Antioch, Richmond Ranked in Top 10 Most Diverse Midsize City in US


According to AdvisorSmith, they released a new study where they took a look at the demographics across the United States and identified the most diverse cities.

Locally, the City of Vallejo was the No. 1 ranked diverse midsize city in the US while the City of Richmond was ranked No. 8 with the City of Antioch being ranked No. 10.

The study examined data from the U.S. Census Bureau and ranked each city by taking a portion of each city’s population from eight racial or ethnic categories to develop a diversity score. We categorized the data by city size to find the top 10 most diverse small, midsize, and large cities.


This study examined ethnic and racial diversity in 607 cities around the country using data from the American Community Survey from the U.S. Census Bureau. The Census Bureau collects data on the following categories of race:

  • White
  • Black or African American
  • Native American or Alaska Native
  • Asian
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
  • Some Other Race
  • Two or More Races (Multiracial)

Additionally, the Census Bureau collects information about Hispanic or Latino origin separately from race data.

To conduct this study, AdvisorSmith created a Diversity Score based upon the Census Bureau’s race categories as well as Hispanic or Latino origin. We used a modified, weighted version of the Simpson index, which is a measure of concentration where individuals are assigned different types.

Our Diversity Score calculated the Simpson index for the Census Bureau’s categories of race for each city. We weighted this index by the proportion of the city’s population that was not Hispanic or Latino. We also applied the Simpson index to the proportion of the population that was Hispanic or Latino in each city, and we combined the results of the two calculations to produce a Diversity Score which measures ethnic and racial diversity.

We then ranked the cities based upon their Diversity Score to find the most diverse cities in the United States. We also categorized the cities by population size, with small cities having populations under 100,000, midsize cities having populations of 100,000 to 300,000, and large cities having populations of 300,000 or more. We ranked the cities based upon their Diversity Scores within city size categories.


  1. In reply to Robert, does it need to prove anything? Article title states the article’s intended message. It is just an interesting fact. Maybe inferences can be made, I.e. maybe Richmond and Oakland’s current high diversity could be compared to years past, if data were available, and if more diverse now, this might be a comment on who is moving in.

    • It states in the article that “AdvisorSmith” (whatever that is) CREATED this “diversity score.” So I guess my point is that these scores mean nothing. If one wants to look at ethnic changes over time for any community, census data is already available for that. “AdvisorSmith” adds nothing of value.

  2. This is a RACIST article

    We are all “AMERICANS”
    Anyone or any entity mentioning ethnicities in any way is purely a “SYSTEMIC RACIST”

    • Many here are NOT Americans! Quite a few are permanent residents and some of those who applied for American (U.S.) citizenship so they will become AMERICANS if they are accepted. Or didn’t you know that?

  3. Yes! Diverse areas (cities, counties, countries) have the most problems BECAUSE of the diversity. Countries which are ethnocentric (Japan, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, The Czechs, Slovenia) have very little in terms of the problems we have here in the USA. Look at some of the European countries which let in “diverse” people….. Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, to some extent Norway …. ALL are having big problems ….. even have designated “No Go” areas. Are we going to have to do that here as well?

  4. Agree with many of you. It seems obvious that what we have been told so many times (“diversity is our strength”) may not work so well as advertised.


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