BART Police Release Photos of Assault Suspect from Fight on Train

Press Release


BART Police are releasing images of a man wanted for an assault that took place at 6:09 pm on Tuesday February 11, on board a Daly City bound train near the Lake Merritt station.

Surveillance footage shows the suspect boarded the train at Coliseum and began casually speaking with a female that was already on board. The victim then boarded the train at Fruitvale and began talking to both the male and female.  The suspect then punched the male in the face and the two got into a fight. The suspect hit the victim with a chain and then off-boarded at Lake Merritt station. Nothing was stolen.

The victim was transported to a local hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries and has since been released.

Anyone with information about the pictured suspect is asked to call BART Police at 510-464-7040 or anonymously at 510-464-7011.



  1. Oh Ambassadors, passengers are sitting ducks. One picture no fanny pack. Must have his chain and lock in there. Bet he is a habitual fare evader and will be arrested in the BART system.

    • I just checked the site and there are several crimes committed on BART every single day. They list them by stations! Those “ambassadors” are useless because they will only be milling around until midnight. Most of the crimes occur after midnight when people board to get home after working the swing shift.

  2. That little weasel?
    Wish he would’ve tried that sh_t on me.
    I’d have knocked him out, then brutally raped him in front of everyone.
    Not for sexual gratification but to show him who’s in control/power.
    Now , if I get the gratification in the process we’ll , that’ssss—- just a bonus.

    Just kidding

    No wait, not kidding

    • I’m DYING here! About to crack some ribs laughing! That would be a great scene to enact for one of my movies!

    • I’m laughing so hard that I spilled coffee all over my new leotard! Completely doubled over here! Tears running down my cheeks and I’m CHOKING HERE!!!!

  3. Sounds like God’s gift to women was upset that the new guy was cutting in on his action. perhaps some mutual disrrespectin’. Your basic testosterone fueled showing off to the female. Original report made it seem random.

  4. I would have lifted this POS up and pushed head into that strap people hold onto .. and then let him go.

  5. This is another reason why we must have a facial recognition system to identify perps like this one. I did enlarge those photos and the zero’d in on his face and got a clear picture of what he looks like.

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