Antioch Police Officers Drone Leads Firefighters to Victims in Delta Water Rescue


At approximately 6:00 pm Sunday, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District firefighters responded to an open water rescue in the Delta waters on a report of an overturned boat with two people in the water.

Officer Cole

The incident occurred off the Antioch shoreline between the Antioch Marina and Fulton Shipyard.  Further information was provided that the canoe they were in overturned.

Antioch Police Officer Cole responded to Fulton Shipyard where he took out his drone as calls were coming into police dispatch providing updates on the location of the victims in the water. At that point, a 6-year-old in a life jacket was brought to shore and was being treated by AMR.

Officer Cole utilized his drone to search the area where he located a male holding onto drift wood and guided Contra Costa County Fire Boat 81 to the location where they were able to make contact and bring him to the Fulton Shipyard Marina.

No injuries were reported and both the adult male a 6-year-old female were treated and released on scene.


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