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Here is a nice letter from Assemblyman Jim Frazier (D-Oakley) about the danger of leaving your children behind in a hot vehicle while you run a short errand. This is timely after there have been multiple incidents of children being left in cars in East County over the last two months whether it be intentional or accidental.

There was one incident in Antioch on June 26 where a child was left in a vehicle for nearly a half-hour at the Save Mart parking lot on Contra Loma. Upon arrival,  police found a two-year-old child crying in the vehicle and immediately opened the door to free the child. Two female suspects were eventually found and taken into custody.

Here is Assemblyman Fraziers letter:

Don’t Leave Your Child Behind

As the weather heats up this summer, I want to remind you to look before you lock. Children left in the backseat of a hot vehicle are at risk of serious injury or death. Sadly, 21 children have already died this year of heat stroke after being left in a vehicle. There are a few ways you can ensure you don’t inadvertently leave your child behind

  • Back seat – Put something in the back seat so you have to open the back door when leaving the vehicle – cell phone, employee badge, handbag, etc.
  • Every child should be correctly restrained in the back seat.
  • Stuffed animal – Move it from the car seat to the front seat to remind you when your baby is in the back seat.
  • Ask your babysitter or childcare provider to call you within 10 minutes if your child hasn’t arrived on time.
  • Focus on driving – Avoid cell phone calls and texting while driving.
  • Every time you park your vehicle open the back door to make sure no one has been left behind.

If you ever have questions or concerns about child safety or state legislative issues, please contact my office through my website or at (707) 399-3011 or (925) 778-5790.


Jim Frazier


  1. I just don’t understand how you can forget that you have your child in the car with you. Or, the other excuse–he was asleep so I didn’t want to wake him up. Seriously?

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