fire hydrants? This is the problem with this city, everyone feels entitled from EBT, to Section 8 to parking in front of hydrants.

    • No because you’ll sometimes be partially parked over dry grass and your hot exhaust can ignite the grass.

  5. What kind of idiots say that there is parking in Pittsburg or Baypoint? WTH, why would you make a bart station in “Antioch” and then tell us to park in other cities. In that case What’s the whole point of making an Antioch BART Station? Just to look at? OMG pure retardation! Everyone involved in this stupid decision/Planning need to get your shit together.

  6. One of the truly annoying customs in this country is lack of planning and the crisis response!

  7. Fire hydrants don’t mean a thing anymore. Park in front of them and you get no ticket . Most are so rusted out they don’t work anyway. Bart will never get this fixed. They refused to listen to the community way back when and won’t now.
    Somersville Towne Center is all for this bart parking lot thinking commuters will shop. NO THEY won’t. They will just want to get home. Dumb idea.

  8. Short Term Solution: Sommersville Towne Center is one of the most crime ridden areas and now you’re going to encourage people to park their car there all day ! What kind of security is going to be provided?

    Alternative: How about the church parking lots there’s lots of parking spots there, negotiate with the churches instead of the crime ridden mall. Of course you will also need to run a shuttle from these lots to the BART station.

    Long Term: East County has long awaited this extension. Why are you so surprised by its success? Clearly on opening day this pathetic excuse of a BART station is already inadequate to accommodate our needs. How can you say that there are NOT enough funds in the Antioch BART extension budget to build a parking structure, when you’ve been collecting for 40+ years. I feel an audit is in order here. I would like transparency in the form of an audit, give the public an accounting of the money you’ve collected over the 40+ years and how it was spent.

    JOEL KELLER, this happened under your watch SHAME ON YOU ! You dropped the ball in a big way, it’s shameful that you want/expect kudos. The time has come to clean house and vote people like you OUT.

  9. Joel Keller does need to be voted out of office. He along with the rest of BART just spew gibberish, double talk. I am sure BART is going to come back to the voters wanting more bonds for parking space that will be completed sometime is 2025 — if it is approved. He keeps talking about how Santa Clara County voters passed measures to fund BART there …. Okay, what about the sales tax dollars that East County Voters have been paying for over 60 years to get REAL BART – not a glorified bus system ??? Who do you represent Joel, East Contra Costa County or the Silicon Valley Voters ?

    • All residents of Contra Costa, Alameda and San Francisco paid property taxes to build the original system, make earthquake safety repairs and reinvest and modernize the system. All residents in the three counties within the District pay a 1/2 cent sales tax that is used to pay for the maintenance and operations of the District. The BART to Antioch extension was built with funds from Contra Costa County voter approved Measure J and voter approved state and regional measures 1, 2 and 1B. The cities of Antioch, Brentwood and Pittsburg (Oakley was not yet incorporated) generated a total of #103 million between the years 1959 and 1999. While a substantial amount of money, $103 million was not enough to construct any of the alternatives studied for the BART to Antioch extension. The terminus of the original system was in Concord which had to be extended to Pittsburg/Bay Point ($490 million) and then to Antioch ($525 million). Both of these extensions were paid for by a combination of local, regional and state funding.

      • Joel, Please quit dodging the issue. The point is, BART did a “half-assed” job planning and building the BART station in Antioch. You all knew east Contra Costa County was rapidly growing, and that a parking structure should have been built to accommodate the growth. But instead, BART spent a lot of its money on Management Bonuses, and now the chickens are coming home to roost — you have a system that is in shambles, and you expect eBART is the answer to east county traffic woes. You my friend, need to have a “coming to Jesus talk” with yourself, and finally spare us by not seeking re-election because quite frankly, your reasoning is garbage and you are trying to shift the blame on the “other guy” when in fact it was YOU who helped create this mess Antioch is now in.

        I used to not like Steve Glazer, but the more I see what he is doing, the more I like him — oh if you didn’t know, Mr. Glazer is no fan of the “BART Brand”.

      • Joel, you did not answer my question — Who do you represent, residents of East Contra County (your district) or voters in the Silicon Valley ? Like most politicians, you dance around simple yes/no questions with double talk. Because if you say East Contra County you are not doing a good job representing us it is very apparent you represent the voters in the Silicon Valley — the “privileged people”. I find it really hilarious that you can actually say (with a straight face) the cities of Antioch, Brentwood and Pittsburg generated the huge sum (in your eyes) of $103 Million over 40 years. Calculations of numbers don’t lie, but Liars calculate the numbers.

        • I recognize that you don’t like the numbers and you have continually been unwilling to sit down and look at them. I am not blaming anyone and I understand that you are not impressed that the leadership in East County has been able to capture over a $1,000,000,000 to extend BART from the original terminus in Concord to Antioch. You say I am unwilling to answer your questions that you have about BART. Please post them so those who are interested can judge the validity of my answers. My offer to meet with you and provide the documentation that you have requested still stands.

        • Yes please post your comments / questions I would like to see them, maybe you have a legitimate points, maybe you have false points but so far you’re just hiding behind an online post and not sharing your opinions and that’s just simply not fair.

