Assemblymember Evan Low Introduces Bill to Keep Taxpayer Dollars Out of Trump Hotels


SACRAMENTO—Assemblymember Evan Low (D-Silicon Valley) introduced AB 2020, which would prohibit taxpayers from funding or reimbursing state employees’ travel and lodging expenses at businesses owned by current or former Presidents of the United States.

The Domestic Emolument Clause (Article II, Section 1, Clause 7) prohibits the President from receiving any compensation from federal or state governments other than their salary.  However, President Donald Trump has reportedly made millions of dollars from his hotel properties since taking office.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) reported last August on President Trump’s unprecedented conflicts of interest. These conflicts include 630 visits to Trump properties by at least 250 administration officials, 188 visits to Trump properties by 90 Members of Congress, and 64 trips to Trump properties by 47 state officials. Additionally, political groups have hosted 63 events and spent nearly $6 million at Trump properties, further funding the President’s personal businesses.

“Public officials, at any level, should not profit off the constituents that they were elected to serve and represent,” said Assemblymember Low. “No branch of government is above the Constitution, and this legislation will ensure that California taxpayers are not further exploited by Donald Trump’s violations of the emoluments clause.”

In September of 2019, U.S. Senator Gary Peters introduced the Heightened Oversight of Travel, Eating, and Lodging (HOTEL) Act which would ban taxpayer funds from being spent on federal employee lodging at any properties owned by the President, Vice President, or the head of an executive branch agency. The HOTEL Act is supported by 38 co-sponsors, including California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris.

AB 2020 mirrors the federal HOTEL Act’s goal of protecting taxpayers by extending those same restrictions to state employees in California.


  1. This law is on the right tract except the target should be all elected officials in State and Federal government who have invested interest in a hotel property or conference centers be banned from profiting from taxpayer funded businesses. At the highest levels of government it is called Emolument but at the lowest level it is called favoratism or a pay off.

  2. The problem here is that most of the referred-to “business” at Trump properties is FEDERAL – not State of California. A California state law will have no effect on it. This is just more “for show” proposed legislation.

  3. Sadly, Evan is showing his prejudice for actually a possibly good bill. The fact that Trumps name is being singled out proves that Evan is not fit for Office. The bill should be for ALL politicians. Grow up Evans you are acting like your childish colleagues.

  4. Maybe this idiot should put a bill forward to block all stae workers boycott the Chinese. Support America, not China. MAGA

  5. These chinks and gooks are bringing stupid viruses into our damn country! Get them the hell outta here!

    • Sees like all diseases are coming from China via it’s people being allowed to fly in here. No wonder there was a Chinese Exclusion Act back over 100 years ago to keep them all out.

      • They don’t? Take one look at the idiot pushing for a law to malign Trump’s properties. You think he’s from Sweden?

  6. So? How did Obama who didn’t have a pot to piss in when he got into the White House, leave with over $100 MILLION? One way was that he was PUSHING his mangy books forcing federal employees to buy them and then had deals going for more profits.

  7. Oh yeah! Now I remember him! Low is the openly gay LGBT proponent. Maybe we can get him together with Mayor Pete of South BEND and they can “bend” together. Trump hotels are great hotels with tremendous service. They are a pleasure to stay in.

  8. Trump doesn’t get a salary. It goes directly to charity, just like jFK’s did. Trump never even sees it.

  9. This Low guy is full of it. I emailed him and also called his office just now reminding him that OBAMA was selling his books and profiting from the them WHILE president! Now, Low is picking on Trump! Won’t wash, Low!

  10. He obviously doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground! How did he ever get elected? Were people asleep?

  11. Low will crap in his pants when Trump gets reelected! We should send him some brown-colored pants and a pair for his boyfriend, too.

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