Update: BART Service Restored After Systemwide Computer Problem

Photo provided by BART

Just before 8:00 am Sunday, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) announced that due to a systemwide computer problem BART will not open on-time at 8:00am this morning.

About 20 minutes later, BART said it would remain closed until further notice and that riders should seek alternate transportation options which include: MUNI, AC Transit, VTA, Tri Delta, CCCTA, and WHEELS.

BART said it was working on solving the issue.

11:45 am update
All East Bay stations have opened and we are beginning service throughout the East Bay and into SF as far as Montgomery St. Station. BART is still unable to provide service beyond Montgomery St. south into the Peninsula.

12:20 pm Update
System restored


  1. BART will never get it together. Still as much crime as ever. I never want to go near that dirty, disgusting, horribly managed, overpriced, frustrating, and DANGEROUS system ever again because they let people like MANY people like Steven Cowell habitually fare evade and murder. It is for criminals only. BPD are a bunch of coasters, BART staff, the same. Works as well as the rest of this stupid state so why am I disappointed?


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