  10. if every Bart rider paid for their trip, there would be the funds to deal with parking. Bart loses quite a bit of funds via tailgaters and jumpers. the new ebart, so far, has worked well for me; I wouldn’t park there unless I had to-buses don’t run after 9 pm. I would be using the bus system. my commute has diminished, I am one to always get there early because of parking. from day 1 it was obvious, parking at Antioch would present the same issues at Pittsburg. more folks are using the ebart than anticipated-stuff happens; change the turnstiles at all Bart station to stop folks from cheating; yeah, it’ll cost, but in the long run, Bart will be no longer free.

  11. B.A.R.T has failed the residents of East Contra Costa County. The least they can offer at this point, is free shuttle service to these new stations. The station in Pittsburg doesn’t even offer a single parking stall. It’s a walk up station???? Absurd…..

    • There are 262 parking spaces on Bliss Avenue, a short walk to the Pittsburg Center Station.

  12. You guys are just arguing about parking and it’s valid, but I want to figure out why this has not been extended?
    Why did this project stop at Antioch?
    Stand up to the NIMBYs and get this out further east.
    Why did they not build more parking at Pittsburg Center?
    This might help temporarily but people are going to get tired of the long arduous commute, and dealing with all the nonsense on BART.
    And what’s this there’s a difference in the numbers, more entered the system versus those that have left the system? Is the fare vision that bad already?
    All of the long time BART directors, the BART management really should be voted out, it’s time for a major shake up.

    • You have asked five questions and I will respond to each one. 1) After eBART was approved, BART funded the next phase study which resulted in identifying the next location for a future rail extension adjacent to the Mokelumne Trail in Brentwood between Lone Tree Way and Sand Creek adjacent to Highway 4. We are working toward securing the resources for the Brentwood Transit Center that will include 1000 parking spaces. 2) The BART to Antioch project had $525 million available from state, local and regional sources and the extension to Brentwood would cost an additional $285 million. 3) The Pittsburg Center Station is an infill station that was built with funds from the City of Pittsburg, the Contra Costa Transportation Authority, Metropolitan Transportation Commission and BART. There are 262 parking spaces on Bliss Avenue, a short walk from the station. 4) It is not uncommon for the exit and entry numbers to vary at each station. Some people take the system one way and carpool home or catch a ride from a friend or relative. 5) Fare evasion is a problem throughout the District, but there is no evidence that it has become a serious problem on the BART to Antioch extension.

  13. This article talks about a meeting on Friday at noon, but it does not give a location, it is a meeting I would like to attend, I would actually like to hear both sides.

    • The next regularly scheduled meeting of the BART Board of Directors is Thursday, June 14th at 9:00 am, in Oakland. I welcome as many East County residents as are able to attend and let your voices be heard about the need for more parking. There is a Public Comment section on the agenda and the entire Board and management must hear your voices in order to assure that there is support to directly address the parking shortage at the Antioch station. If you cannot attend, email [email protected].

      • You guys hold a meeting at 9am on a Thursday and in Oakland!! LOL….Nobody that actually works or uses Bart will be able to attend a meeting like that…You guys are all bottom feeders.

        • Total BS — there is a reason why they hold their meetings at 9AM so that no one will show up to voice any opposition- because they are still circling BART lots looking for a parking space.

  14. Joel Keller, I asked you a simple question that is plain to see in black and white. My concerns are also plain to see in black and white. I will ask you the same question that you have been avoiding ….. Who do you represent, the voters in your BART District or voters in the Silicon Valley ? It seems that you along with your fellow board members treat East Contra Costa County like a “step-child” that in old fairy tales used to get left out or get what is left over. You were part of the leadership when you were Mayor of Antioch and now on the BART Board that has allowed this to happen. So again, you are kind of the one (among many) to blame for the lack of foresight and vision with regarding to parking. @Total BS — there is a reason why they hold their meetings at 9AM so that no one will show up to voice any opposition- because they are still circling BART lots looking for a parking space.

    • I represent District 2 which includes the cities of: Antioch, Brentwood, Concord (partial), Oakley, Pittsburg, Unincorporated Contra Costa County (partial).

  15. We call it BAT, no rapid if you have to transfer trains 5 miles away. Throughout the world RRs are converting to electricity. It’s cleaner and more efficient. Now we have different cars on a different gauge track. Are we going to go to Brentwood on electricity just to continue the hopscotch pattern?
    It’s OK BAT will get money from bridge tolls because they can’t manage their money.
    No wonder people are moving out of state.

  16. Mr. Keller you have failed EAST CONTRA COSTA COUNTY it is time for your to be shown the door. GOOD BYE and GOOD RIDDANCE !!

  17. I took E-Bart this past weekend and ran into an issue with my Clipper card. Machine said “See Agent” No agent onsite, what a joke. There were Bart reps onsite but they told me that they could not assist. I freakin’ Joke!! I can’t believe they didn’t even put an agent onsite to service the people of East Bay with issues that may arise. Bart administration responsible for these decisions should be ashamed of themselves.

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