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Assemblyman Gallagher Says Teachers Union and Newsom Partner to Keep Schools Closed

by ECT
James Gallagher

The following is a Press Release issued by California State Assemblyman James Gallagher who is calling it “an inside job” by the California Teachers Association and Governor Gavin Newsom to keep schools closed.


YUBA CITY, CA – Last week, the Yuba City Unified School District governing Board of Trustees voted to resume in-person instruction on a hybrid schedule. Three days after the vote, the California Teachers Association sent a cease and desist letter demanding that the District rescind its plan to begin in-person instruction for Grades 6-12 on February 1, 2021 citing the Governor’s framework as prohibiting the opening of schools.

Cease and desist letter here: https://ad03.asmrc.org/…/Cease_and_Desist_to_Yuba_City…

“The Governor got big headlines recently after claiming to be in favor of re-opening California schools. But despite all the bluster and political maneuvering, Newsom’s hard line rules keeping schools closed appear to remain in place and are being exploited by the powerful California Teachers Association,” said Assemblyman James Gallagher (R-Yuba City).

Gallagher continued, “It’s an inside job. The Governor talks publicly about re-opening schools but his policies actively prevent them from opening. And his allies in the CTA work in conjunction with those policies to keep them closed. That is what is really going on. What’s happening in my neighborhood school district is indicative of what is happening throughout California.”

Californians are rightfully concerned with this pattern of fumbling and inept leadership during COVID-19:

  • Newsom promised he would fix the EDD so that out of work Californians could receive financial help, but the backlog of claims continues. Meanwhile, ABC30 reports that the amount of unemployment funds stolen from California taxpayers in 2020 may total more than $8 billion — four times higher than estimated just one month ago.
  • Newsom promised he would have a plan for the rollout of vaccines. Yet, California lags far behind the rest of the country in COVID vaccinations and new bureaucratic rules have delayed teachers and support staff from getting access to the vaccine. The Sacramento Bee reported recently that four weeks after vaccine distribution began, California has administered just 891,000 of its first 3.4 million shots, or barely 26%.
  • Newsom promised back in March that he would marshal and coordinate volunteers, nursing students, and retired healthcare workers to help provide emergency staffing. But last week, the AP reported that only 14 health professionals who signed up for the Governor’s Health Corps program are actually working in the field.

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Troy McClure Jan 19, 2021 - 9:44 pm

Why are teachers unions so opposed to returning to school? I thought if we all wear masks and socially distance, all is good! Something else is afoot.

Recall "Moonbeam Jr" Jan 19, 2021 - 10:15 pm

Will someone please make this man the Governor!

Robert C. Jan 20, 2021 - 4:39 am

The CTA reaction is not surprising. The dispute here is between the Yuba City school district and CTA, but Gallagher instead uses it as an excuse for Newsom-bashing. Typical grandstanding by a minor politician.

Jaimoe Jan 20, 2021 - 8:30 am

Part of the , ” No child left behind Act “?
Gimme a break and wake up.

Lizz Jan 20, 2021 - 3:20 pm

The teachers are willing to come back when the health department says it is safe for teachers and students and the families of the students. The hold up is at the CDPH Reopening Framework. It says most counties need to be in the Red Tier for two weeks before schools can reopen.


We are all (everyone in every job) working so hard, please know teachers did not get into teaching to stand in front of a camera all day. We would love to have your kids back. Let’s get the numbers down.

LoveableCurmudgeon Jan 21, 2021 - 4:09 am

The Asemblyman is obviously planning to run for statewide office. He pops up, frequently, to get his name out there by opposing everything Newsom does. Granted, it’s lonely being a Republican in California, but teachers don’t sign up to risk their lives. When health officials determine that it’s safe to resume in person learning , that is the time to reopen schools

Michael R Sagehorn Jan 21, 2021 - 2:19 pm

A lawyer and a non-veteran telling me to venture into a virus laden workplace? Assemblyman Gallagher, perhaps you should offer to substitute teach in your district’s schools on Thursday and Friday when you return to your District. When you, your legislature, and our governor determine what the “Green” tier is, I will return to my classroom and teach with no mask wearing. Publicity hound dog.

John Dieck Jan 28, 2021 - 5:17 pm

He is 100% correct – risk of transmission of the virus from child to teacher is 0.18%. Children do not have the number of ACE-2 receptor in their nose to carry any substantial amount of COVID virus.
The risk of real danger to a teacher fwho contracts CoVID is less than 2% – based on the average age of teacher in late 40’s.
I am a doctor and I go to work every day – see about 40 people face to face daily. I am in my late 50’s, and this is my job.
I do not get paid if I do not go to work , teachers do!!! Perhaps pay should be adjusted.
People pay teacher salary through taxes.
The teachers are not using science to drive decisions they are using politics , emotion and fear. They will be causing a widening of the economic gap they are so passionate about – they will cause increase poverty among minorities.

Erica Jan 29, 2021 - 10:59 pm

I live in Temecula. We have been in purple tier since the system was introduced. Yet my child’s private school applied for a waiver and has held in person instruction since September 8th 2020. So to reposed to Liz up above, it is safe to go back to school. All the private schools in Temecula are open and operating in person. So sad the middle income or poor children have been left behind for an entire YEAR while those of us that can afford it have our children in school. Big talk about “equity” but actions speak louder than words. I baby sit my niece occasionally who live in fall brook. She is first grade. It’s like 80% Hispanic and many low income kids in her class. All great kids, but every single time she logs in there are always kids who are home alone with and older sibling while parents work. This is pathetic that California has allowed this situation of schools closures to drag so long. Pathetic. We pay sky high taxes here. What do we get for it. The teachers union uses our public education k-12 as if it’s some sort of job engine, all they care about is pay and benefits. They seem to have forgotten that the primary focus is to EDUCATE.

I don’t buy for 2 seconds it’s not safe. Again, I’ve sent my child to school M-F 8-3pm for 5 months!! No one has been hospitalized, no one has dropped dead. And this is in a community with WIDE SPREAD COVID. The second a candidate steps up and offers to take down the teachers union, they will get my full support!!! That union is terrible, they are selfish and don’t give 2 shots about the children.

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